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Posted by evankessler on January 7, 2008

The plan this weekend was to do nothing and maybe watch some football. It didn’t quite happen like that. After all of the alcoholic indulgence over New Years Eve my plan was to be “on the wagon” for the next two weeks. It didn’t quite work out that way but my one indiscretion in the name of Jack and Coke on Thursday evening was not of my choosing. I had gone to meet a friend who had called me in the late evening hours to meet her at the Lighthouse. She sounded a bit upset. I took this as meaning that something was wrong or had happened so I figured that maybe I should join her. When I arrived she was drunk, and not necessarily in the need of a helping hand.

I did not order any booze based beverages throughout the entire evening. I merely sat and enjoyed the company savoring several glasses of water while an unruly bunch of idiots waxed philosophical about that evening’s Iowa Caucuses.

Soon one of the other bartenders arrived with what amounted to the cavalry to get his drink on. I was just about ready to leave at this point as it was much later than I had planned on staying out. The clock was reading somewhere around 1am. When I returned to my chair, Adam, my friendly neighborhood bartender placed a Jack and Coke in front of me, though fully aware that I was on the wagon that week. I deflected his gift, but after several minutes of deliberation in my own head, I came to the conclusion that it was rude to refuse a free drink from your favorite bartender and reluctantly partook of the poison. There would be no 2nd helping though, as I went home straight after and called it a night.

Friday I was completely resigned to sitting in my house and watching Robin Williams movies, but earlier in the day my friend Thea told me I was eating pizza with her and watching TV. Who was I to argue? A little after 7:30pm I went over to her place and ate 3 slices of Onion and Meatball pizza. Our next move was to go to Barnes & Noble where we perused potential literary purchases, but having made a recent book purchase I decided against buying one of those “urban novels” so I would look funny riding the train. There was a book made up of IM conversation that Thea wanted me to buy but I vehemently resisted. After she purchased her selections we settled in at the cafe and had some tea without alcohol before heading back to her apartment to watch TV before calling it a night. I got home at 1am after 2 episodes of America’s Next Top Model.

Saturday morning it was so far so good in regards to my do nothing game plan. I ate breakfast and played Madden ’08. I stopped about an hour before the first NFL Wild Card playoff game was suppposed to come on. As I was finishing up my Wii fun, my roommate Laura told me that a bunch of our friends and roommates were going to Melody Lanes for some hardcore bowling action. I had quite the dilemma on my hands…playoff football or bowling?

Normally my man instincts would point me towards playoff football but I was none too excited for the Washington-Seattle Matchup that evening. Instead, I erred on the side of fun. And Fun it was as 14 of us showed up at the lanes to roll up some good times.

We probably waited about 45 minutes before getting our two lanes but once we got our bowling shoes we were ready to go.

Bassett’s Bowling Shoes

We’ve Got A Lot of Balls

Maureen and Laura Put on Their Game Faces

It was quite the bowlathon if you ask me. Gary’s Angels (Renga, Dan, Andrew, Pete, Robin, and Myself) squared off against Split Decision (Maureen, Bassett, Pat, Stephen, Matt, and Ryan). We all picked pseudonyms to bowl under. I chose “Gary” since it’s such a versatile name and sounds like the name of a bowler. Other pseudonyms were Obama, Sparkle, The Unibowler, The Lord, Tancredo, Rocky, Huckabee, Ace, Pete (for Renga) and 2Pete (for actual Pete). But the names weren’t as important as the winners. For instance, in the 1st game I was the winner. I think I bowled a 141 to 2Pete’s 136. In the 2nd Game 2Pete edged me out 118 to 110.

Victory Is Sweet

Bowltry In Motion: The Unibowler

Anyway, Pete2 and I wereboth on the same team, so that was more important, because it helped the far superior Gary’s Angels triumph twice over Split Decision who are just really awful bowlers and if they ever show their faces around the Melody Lanes again will probably be embarrassed when we spank them again. Of course we couldn’t have done it without the tools below.

The Ball (I used)

The Hammer

The Katie (Did Not Play)

The Dan

The Beer (Which I Didn’t Drink)

The Bowling Buffett or Bowlfet

Yes even though not everyone played everyone had a good time as evidenced below, but the bowling party could not last forever.

Fresh from rolling the stones down the ol’ hardwood the group reconvened at the ol’ apartment. The plan was to have a nice homecooked dinner. However, I was under the impression it was a dinner for the bowling buddies and roomies. Several minutes after Bassett began preparing our post rolling repast, a party seemingly broke out. All of the sudden there were 20 plus people in the kitchen and little room to maneuver with the dining room tables.

Despite the large crowd we had a lovely well prepared meal of Penne alla vodka and garlic bread thanks to the talented Laura Bassett, but after that all bets were off…or on. Suddenly the gathering resembled a college basement party with 8 guys playing diced in the corner and screaming their heads off when they hit on a 6 or something. It became rather unpleasant. I went upstairs to check the score of the Jags and Steelers game to escape all of ridiculousness. Bassett managed to quell the din with her attempt to hold a pub style quiz in the kitchen. We made it through 5 rounds with my team consisting of myself, Andrew, Dan, Renga, and Mike in the lead before a new dice game sprouted.

From that point on I was unenthused. It might have helped if I was drunk but the dice game seemed to not appeal to half of the party anyway. I went into Bassett’s room with some of the other revelers and played some catchprase until the party started to empty out. I was relieved when everyone was gone and I could finally go to sleep.

Sunday morning came and it felt like Christmas Day. The New York Giants were in the playoffs and today was their day to shine. I was a little pessimistic heading in…feeling like the glass was 1/4 empty as far as their chances to beat the Tampa Bay Bucs in their NFC Wild Card game, but all in all I felt alright.

The game began at 1pm and the feeling in the pit of my stomach as the Bucs went up 7-0 and held the Giants to -2 total yards in the first quarter was definitely not a good one. My gut eased up though as Eli Manning took control and led the Giants to 24 consecutive points en route to a 24-14 victory. Next up…the Dallas Cowboys. I say, bring ’em on.

The rest of Sunday was spent in the sweaty confines of the gym and the comfort of my home watching the wild card round come to a close…and with that so did my weekend.


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