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Presidential Election Perspectives

Posted by evankessler on November 4, 2008

Since 1936, the outcome of a football game has rather accurately predicted the results of the Presidential election.  Save for 2004, each time the Washington Redskins have won their game prior to the election the incumbent party has stayed in power, while a loss has meant a party power transfer.  Last night the Washington Redskins lost 23-6 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While we are not yet sure if the 2004 result is the anomaly in this trend or if it’s the new norm, the team’s starting Cornerback has an interesting take on this whole election business.  For his unique perspective on this tendency for the Redskins to serve as Presidential Predictor I present to you the sage words of Carlos Rogers.


Carlos Rogers: Cornerback and Wisdom Monger

“Hey, like a lot of people said, one president gonna stick it up your butt, the other one’s gonna stick it further in the butt, so it don’t matter, man. Whatever happens, happens. That’s something we can’t control.”

Wise words indeed. Carlos and the Redskins alone, may not be able to control it America, but you can.  So if you haven’t already.  Go out there and vote.


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