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Hunkering Down

Posted by evankessler on October 17, 2007

It is not my intention to make this a weekend recap. Very few notable things happened this weekend. Save for drinking with Thea and Heather on both Friday and Saturday, Arby and I grabbing some brunch on Saturday afternoon (which resulted in one choice photograph) and our subsequent pigskin toss in the park, it was a sort of slow couple of days.

My original intention was to title this post “Gawking Gawkers and The Gawkers who Gawk Them” on account of the party I attended over the weekend which was attended by several current and ex-Gawker staffers. There was a sense of superority in the air as most of them could not complete a sentence without using the word Gawker as if it would impress anyone not rocking the vastly popular blog’s name on their resume. Needless to say those of us who did not spew that word with regularity were rather bored by the excessive work talk and we left for another outing but quickly called it a night.

Yes rather than dwell on the past that was this weekend I am looking towards the future. . This past week I have been hunkering down in preparation towwards fulfilling or at least tackling a new career goal. The Costner blog gave me the sweet taste of success and showed me the value of hard work. With that sweet taste fading I’ve decided to go after something bigger (no not Robin Williams, though I am currently chasing a photo of him looking at If I Blog It They Will Come.) . I’ve decided to try my hand at writing a book. Since the beginning of this blog I’ve had folks tell me that I should consider conquering such a task, but I’ve never really had the balls or the idea to follow through. Well, things have changed and I’m proud to announce that I’ve already begun research and broke ground on my sample chapter.

Today was probably one of the more important days in my new journey as I visited the “Hall of Fame for Great Americans” on the Campus of Bronx Community College. I’d tell you all about it but then it would ruin the 1st chapter in the book seeing as I don’t want to write it twice. In any case, this thing is just getting off the ground and I’m excited to attempt to put my writing into a more tangible form. Now, if only I knew a literary agent or had enough money to fulfill all of my research. Crap, I need a job…or an advance.


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