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He’ll Get By Without Any Mail From His Fans

Posted by evankessler on October 15, 2008

Does Ringo Starr need anybody?  He just needs someone to love.  Could it be anybody?  No.  The former Beatle is currently so content with circle of personal contacts that he’s asked his fans to more or less buzz off.  Okay, so maybe he’s not being that harsh.  The Fab Four drummer has recently announced on his website that as of October 20th he will no longer be accepting fan mail which along with obvious heaps of praise for the wealth of seminal material he has contributed to also includes the occasional request for him to sign memorabilia and send it back.

Some people might take this as Starr being ungrateful to the huge amount of fans of The Beatles, who still idolize and idealize the least adorable member of what many people consider to be the greatest band of all time.  However, I don’t see it in this way at all.

Ringo is 68 years old.  He has contributed more than enough to the enrichment of the lives of music fans simply by being a member of The Beatles.  I think the fact that people repeatedly send him things and demand that he respond by signing memorabilia for them in addition is patently absurd and that Mr. Starr is a saint for having carried on as long as he has with the task of answering what must be mass quantities of mail rather than enjoying what could be his free time.

Imagine being a celebrity and getting heaps of mail every day because people liked a song you wrote.  At first , I imagine that the feedback would be thrilling, knowing that you have positively affected so many lives.  However, as time passes on repeatedly receiving the same letter and taking time out of your day to read multiple letters (let alone answer them) that say, “Hey Ringo, Can you sign my Abbey Road CD Booklet and send it back to me?” or “Octopus’s Garden was my favorite song!” would be a little tiring and repetitive.   That doesn’t make someone any less grateful for receiving the sentiment, but one could certainly think of better things to do with their time than repeatedly looking over similar statements.

One of those better things to do would certainly be living  life, spending time with one’s former Bond girl wife, making whatever music I had left in me and getting by with a little help from my friends.  So before you rush to judgement on RIngo Starr imagine your house inundated with 50,000 letters all asking you to sign a press photo you took forty-five years ago or talking about that first time someone saw your face in the window of a car as you drove away from the Ed Sullivan Theater.  I’d imagine it’d get a little old …and I wouldn’t want to grow even older repeatedly reliving it.


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