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Posted by evankessler on March 7, 2009

I was feeling good about myself 16 days ago.  I had just begun an online game of Scrabble® with my good friend Jess in Florida over the interweb and was fairly confident I would win.  It’s not that I think Jess is not smart.  Quite the opposite.  I find her to be funny, conversationally stimulating, and an all around great person.  I was just feeling cocky and thought my intellectual gifts would win out in online board game format.  In the early going it was rather even, I threw out a R-U-N-T, she tossed in a N-O-D-E,   I got decent value by spelling “quiet”and she topped me with a “shew”.  Then I whipped out my “Fez” and all she could do was pluralize her previous output.  I started giving her that “uneasy” feeling, eventually going glandular on her by whipping out “pineal.”

War of Wordz I: Lost This Battle, But The War Rages On!

War of Wordz I: Lost This Battle, But The War Rages On!

My verbosity was proving too much for my Miami-based competition who even had to skip a turn due to a lack of linguistic options. I was ready for the story of my victory to go down in scrabble “lore” when my opponent began to show some “valor” and eventually “wised” up for a stout 50 point gain, which overtook my lead in one fell swoop.  In an effort to regain the lead “again” I continued to strategically place words.  Towards the end my use of “lox” helped me recapture the driver’s seat for one shining moment, but it was too little too late. Jess had to do precious little to “nab” the lead and I became nostalgiac for the days in which I “led” this battle of wordz and willz.  I still had a chance at finishing with more points, but “lo” and behold not even one last slight “tic” from my tile dispensing hand could stop me from finally emerging defeated today by a score of 315 to 310.  My hat goes off to my opponent…but this war of wordz is not over…not by a long shot.

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