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Posted by evankessler on August 21, 2008

I’m all for feel good human interest stories having to do with the Olympics, especially when they don’t have to do with the U.S.  Pretty much 99% of Olympic coverage has been about Michael Phelps or Synchronized diving.  With the help of USA Today’s Pop Candy blog, however, I recently happened upon a feel good article about the Croatian Water Polo team growing moustaches for good luck on the  Yahoo Olympics page.  Now I have no idea how the Croatian team is doing in the games, and judging by the names of the players used in the article, I have no idea if this is the men’s or women’s Water polo team, but because of this tidbit I hope the team makes it all the way to the finals so I can see a slew of mustachioed men or women showing their solidarity through their facial hair whilst firing that ball at the opposition’s net.  My only qualm with the article is that if you’re going to base an article on a visual concept such as the growing of facial hair, you better have a picture to accompany it.  I want to see this solidarity in action.  As of now, I have no concept of their dedication.  For all I know they could have peach fuzz on their upper lip or perhaps their baby-faced goalie hasn’t even had the slightest inclination to shave.  Instead of having this story brought to life I am forced to imagine a bevy of handlebar laden upper lips going for the gold.  So in short, Yahoo Sports, next time you’re going to do a story about moustaches give us a gander, so we can feel like we’re along for the ride.


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