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Final D’Bate ’08

Posted by evankessler on October 15, 2008

Well, the final d’bate of the election season has passed and I couldn’t be happier.  Now all we have to do is sit back and let the candidates give stump speeches and try not to say something horribly controversial that out and out cause them lose the race.  With that in mind, I have some quick hit thoughts about this last d’bate.

#1 I was originally weirded out by the setup of the debate.  Obama and McCain at the same table?  Would there be kicking going on under there?  Would John McCain be forced to look at Barack Obama?  Would their closeness prompt angry Grandpa McCain to take a swing to shut up the upstart whippernsnapper?

#2 McCain seemed to echo the sentiment “American’s are angry and they’re hurting” about six times in his first answer.

#3: McCain ran with turning this actual “Joe the Plumber” person into a metaphor for “Joe Six-pack” way too often to the point where I had no idea what he was talking about anymore.  McCain seemed to lose sight of who Joe Plumber was. First he was a small business owner; then Joe the Plumber was the everyman.  McCain seemed to stumble over trying to involve Joe the Plumber in each of his points instead of just answering questions flat out.

#4: McCain had the zinger of the night with his “If you wanted to run against George Bush, you should’ve run against him four years ago” line.

#5: Obama appeared composed throughout McCain’s accusations  and answered them with poise.

#6 I guess I’m not surprised that Bob Schieffer brought up the issue of the name calling by campaigns.  In my mind, the word “terrorist” is a lot worse than “liar”.   I am surprised by the audacity of John McCain to act as though Obama shouldn’t be as insulted as he should for being linked to civil rights era racism.  Congressman Lewis wasn’t saying that he and Sarah Palin had a hand in blowing up churches in the 1960’s…but the sort of campaign he is running by trying to link Barack Obama with the word “terrorist” is fostering the sort of divisiveness that leads to that sort of behavior.  If anything, McCain should have apologized for his tactics and moved on instead of continuing to talk about Ayers.

#7 John McCain is proud of the people who go to his rallies.  Even the ones who shout “terrorist” and “kill him?”

#8 McCain barely endorsed his own running mate, just repeating the ol’ watchwords Reformer and “bresh of freth air” in “Warshington”.  He seemed to give Biden a more ringing endorsement.

#9  So we shouldn’t take women whose lives are at risk into account when it comes to abortion, John McCain?

#10 ACORN is on the verge of destroying the fabric of democracy?

#11 Enough awkward jokes McCain…You do not have a very good sense of humor…and there’s nothing I hate more than people who think they’re funny and are not.

#12 Probably not a great idea to repeatedly say how eloquent your opponent is Senator McCain.  I know what you were getting at, but your lack of eloquence disguises the point you are making.  Yes, Barack Obama is eloquent and he also does a better job of outlining his ideas instead of mumbling, telling bad jokes, and getting all angry ‘n’ stuff.

#13 It’s still really creepy when John McCain smiles.  I don’t want a President who creeps me out when he smiles.

#14 All in all, I think McCain came on strong at first with attacks but his willingness to go on the offense just ended up seeming angry and impatient as usual.  Obama stayed cool and was prepared to handle all of his accusations with a seemingly strong handle on facts and measured explanations for rebuttal.

#15 Bob Schieffer did the best job out of all of the debate moderators this election.


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