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Posted by evankessler on November 2, 2007

This year, the spookiest day of all, Halloween, fell on a Wednesday. So of course there was more dressing up to be done. Very rarely has a Halloween passed where I did not don the uniform of another persona. This year it was a Summer Camp Waterfront Director. You may rember this character from the weekend recap where I had previously donned said uniform to celebrate Halloween Holiday. Well, Wednesday brought about a repeat performance when the folks at the Union Street Collective (or my apartment) threw a mini-Halloween gala.

It was a limited but spirited turnout as the six inhabitants of the aforementioned abode were present along with 9 to 12 other revelers. The highlights of the evening, save for the all around chill in the air due to both the weather and the general feeling of fright, were of course , the costumes! The EvanKessler.com award for best costume was a tie. The winners were Laura Bassett with her Larry The Cable Guy get up and Laura Renga with her version of Mystery (from VH1’s The Pick Up Artist).

Git ‘er Done!: Mystery Opens Up A Set On Larry The Cable Guy

There was plenty of fun being had and while I don’t really feel like giving the rundown. I’ll say that htere was plenty of drinking, pizza, and Gorilla Costume switching, not tomention the occasional outburst from our smoke machine. Yes, Halloween was swell. But don’t take it from me…take it from this visual representation of the fun.

The Jenny of Liberty

Dana Takes Out Her Frustration From Not Making The Final Cut of Bee Movie
Severed Hand Loves Tequila

Gorilla Mike

Peter Impersonates A Pilot and Steve Perry All While Doing The Monster Mash

Everyone Needs A Smoke Machine In Their Home


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