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Prime Time Skinemax

Posted by evankessler on June 3, 2008

Recently, I’ve been suffering from Jeff Conaway withdrawal. It seems that the last few weeks the former T-Bird has been curiously absent from the VH1 airwaves thanks to the fact that Celebrity Rehab has been off the air for a couple of weeks and in my regular perusings of the movie channels I haven’t managed to stumble over any opportune airings of Grease. Actually, my yearning for Conaway is neither automatic, systematic, or hydromatic. It is however cinematic.

All of the buzz the ex-Kenickie has been getting from his addictive addiction battling VH1 appearances has left me yearning for one of my favorite JC films…a little known film that just so happens to be a pantheon Skinemax selection. Now I know that Cinemax currently has various incarnations and they probably air more softcore porn than you could shake a stick at. However, I don’t have Cinemax as part of my cable plan and while HBO Zone admirably tries to carry the latenight softcore torch with 2am showings of a variety of films about attractive female detectives who get caught in a web of deception and murder at a prostitution ring or Alabama Jones and The Busty Crusade, I long for a simpler time where recognizable actors and actresses both past and before their prime engaged in the occasional sex farce aimed at late night audiences.

In my mind the Holy Grail of such flicks was Almost Pregnant, an enjoyable romp in the sack starring the likes of Jeff Conaway, Tanya Roberts, and Joan Severance. It was a gift to adolescent male teens and adults alike to be skimming the channels late night and happen across this flick which featured a delightfully irreverent plot involving an impotent husband, a wife swap scheme, and a woman’s need to reproduce. Did I mention there was nudity and the women involved were more or less in their heyday of being drop dead gorgeous? That certainly helped but as ludicrous and not necessarily well-acted it was…the movie was fun and not cheesy in that smooth jazz sex scene way. It also featured a cameo from Dom Deluise as the doctor at the fertility clinic which gave the movie even more bona fide star power.

Oh How That Joan Severance Set My Heart Aflutter

Maybe I’m remembering it way too fondly for a late night Skinemax flick, but I suppose it’s because Almost Pregnant was a “film” that was actually watchable for it’s entire length or most of it. Despite it’s softcore stylings it wasn’t nearly as interchangeable as all of today’s after hours semi- smut. It had heart…soul…and nudity. And so I long for the day when HBO or Cinemax sees fit to air this after midnight masterpiece yet again. Oh hear my desperate cry…or at least send me a DVD copy that I will probably only watch once.

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