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Microsoft Shows Low Self-Esteem

Posted by evankessler on November 18, 2008

In the olden days of computer-dom a case could have been made by many a PC user about the superiority of their beloved  main frame over that of the Macintosh.  They’d say, “different strokes for different folks” and go off to type up angry newsletters in Works to the CEO’s of Bartles and Jaymes about the discontinuation of their favorite fruity wine cooler, which they would then later send via pony express.

Well I'll Be...It's A Macbook Pro!

Well I'll Be...If That Isn't MacBook Pro

These days Apple seems to have a pretty clear leg up on the competition in everything from operating systems to advertising. While you’d think the folks at Microsoft might raise their arms in disgust and say, “PC is the place to be,” their promotional material tells a different story.

Rather than champion their own products, it seems that a Microsoft Vista promotional bundle that accompanies several prominent desktops, sports photos of families “getting busy” with a new Macbook Pro. I can’t necessarily blame the family for showing off their sexy new laptop to the sad owners of a clunky desktop, but for Microsoft that’s like pushing someone else’s daughter on the hunky High School Quarterback and telling yours to clean out the garage.

In addition to their Apple faux-pas, the pamphlet also shows two children getting hands-y with something resembling a Sony Playstation remote.  Competitors 2, Microsoft 0.  How’s that for inspiring consumer confidence?


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