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Travelin’ Man

Posted by evankessler on February 29, 2008

At the beginning of next week, the proprietor of this here blog will be a travelin’ man. EvanKessler.com is literally hitting the road! On Monday, March 3rd, I will embark on a 450 plus mile trek to Canton, Ohio to visit The Pro Football Hall of Fame. If you have to ask why, then you’re obviously not in the know, but I will say that my travel fever has been spurred on by the though of pursuing my dreams with stars in my eyes and the prospect of sleeping on an uncomfortable bed at a cheap motel and Spectravision.

It’ll be a brief trip to the heart of the Buckeye State in the middle of a Presidential Primary brouhaha, but my hope is that it’ll be a fruitful one. The only downside to making the trek 450 miles west of my hometown is that I’ll be driving…by myself. Oh and the other bad part is that I’ll be all alone in a strange town for two days. Other than that I plan to make the most of it. I’m sure I’ll be spending plenty of time tethered to a desk writing to my heart’s content, but I also intend to take a gander at Downtown Canton, grab a beer, and check to see if they have a Chinatown.

Upon my return to New York City late on Wedenesday evening or early Thursday morning, I will have precious little time to gather my thoughts and do my laundry, because just like that, sometime on saturday I”ll be magically whisked off to Miami to partake an event as a representative of JoshSpear.com. Hopefully I’ll have a moment to myself to check out the World Chess Hall of Fame. This just in, now begins my life as a jetsetter. I think I need new clothes if I’m going to fit in.

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Your Heart’s A Muscle And That’s All

Posted by evankessler on February 15, 2008

Today was Valentine’s day and I decided to show my heart some appreciation. I thought about the Clem Snide song “Exercise” and didn’t ask it to perform anything beyond it’s usual scope like taking out the trash or falling in love, you know anything I wouldn’t ask my ankle to do either. It’s just a muscle and therefore can’t do any of those other things alone since they would require more interaction with the brain. I just asked my trusty old ticker to keep beating like it normally does on any other day of the year, though I did give it an extra hard workout at the gym that made me want to rest for awhile.

The songs that caught my attention the most throughout the day weren’t love songs, but I did love them. I thought about how entertaining 3rd Bass’s “Pop Goes The Weasel” is and how I’ll always have a fondness for Eef Barzelay’s lyrical wordplay as I listened to “The Water Song”…but I wasn’t filled with some desperate longing for chocolate or affection.

My heart was metaphorically set on going to see Step Up 2 The Streets tonight for a bad movie night with Jess S and Anna M. I wanted to write a review thatt read “Step down 2 tha sewerz and dance around in pee and crap for an hour and a half” for my To Be Blunt site, because it appealed to my funny bone. However, an unfortunate event occurred to one of my film companions that sent a feeling of sorrow to my brain, alerted my state of consciousness accordingly, and also led to the cancellation of our plans. Regardless, my heart continued to beat on through the evening as I met up with Arby, Jenny, Connie, and Robert to see Matt’s band Monocle dispense aural pleasure and reverse the “broken-hearted” feeling that had temporarily been clouding my conscious thought.

I allowed 24 ounces of alcohol to ease my nerves and maybe even contribute to the health of that throbbing muscle I call a heart…which thanks to my reluctance to put any stress on it on a day normally reserved for cardiac straing, had a pretty easy go of things.

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The Great Super Bowl Hangover

Posted by evankessler on February 6, 2008

Awaken fair EvanKessler.com readers, I have a treat for you. ‘Tis another in the long tradition of the weekend recaps. I’m so sorry that once again it has taken until Tuesday to reconvene our customary Monday tradition, but the events following this more than historic weekend have served to keep me busy beyond belief…or at least occupied. As you know, it was quite the historic weekend in the New York Metropolitan area for reasons previously imparted on this here website. It began with another traditional evening of drinking at the Lighthouse Tavern. My company alternated between Heather and Thea and back to Heather respectively as I sat, belly up to the bar for most of the evening making pleasant conversation with friends and bartenders alike. The night did not feature any spectacular occurrence, merely alcohol intake and vocal chord vibrations.

Saturday had the potential to be more or less just as unspectacular as the previous one. However, I tempered boredom by indulging in an activity…of the mostly inactive variety. I headed over to BAM Rose Cinemas and caught the 2:20 screening of the film There Will Be Blood. I found the film, which consisted more or less of Daniel Day-Lewis being mesmerizing for 2 hours and 40 minutes to be pretty good. I’m not going to call it the best movie ever but it certainly held my attention the entire time. I can’t see ol’ DDL not picking up the trophy for best actor at the Oscars.

After I returned home from seeing TWBB, I mostly just sat around waiting to figure out what I was going to do with myself. Luckily, as I sat there killing time and watching the same several stories about the upcoming Super Bowl XLII on a loop on ESPN news, I received a call from my good ‘ol friend Jess who was in town with her fiancĂ© Mike for the weekend. The plan was that I would meet up with her at Commonwealth on 5th ave in Brooklyn later or when she called me.

It took quite a while for the call to come in and as I waited for the phone to ring again, I switched to ESPN2 to see if they were airing any Super Bowl Highlight films. As a child, the week before the Super Bowl, I used to spend the entirety of Super Bowl weekend leading up to the games watching the NFL Films presentations of every single Super Bowl up to the point of the current Super Bowl. Bear in mind, when I was nine, there had only been 21 Super Bowls and thus only had to sit through ten and a half hours of highlights that could be conveniently be split up over two days of consecutive showings. Now that they were up to 42, I certalainly had no desire for a 21 hour marathon, but I was curious to see just what game they were up to. To my pleasant surprise, the game that appeared on the screen was Super Bowl XXV, otherwise known as the Wide Right game when the Giants beat the Bills 20-19 on a missed Scott Norwood Field Goal. I took this coincidence to be a good omen for the next day’s matchup between the Giants and the Patriots.

Some time around 11pm as the highlight was coming to a close, I headed out of my apartment to grab a slice of pizza before meeting Jess. It was then I received her phone call and headed down to Commonwealth. It was an extremely pleasant outing as we were joined by Mike, Jess’s brother Matt, and his wife Renee. I’m not really sure what we talked about other than Scientologists, Milk Thistle, and Wilco, but I really enjoyed myself. At some point loud talking guys behind us left because they were sick of hearing Radiohead at every bar. Don’t get them wrong, they love Radiohead…they’d seen them five times, but every fucking bar the guys walked into they heard Radiohead. Oh the humanity.

Jess Shows Me The Traditional New Hamphsire Greeting for “Glad You Could Make It”

I’m not exactly sure what time it was when I arrived back home but I was so anxious for the Super Bowl the next day. I played two games of Madden 08, before going to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I was teeming with excitement. I worked off some of that excitement with a short trip to the gym but as soon as I got out of the shower that excitement built back up again. It was Super Bowl Sunday and my favorite team was playing in it!

My eyes and ears were glued to all of the pregame shows and I heard nearly every pigskin expert predict a Patriots victory. The lone dissenters on TV were Mike Ditka and Bob Costas, though Costas admitted it was just to be different. The closer it got to game time the more nerve addled I became. Part of me was sure the Giants didn’t stand a chance against the mighty undefeated Patriots, but I still had a measure of faith gurgling deep down in my gut.

At 3:30 Arby and I headed down to Jenny and Filler’s apartment where we’d be watching the game. I couldn’t contain my excitement and may have actually propelled myself to the party by pogoing up and down the entire way. However, this is somewhat of a falsity since I couldn’t pogo after we got beer at the madhouse C-Town on 9th st, packed to the brim with Super Bowl revelers and unfortunate souls who had picked the wrong day to do their grocery shopping.

When we finally made it to the bash there was a little over an hour to the game. The atmosphere was tense. There were a mere 2 patriots fans on hand in Arby and Marie. Actually, there may have been a 3rd but I didn’t really pay attention to them. I paid attention to the 2 good luck charms I had on hand. My Dave Meggett card from the 1990 season and my Scott Norwood Card. I believed seeing their Super Bowl XXV performance on TV the night before was a good omen so I brought their cards to bring the Giants luck. There were also other meaningless intangibles working in the Giants favor. The National Anthem was sung by Jordin Sparks, daughter of former New York Giant, Philippi Sparks.

Was A Win In The Cards?

Marie vs. Jenny= Pats vs. Giants
Marie’s Super Bowl Bundt Cake

At around 6:30 the game kicked off and for pretty much the next 3 hours my hands were on my head nearly pulling out most of my hair. It was a tense game for 60 Minutes and as previously noted in another post, the best game I have ever seen. When the clock finally ran out in the 4th quarter, the New York Giants had emerged victorious and shocked the worlld, which would include the Pro Football pundits. Giants fans leapt to their feet and hugged while the 2 Pats fans sulked.

The Moment of Victory
The Final Score
One Sad Pats Fan

Several minutes after the hugging came to a close I started to walk back with Arby and Marie. However, I received a call from Heather asking me to have a beer and continue the celebration. When I met up with her at Harry Boland’s pub, she was surrounded by the 4 most guido trash dudes ever who claimed to be huge Giant fans. Though when I compared this game to the 1991 victory over the Bills they were completely unaware that the Giants had won a Super Bowl other than the 1986 one and the one we were presently celebrating and they were belligerent about it. After one drink (or more likely 3 seconds) I decided that these douchebags were stupid, mostly because the entire conversation consisted of making fun of Heather’s accent and they also continued to exhibit any lack of knowledge over the the team whose jersey they had donned. As a result, I recommended we go over the Lighthouse and continue the celebration there.

Heather and I walked 12 blocks and arrived to find a friendly, jovial celebration in progress. Ear to ear grins were present on the face of every reveler, even the Eagles fans. I’m not sure what time I was at the bar til but I think I may have left after 4am. I was drunk, but with good reason. This was a celebration.

I woke up Monday morning with a considerable hangover. I don’t think I left my apartment for more than 10 minutes the entire day. I lay nestled in the comfort of my bed being propped up by pillows and working in the reclining position. Later in the evening Filler and I made plans to attend the Super Bowl Parade down the Canyon of Heroes the following day…and with that…bedtime.

9am this morning I was up an at ’em…ready to officially celebrate a Super Bowl Victory with a ticker tape parade. Thing is, I kind of hate parades. I hate mass gatherings with little to no personal space. The Victory parade itself lived up to my expectations. I was crammed in between other fans, both real and fairweather for a few hours in the morning and early afternoon and caught precious few glimpses of the actual action. However, upon further review, I did get some serviceable images, though I leave this up for you to decide by viewing the pictures below that effectively end the weekend recap.

Filler Flaunts his Fandom

Parade Self-Portrait

Manning to Burress…Touchdown!

Strahan Holding the Lombardi Trophy

This Looked Like A Scene from An Action Movie

This is Either Fred Robbins or Someone Else

The Offensive Line

Who’s Going To Clean Up This Mess?!?!

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The Best Game Ever Played

Posted by evankessler on February 4, 2008

Up until this Sunday, the phrase, “best game ever played” was associated with the the Giants overtime loss to the Colts in the 1958 NFL Championship. However, the way the Giants and Patriots gallantly fought fifty years later in 2008’s version of the NFL Championship, a valid argument could be made for affixing that label to the game entitled Super Bowl XLII. The entire game was seemingly unreal. A hard fought defensive struggle for the majority of 60 minutes, the game was transformed into a nail biting photo finish in the 4th quarter. The stout defense of the New York Football Giants left New England Quarterback Tom Brady battered and bruised while the heart of Eli Manning and unsung players such as David Tyree and Steve Smith, were able to serve as the antidote to the team that some were referring to as “The Best Team Ever” in one of the most improbable performances in recent memory.

In what was the most exciting and perhaps best game I’ve ever seen, the New York Giants triumphed over the New England Patriots 17-14. There is no feeling other than bliss encompassing the City of New York right now and rightfully so, for when Eli Manning hit Plaxico Burress in the end zone with 35 seconds left to end the Patriots perfect season, it lent a resounding truthfulness to the phrase, “nobody’s perfect”.

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