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McCain’s Scared Tactics

Posted by evankessler on September 25, 2008

Election day is less than forty days away and with time being of the essence, yesterday, Republican Nominee John McCain decided to suspend his campaign in order to put his full attention on the economic bailout plan.  Another stipulation of the suspension of his Presidential run was that he was opting out of Friday’s scheduled debate with Barack Obama.  Rather than discuss the problems our nation is currently having, McCain has decided to scurry off to Washington so that the nation could rely on the guidance of the elderly Arizona Senator who has admitted in the past that the economy is not his strong suit, to fix it.

While McCain is no doubt attempting to use this as leverage on an issue that he is absolutely getting slaughtered on, I have a measure of faith that the American people will no doubt be able to see through this campaign’s latest attempt to play them for the fool.  If McCain ends up debating on Friday evening look for him to use the “I didn’t want to be here debating the economy, I wanted to be  in Washington fixing it” argument.  Or something like “this is not a time for debate…this is a time for action.  Senator Obama wants to talk about something and I want to actually do something.”

If McCain doesn’t show up to take on his opponent and fellow Senator it will be a great disservice to even those on his side. For the people who have already pledged their vote to him deserve to hear his views juxtaposed with those of Senator Obama.  Not giving them that opportunity out of the fear they’ll no longer offer their support wreaks of disrespect for the mental faculties of your constituents as well as their right to make an informed decision that best benefits themselves.

The fact is, McCain knows he’s about to get embarrassed on national television in front of the entire country and that repeating the buzz words maverick, and reform will not save him.  The only thing that will is the possibility of getting in some extra time to cram before the exam, so that he could maybe spend time familiarizing himself with his own positions.

I have another idea Senator, maybe we should postpone the elections until you feel you’re in a better position to win.  In the meantime, we’ll just keep good ol’ George in office, keeping things running smoothly into the ground, like only he can.  You let us know when you’re ready because the American political system most certainly stops and starts at your convenience.


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