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The Jessica Simpson Jinx?

Posted by evankessler on January 14, 2008

Cheer Up Jessica…It’s Not Your Fault

As a life long New York Giants fan, I can’t help but feel that all of the media attention directed at Tony Romo’s relationship with Jessica Simpson has served to cheapen yesterday’s New York Giants NFC Divisional Playoff victory over the Cowboys of Dallas. Let me state unequivocally that the Dallas Cowboys were not a victim of the Jessica Simpson jinx , just as the New England Patriots have not been the beneficiaries of the Gisele Bündchen boost.

No one all season has mentioned that Tom Brady was having the perfect season and dating the perfect girl, so why should there be any correlation between Tony Romo making some on the field decisions that were not so bright and his dating of a girl that is not exactly the brainiest of the bunch? Had Brady not achieved a perfect season before because Bridget Moynahan wasn’t perfect enough? In our celebrity-driven culture, it seems that a rugged, strategic battle of wills such as a playoff football game has fallen victim to the need for a storyline, even that which is not relevant to the game itself. How many of the other players involved in the game do you think have girlfriends or wives that they might have slept with during the week? There are no paparazzi outside Eli Manning’s window because his girlfriend doesn’t have a platinum album…and is anybody even curious who Jason Witten was staying with in Mexico?

The Cowboys lost for one simple reason; they did not come up with plays when they had to. Players like the all talk and no action Patrick Crayton dropped the ball on a pivotal 3rd down and even though Tony Romo did miss a wide open Terrell Owens for an easy TD, I’d be hard pressed to find any reason to blame his girlfriend, unless the stadium PA operators were blasting one her dreadful bubble gum tunes over the sound system at that very moment.

The Cowboys came to play, but so did the Giants…and in the end someone had to be declared the winner. This time the contest fell in the Giants favor, not because of a buxom blonde with marginal musical material…but simply because the fat lady sang and ultimately the Giants defense had prevented Dallas from reaching the end zone one last time.


2 Responses to “The Jessica Simpson Jinx?”

  1. Coach said

    “As a life long New York Giants fan, I can’t help but feel that all of the media attention directed at Tony Romo’s relationship with Jessica Simpson has served to cheapen yesterday’s New York Giants NFC Divisional Playoff victory”

    In as much as what you say is true, so is it not true in that, if the New York Giants had had a Reputation for beating the Dallas Cowboys, then Jessica Simpson would not have become an issue, for you, and in deed for all New York Giant Fans, and even the Giants themselves.

    Also; the New York Post does not help your case as they saw it Necessary, to hire a Jessica Simpson look-alike, to aid the Giants in their game. (a demonstration of faith? I don’t think so.)

    Truly, there is but One Way for the Giants to prove themselves, even to themselves. And that is, to win the game against The Green Bay Packers!

    Win that game, and Jessica Simpson will become a Non-issue. At least, for the New York Giants.

  2. Evan Kessler said

    Coach, I agree that the New York Post and the New York media’s attention on the Jessica Simpson “issue” certainly did not help the situation. It was my original intent with this post to dub the Post’s sensationalistic efforts as the most idiotic attempt of all time to create a news story…one that they put on the front page nonetheless. It must’ve been a slow day in the pain and anguish department for Paris, Britney, or Lindsey in Hollywood, if that was the most newsworthy story.

    However, as I wrote this entry it went in a somewhat different direction. I agree that the Giants still have a lot to prove and that comes down to their showdown with the Green Bay Packers.

    That being said, they’ve proven to be one helluva TEAM in the past several weeks…and on the road this season…though I don’t quite trust Eli at an icy cold Lambeau.

    Hopefully, he can strengthen my faith in his leadership, though he’s gone a long way towards doing that with his solid performance since the New England game.

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