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Deception (Green)Point/Park Slope

Posted by evankessler on March 17, 2009

This past Friday brought with it the promise of a pleasantly musical evening courtesy of New Jersey rock band, The Wrens and my good friend Arby.  However, before heading towards the bright lights of Manhattan I had a few things to take care of prior to leaving Brooklyn.  Specifically, I wanted to get in a quick workout before the probable night of drinking ahead.

I dressed up…or I guess I would have to say I dressed down in order for my brief sojourn to the gym diagonal from my apartment.  I wore a red pair of sweatpants, a t-shirt, and my navy blue college sweatshirt with the word “Syracuse”  emblazoned in bright orange letters divided down the middle with the zipper.  As I crossed 7th avenue on the South Side of Union Street a voice called out “Hey, Syracuse!” and as I looked over I noticed an attractive woman from whom the previous sounds had been emitted.  I did not immediately recognize her face, so my original thought was that this person was someone I had possibly gone to school with that I didn’t remember, or a recent graduate who wanted to make friends with another fellow former Orangeman.

I unknowingly approached said enticing individual and began a pleasant dialogue.  She told me she had just moved  from the Syracuse area and noticed my sweatshirt.  We had a brief discussion about where she lived in Brooklyn and when I had graduated Syracuse.  She then introduced herself as “Jasmine” and exchanged “nice to meet you” pleasantries.  As someone who has had a hard go of it attracting members of the opposite sex as of late, I almost felt like this was too easy, like an attractive girl fell into the palm of my hands and wanted to know about me just because I was wearing a Syracuse sweatshirt.  It’s like they say, good things come when you stop looking or maybe they say some things are too good to be true, because then it happened.


What Happened Next

She took off her backpack and pulled out a petition.  It was then I suddenly realized what corner I was on.  Union and 7th is more or less a hotspot for charity-mongers, how did she manage to disguise herself so effortlessly?  Maybe I was blinded by my hopeful nature or maybe she’s just a master of the petition.  She then asked me if I had signed up for Greenpeace and knew what they did.  I wanted to reply, “they break hearts” but I resisted.  Instead I made up some story that she could probably see through, that I thought I had signed up some time ago and was probably a member.  I told her I was in a rush and wanted to get to the gym because I needed a quick workout so I could go and  catch the Syracuse game which started rather early.

With that I bid the deceitful donation collector adieu and worked out my aggression sans steroids on the elliptical.  My heart rate was racing, but despite it’s speedy nature continued to sink deeper within my chest.  Damn you Green Peace.  I’ll teach you to play with my heart just yet.  I’m going to find a few aerosol deodorant cans and drive my mom’s SUV across the country for that.

All cruel heartbreak aside, I eventually made it into the city and met Arby at Blue and Gold where he was gathered with Paul L for his birthday.  On my way in, I began to realize how cold it actually was.  The weather had seemingly been up and down all week, but the temperature seemed to dip back to nipple-stiffening lows.  I was relieved to finally get inside, but our seats at the end of the bar near the door were none too comfortable as people frequently kept leaving the door opening, allowing for a more than cool breeze to enter the premises.

After a few celebratory drinks it was off to the Bowery Ballroom for myself and Arby.  On the way we stopped for some turkish goodness at Bereket and had a few drinks at the venue bar before The Wrens went on.

The Wrens Take The Stage

The Wrens Take The Stage

I didn’t know much about The Wrens prior to the show.  I have one of their albums on my iPod, but I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to it straight through.  Sometimes I’ll be listening to my iPod though and a song comes on that I realize that I quite enjoy and I look to see who it is and it’s The Wrens.  So, I guess that means something.  For what it’s worth, I found the show to be vastly entertaining and the band to be entirely able of making me knee-bend head bob along to the songs.  The only problem came about 50-55 minutes into the show when it ended.  Now, I can’t be that disappointed because I didn’t pay for the tickets, but I can definitely understand why Arby was and still is slightly bothered by the lack of length to the show.  I for one was enjoying myself and was okay to listen to music for another 30 to 40 minutes.  Instead though, Arby and I had two more drinks at the downstairs bar before stupidly going on to The Patriot, where are evening ended after several more PBRs.

The next day I felt as though I were one of those drunk dazes where everything that comes out of my mouth is either completely nonsensical or hilarious because there is absolutely no filter between thoughts and spoken words.  There wasn’t much to Saturday except for laziness that culminated in watching Syracuse lose the Big East championshipo to Louisville.

Sunday was more of nothing.  I peaked out the front door just in time to see the St. Patrick’s day parade go by our apartment and witness now perennial mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, flanked by two staffers holding “Meet Anthony Weiner”  signs, shouting into a megaphone.  His megaphone amplified presence was enough to not make me want to leave the house to witness the procession as he seemed to be talking to people on the sidewalks and I didn’t want any politician kissing my babies or picking me out of a crowd. After a brief trip to the gym, I made a trip to visit Jess S’s new apartment off of 5th avenue in the Slope and spent the rest of my evening taking in some of the World Baseball Classic.  Yes, my weekends are exciting affairs…maybe one day you’ll be apart of one.

2 Responses to “Deception (Green)Point/Park Slope”

  1. prettybird said

    I believe Arby has spent nearly as much time complaining to me about the length of the Wrens performance as the Wrens spent performing. And yet he bought tickets to see them again….

  2. evankessler said

    Maybe he’ll get an additional 45 minutes to complete his concert-going experience.

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