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Lynne Spears…The Worst Mother in The World?

Posted by evankessler on December 28, 2007

***note: I meant to write this a week ago when the news about Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy broke. I resurrected the post today when I had to submit a writing sample for a potential writing gig and it basically wrote itself.

Upon hearing the news that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant, my immediate reaction was one of laughter. Several minutes later the humorous slant was still there but there was also an overwhelming feeling of sadness. The bulk of the blame for the irresponsibility of not one but both of the Spears girls was surely to be placed on the hopefully sturdy shoulders of the undoubtedly shocked Lynne Spears. People may think that laying the blame on Lynne for her girls gone wild may be a little undeserved, but in my non-expert opinion, she’s the exact model for what a mom should not be. Before you admonish me for being too harsh, please allow me to explain my point of view.

I find the idea of stage parents to be utterly abhorrent. Parents who push their kids at an early age to take up singing, dancing, or acting at such an early age undoubtedly have stars and dollar signs in their eyes instead of a child’s well being. When a child offers up the information at a young age that they want to be any kind of performer when they grow up, parents should support their children’s dreams but understand that with time the child will develop new dreams and that “when I grow up” doesn’t mean immediately. You don’t see children who want to be firemen being immediately thrust into practicing hose drills at the local firehouse. To throw your kid in the fire at the age of six is an idiotic and precarious situation, yet that’s what stage parents are doing to an obviously less extreme extent. As a result you have kids like Britney and Jamie Lynn who are never taught the power of the word “no”, as in “No, you can’t skip school for a Disney audition” or “no, you can’t have sex without a condom” and “no, you shouldn’t marry that backup dancer whose wife is pregnant with child”. Children with knowledge of their limitations grow up with something called common sense. Children without limitations are brought up to believe they can do whatever they want without consequences. You want to sing professionally…we’ll get you on star search and a record contract. You want to wear a slutty miniskirt in your first video…sure? You want to be on Disney, just like your big sister? No Problem. You want your life to be a complete wreck before you grow up? Here you go..

If I’m calling Lynne Spears the worst mother in the world (I’m obviously speaking in hyperbole) it’s simply for the reason that she never set any limits for her children and if people find that to be admirable then I have to heartily disagree.


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