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Back In The U.S. of A

Posted by evankessler on January 12, 2009

usa_flag_mapAfter spending the last two weeks of gallivanting around southeast Asia, I’m back in the good ol’ U.S. of A and not a moment too soon.  I returned on Saturday evening at 6pm as my plane landed at JFK International Airport, ending a day of travel that began as my plane took off Saturday morning at 9:15am Bangkok Time (9:15pm Friday New York Time).  With a quick 2 hour stop in Tokyo I was on my way back home and despite a seemingly above average amount of turbulence, I returned home safely to struggle with a twelve hour time difference and impending jet lag.

Despite American Airlines attempt to throw off my internal clock by serving me a continental breakfast at 5pm an hour prior to landing, I’d have to say I’m dealing with the readjustment quite well.  My first day back I fell asleep at 1am and last night I conked out a little after 11pm even though I had been ready to say goodnight sometime around 8:30.  I haven’t been sleeping quite as long as I’d like to, but I’m more or less on schedule.

Now comes the hard part.  Responsibility.  Two weeks on another continent spent not thinking about anything important other than “when are we going to eat lunch?” and “should I go for a swim or get a massage?” has left me somewhat ill-prepared for the heavier questions that I enjoyed ignoring for that time.  It’s a rude awakening to return and be faced with the problems that previously plagued you.  I’m back to thinking, ” man, I need to get some work” and “am I doing the right thing with my life?”

On the bright side,I’ve been able to pick up where I left off with all of my friends, spending a good deal of Sunday with the people I’ve been without for what seemed like an eternity.  And even with the sobering reality of return I can look at the calendar and say, “it’s 2009, a clean slate.” A new year with new possibilities and as cliched as this last sentence has been, a new outlook.  Feeling fine in 2009.  Well that’s not the official slogan.  The official slogan is “Wine Me, Dine Me, 2009 Me,” but that’s hard to say on a regular basis.


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