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Evan Kessler’s Astrological Interpretation for 10/30/08

Posted by evankessler on October 30, 2008

Greetings readers.  Way back in the pre-Evan Kessler.com olden days, I used to read the horoscopes for fun and sometimes figure out how they might apply to my life if there were actually any reality behind the science of how the cosmos affect the beings here on planet earth.  Today I’ve decided to re-explore my love of Astrological interpretation mostly out of boredom, but who knows, maybe this will end up being a regular thing.

Anyway, here’s my horoscope today as listed on my facebook page.

Let’s take this one line by line, shall we:

“Evan”– That’s my name.  So far we’re batting .1000

“You have excellent opportunities to make headway in the race up the ladder of success today provided you don’t get too focused on your own dream and ambitions.” – Well, let’s see, Pretty much all day I’ve been waiting for the cable guy to come and fix the cable.  However, i’ve also longed to shower, and get something to eat.  I think this portion is saying that if I forget about getting a sandwich and showering, the cable guy will eventually come.  The cable guy showing up represents “headway in the race up the  ladder of success”…for today anyway.

“Find a way to serve and help others, particularly co-workers and employers, and you will find they are happy to boost you up a notch.” – This part is pretty obvious.  Since, I’m technically unemployed or “freelance” I don’t necessarily have co-workers.  Instead, I’m serving my roommates in that it’s their cable that needs to be fixed and I’m the poor sap waiting for the cable guy to show up.

As for having someone “boost” me up a notch as a result of my following my astrological guidelines, I guess you could say that my roommate Laura’s help in creating part of my halloween costume is somewhat a direct result of my agreeing to wait for the cable guy.  Wow, maybe the planets really can tell the future.

In terms of the overall astrological outlook, it looks like I’ve been given three suns in the areas of money, love, and health.  I don’t think waiting for the cable guy is three suns-worthy, more like a crescent moon and maybe that sandwich I’ve been waiting to get.

The lucky numbers though are dead on. The first three (1,2,19) are an accurate reflection of the lengths of time in hours that I expect I could be waiting for the cable guy.  If it gets up to 30, 40, and 48 though, I’m definitely out of here.

Compatible sign: Cancer…Not sure what months are Cancers?  And if you’re a Cancer do you want to go on a date, or just skip straight to the sweet lovemaking?


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