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Do You Like Ice Cream?

Posted by evankessler on November 29, 2007

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Posted by evankessler on November 6, 2007

Well, it took a little while but I’m finally recovered enough from this weekend to get my recap on. Three consecutive days of celebration is enough to put even the most accustomed of drinkers in a trance-like state. That being said, it wasn’t as harrowing as it sounds. Friday night was spent in the usual fashion. The team of usual revelers were stationed at the Lighthouse Tavern for what seemed like the umpteenth consecutive Friday. It wasn’t necessarily a memorable evening but there was comfort in the surrounding company as Arby, Thea, Heather, and Filler made up our little group. It was by no means a reckless night of booze intake, more of a casual meeting of the minds and gullets at the local watering hole. My evening was pretty brief in comparison to my usual marathon stints at said location. I had returned to my apartment a little after midnight. I didn’t want to overdo it seeing as I would be celebrating my 29th birthday in the big city on Saturday night.

When I returned home I crashed in on Laura Bassett and Jenny’s room. They had a friend visiting for Jenny’s bridal shower, so I hung out for a few minutes before retiring to my room for what was originally going to be sleep but what ended up being a game or two of Madden before drifting off to slumberland.

Saturday was really a nothing day. I don’t really recall anything important happening during the day. I had vowed to get some writing done only I kept distracting myself with the garden of internet-ly delights, not to mention a detour to Press 195 to have lunch with Andrew Morton. Afterwards it was more general wasting of time while prior to heading into the city for my birthday celebration at Drop Off Service.

At 8:45 pm Heather arrived at my front door. The plan was to leave by 9pm but we stood waiting for Thea until around 9:15. This was a tad bit annoying but not the worst thing in the world. I didn’t want to be the type of douchebag who arrives fashionably late to their own party. I always hate when people do that. I also hate to be at the mercy of other people when i want to be somewhere but sometimes there’s no helping that. I arrived at Drop Off Service at 9:45, 15 minutes late and was immediately greeted by Renga, Andrew, Dan, and Morwin. I think my brother and his girlfriend Kelly were next, followed by Suli. From that point on the attendees got a little fuzzy. Not that I don’t remember who was there just the order. Probably Rich and Lina were next but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. There was an excellent turnout and a big group of people that I didn’t expect to see but was more than happy to converse with. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to talk to everyone but I guess that’s sort of normal when you invite a lot of people to hang out with you over the course of several hours. The bar was packed and I had a good time celebrating my birthday. I also received the lovely gift of beef jerky from Rich Mai. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I’m not sure what time I ended up leaving but it was in a cab with Jason and Kayvalyn and maybe Andy. I’m not sure if I said goodbye to anyone but I was super drunk…but that’s what’s supposed to happen if it’s your birthday and you’re not married with several kids. I also think someone you like is supposed to at least make out with you but that never happens (woe is me).

The next morning, my actual 29th birthday, I awoke and the first thing I saw was my two remotes placed perfectly perpendicular to each other, directly next to my head. It seemed an oddly symmetrical site next to the rest of my room which more closely resembled a drunken war zone with clothes strewn about everywhere. Much to my surprise I had barely any indication of being hungover. There might of been a slight fog, but it didn’t last more than a few minutes. I had very little indication of hunger yet I still called Arby and asked if he wanted to get breakfast. He didn’t so I just grabbed a bagel and started watching football. However, I could care less about the Jets and Redskins game. I thought I should go outside but it took me until 3pm to mobilize. I headed over to Katey and Reva’s apartment for Katey’s birthday party already in progress. I stopped in, had a bowl of chili…chatted it up with a bunch of Syracuse folks including Marty, Deirdre, Jason, and Alice. I did not stick around for long because I was going to go to the Lighthouse to meet Arby and Filler, plus I felt sort of lame going to someone else’s birthday party on my own birthday.

At the Lighthouse it was strictly football watching with the added perk of free birthday drinks thanks to Tommy in all her gracious owner-ness. The Pats and Colts game truly lived up to the hype and was certainly an entertaining affair. I sat next to Arby, Filler and Drew who we were acquainted with through our friend Marie and another guy Damien who I’m not sure how we knew but I wen’t with it. We were joined by Thea in the 4th quarter. I hadn’t planned on staying later than the Pats game but one thing led to another and all of the sudden the Eagles and Cowboys were playing. Arby had left because he had an early morning ahead and it was Thea, Heather, Damien, and I left sitting there making extremely politically incorrect comments while Drew obsessed over the Eagles humiliating defeat. He would eventually devolve into a bout of drunken air guitar and complete obliviousness over Heather’s constant suggestions that he should go home. I mean he was playing air guitar to Avril Lavigne in an non-ironic manner. If that’s not the signal for it being time to go because you’ve had a few too many, then I don’t know what is.

There was also a little episode with two annoying douchebaggy patrons smoking an illegal substance outside the front door of the bar which was quickly quashed by Heather, which only served to create more drama from said patrons. Rather than just leave as Heather had requested one of the patrons insisted that he at least get a hug or kiss from Heather. She proudly stood her ground and the douchebags finally went on their way, much to the relief of this patron. It was 2am when I finally realized that holy shit it was 2am. That meant quitting time. It was no longer my birthday and I should be getting to sleep. Thea, Damien and I made for the door and I headed straight home.

Upon my arrival at home, I spied several desserts with my name on them…literally. Three of my roommates had bought me baked goods for ingestion on my birthday. Rather than eat all three I chose the cupcake with the candle in it, provided courtesy of my roommate Trish. I put the other two desserts in the refrigerator and lit the candle on the cupcake then made a wish for my 29th year on this planet while promptly extinguishing the flame with my breath. Here’s to another year.

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Posted by evankessler on November 2, 2007

This year, the spookiest day of all, Halloween, fell on a Wednesday. So of course there was more dressing up to be done. Very rarely has a Halloween passed where I did not don the uniform of another persona. This year it was a Summer Camp Waterfront Director. You may rember this character from the weekend recap where I had previously donned said uniform to celebrate Halloween Holiday. Well, Wednesday brought about a repeat performance when the folks at the Union Street Collective (or my apartment) threw a mini-Halloween gala.

It was a limited but spirited turnout as the six inhabitants of the aforementioned abode were present along with 9 to 12 other revelers. The highlights of the evening, save for the all around chill in the air due to both the weather and the general feeling of fright, were of course , the costumes! The EvanKessler.com award for best costume was a tie. The winners were Laura Bassett with her Larry The Cable Guy get up and Laura Renga with her version of Mystery (from VH1’s The Pick Up Artist).

Git ‘er Done!: Mystery Opens Up A Set On Larry The Cable Guy

There was plenty of fun being had and while I don’t really feel like giving the rundown. I’ll say that htere was plenty of drinking, pizza, and Gorilla Costume switching, not tomention the occasional outburst from our smoke machine. Yes, Halloween was swell. But don’t take it from me…take it from this visual representation of the fun.

The Jenny of Liberty

Dana Takes Out Her Frustration From Not Making The Final Cut of Bee Movie
Severed Hand Loves Tequila

Gorilla Mike

Peter Impersonates A Pilot and Steve Perry All While Doing The Monster Mash

Everyone Needs A Smoke Machine In Their Home

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