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Full Circle

Posted by evankessler on September 28, 2007

On either May 30 or 31st of 1987 (I thought it was 1986 in Wednesday’s post) I saw Genesis play Giants Stadium for my first ever rock concert. Last night, one score and nearly half a year after my inaugural experience, I was able to relive that magic when Andrew Morton and I trekked to The Meadowlands to see Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and their duo of able sidemen, rock Giants Stadium once more.

I met Andrew outside of the Port Authority at 5:30 PM with 4 complimentary tickets (courtesy of Laura Bassett) to the show in the lower front pocket of my dark brown cargo shorts. We would only use two but I liked the thought having 4 tickets so we had the option of sitting in any of the 4 seats and if someone pressed us for proof of our occupancy rights we would be able to obnoxiously sprawl across two seats each and say, “yeah, these are ours.” I had purchased two round trip tickets for the bus two The Meadowlands just minutes before, so we were all ready to go. It was a hair before 6pm when we got off the coach bus near Gate D of the House That Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms built. The stadium gates had yet to open and tens of fans of the 70’s prog rock and 80’s adult contempo- pop progenitors, Genesis, awaited their inevitable ascent upon their pews of worship in the court of Phil Collins’ Kingdom. Some of these loyal subjects wore mullet hairstyles, some wore shirts of the band they were going to see, some blasted “In Too Deep” from their car stereos. Most of them were above the age of 40. Also exceeding 40 in numerical value was the cost of the shirts and nearly everything else at the nearest souvenir stand. I decided long ago (never to walk in anyone’s shadow) that the only important souvenir one needed from a concert was a ticket stub (unless of course they offer a cd of the show or the shirts are totally sweet), so after perusing the wares at gate D Andrew and I decided to make a lap around the stadium as there were still a solid 2 hours before the time advertised on our admission tickets.

Andrew and I did a full lap and could have easily done 2 more before the show began but when we found ourselves at Gate D once again we noticed that people were being allowed into the venue. Upon our entrance we headed up the escalator to the Upper Tier. As we dismounted from the moving stairs we were face to face with The New York Sack Exchange. A poster featuring the iconic New York Jets Defensive Foursome of the 1980’s featuring Marty Lyons, Joe Klecko, Abdul Salaam, and Mark Gastineau adorned the wall opposite the escalator. We approached the poster but made a right at Gastineau and I told Andrew of the time I saw him making out with Brigitte Nielsen in an Arizona airport sometime in the Late 1980’s or Early 1990’s. If only I had known about Page Six back then.

Our first order of business once on the upper tier was to get some quality eats. Most of the little carts were closed on our level. They probably only have them available on game days. Therefore, getting hamburgers at the Goal Line Grill was out of the question. Our dining choices were limited to Hot Dogs or Sausages at Fan Favorites or hot dogs or chicken fingers at 1st Down and Fries. Andrew and I both went for the chicken finger dinner with fries for a hefty sum of $7.75. I added an Aquafina on top of that for an additional $4.oo. Normally I would be whining about the cost (well I sort of am now) but I did get the tickets for free, so all in all it was a pretty cheap night of entertainment.

Andrew and I found our way with food in hand to the middle of a nearly vacant section 329. I remarked that I couldn’t see the stadium getting much more crowded than it’s current capacity which was sparse to say the least. We dug into our expensive and mediocre meal. I let Andrew have my Honey Mustard sauce which was more or less regular mustard, for his nuggets and we shot the shit talking about our expectations for the show as well as a few writing ideas we had. The main topic of conversation was probably the fact that I was reliving my first concert experience more than 20 years later. I told Andrew that if I called my mom she’d probably say “that’s cute” and not be really in the least bit amused.

I chose to test this theory by actually calling her. For the first 5 minutes of the phone call I didn’t even get to discuss where I was at the moment but once I had the opportunity I decided to test my mother’s powers of parental recall. The conversation went something like this…

Me: Mom do you remember taking me to my first concert in the summer of 1986.

Mom: Was it in Queens? Was it in a park?

Me: No. It was at Giants Stadium.

Mom: I remember something about being in an open space.

Me: Were you high?

Mom: (long pause implying maybe) Was Aileen there?

Me: So you admit it…You told me when I was a kid you never did drugs but it was okay if I tried once as long as I didn’t make a habit out of it.

Mom: Who was the concert?

Me: Genesis.

Mom: Oh is that with Phil Collins.

Me: Yes…Guess where I am now?

Mom: Giants Stadium

Me: Guess who I’m going to see?

Mom: Genesis…That’s cute…

The rest of the conversation I went on to tell her how certain I always was that she had to have done drugs since she grew up in the 60’s and had gone to see bands like The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Dylan live in concert. There was no way she could have gone to see those bands without expanding her mind. That basically capped off probably one of the strangest and funniest conversations my mother and I had ever shared.

After hanging up the phone it was back to waiting patiently for Genesis to take the stage. The stage set resembled an avant garde boom box with video screens on what resembled the circular speaker areas. Later in the show the stage set would more resemble a large white whale as the entire thing was a video screen for live concert footage and computer animated backgrounds. As the crowd waited though the screens played videos from groups spanning the last 30 years of music. The artists ranged from Talking Heads to Tapes ‘n’ Tapes. There were also skateboarding videos being shown on the screen causing me to wonder allowed if this really appealed to the Genesis demographic. The screen also showed ads for a new Genesis book and other Genesis related paraphernalia. Meanwhile, the stadium was becoming slowly filled and reached a respectable level of attendance. People moved in all around us though we had a considerable buffer zone between us and the nearest concertgoers. The demographic also became more varied as two impossibly attractive women that couldn’t have been older than 30 happened into our section. Andrew and I wondered aloud what they could possibly be doing at this concert.

There was a semi-palpable feeling of excitement in the air as the band taking the stage was inevitable. At around 8:58 the majority of the lights began to shut down and after a brief and frankly kind of stunning video screen presentation the band took the stage with musical bravado in their intro to “Turn it On Again” a song that I did not recall so I automatically chalked it up to pre-80’s pop Peter Gabriel era Genesis though I knew that not to be the case with this particular song it was just my own lazy way of classifying the songs I was unfamiliar with. The next two songs were more my speed, sort of. “No Son of Mine” immediately followed the opener and while I was familiar with it, it was from an era where I had already lost interest in Genesis, more notably known as the album I Can’t Dance. All was well one song later as the band blasted through the Reagan era anthem “Land of Confusion”. I thought they should’ve waited a little longer to dust off that gem but they’re in charge not me.

I was quickly reminded of my ignorance to the non-80’s Genesis catalogue with “In The Cage” though I was transfixed by the graphics on the screen behind band which reminded me of the movie The Lawnmower Man. The music descended into a prog rock jam out session that could’ve easily double as material by ELP or Yes in their heyday. Prog rock bands to me are kind of a dime a dozen. At times the music just seems like an all out attempt to put as much keyboard, guitar and drums into a single measure. The frantic musicianship gave way to light rock. As the band transitioned into “Hold On My Heart”much of the audience transitioned to the bathroom line.

It was a good thing that the audience was done relieving themselves because Phil needed them for audience participation for the spooky “Home by the Sea” and “2nd Home By The Sea”. He readied everyone to make spooky sounds and then never used them throughout the duration of the performance. The next 2 songs were more prog-rock, probably Gabriel-era numbers. I would’ve had no idea what they were but thanks to my own Prog-Rock encyclopedia Andrew Morton, I knew that I was listening to “Follow You, Follow Me” and “Dance on a Volcano”.

After all of the musicianship, Phil Collins took over with a little showmanship. During “I Know What I like” the bald frontman/drummer did a few trick moves with his tambourine playing off of his head knees, feet and hands much to the delight of the mostly middle aged crowd.
Phil followed up this performance by a genuinely wicked performance of the song “Mama” which really is a pretty good song. I was familiar with the song because it was used for Colorwar Sing at Camp Westmont in 1992 when I was a member of the “White Mystery”.

The three songs that followed weren’t anything to write home about. One was a Gabriel-era song that sent a lot of people heading towards the lavatory and one was probably my least favorite song off of the “Invisible Touch” album. That trio of songs was probably followed by one of the two best moments of the evening as Phil Collins and Chester Thompson engaged in a thrilling drum duet. For all of the criticism Collins gets for being such a suspect soft rocker, people forget that he’s actually quite accomplished as a drummer and can spank the snare and cymbals with the best of ’em.

When the drumathon ended I sensed the show drawing nearer to it’s close. The next song was foreign to both myself and Andrew. It was more surprising that Andrew didn’t know since he had known the name of every song up to that point. However, familiarity settled back in and the crowd sang along to “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” and the set was closed out by a spirited version of “Invisible Touch” which saw the release of pyrotechnics both visual and verbal. The visual being actual fireworks and the verbal being Phil Collins use of the f-word to let you know that “She’ll fuck up your life” with her invisible touch.

With that the band briefly left the stage. I was almost positive I knew that the last two songs would be “I Can’t Dance” and “That’s All”. The latter of which would be followed by the band abruptly leaving the stage never to return. I was correct on my guess of “I Can’t Dance” which I always found to be somewhat unbearable but the crowd ate it up and grooved to it. Rather than close with “That’s All” they ended the show with one of their older numbers, the Gabriel-era “The Carpet Crawlers” from the 1974 album, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Thus the night was brought to a close on a quiet number rather than the poppy 80’s number I had wished for. Nonetheless, the evening was certainly worth the price of admission. My live music experience has officially come full circle. I never have to go to another concert again…though I’m pretty sure I’ll go to one rather soon.

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In The Beginning There Was…Genesis

Posted by evankessler on September 26, 2007

In the Summer of 1986, my father, mother, brother, and I attended our first concert together as a family at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The band we went to see was none other than British Rock stalwarts, Genesis. Opening for the hitmaking trio was Paul “Everytime You Go Away” Young who got things started with his fan friendly pop rock but it was Genesis who really brought the house down with such hits as “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”, “Land of Confusion”, and of course “Invisible Touch”. However, I’m not actually sure I heard the latter since we left early to beat traffic as was the Kessler Family custom with any public event from Temple Services to Football games. We might have actually left during that particular song.

Time passed and Genesis may have loosened it’s pop-rock kung fu grip on my musical sensibilities but I always had a soft spot for Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks. A lot of people would probably take issue with my affection for such easy listening, but I take issue with that . How can you deny the song catalogue off Phil Collins? It just so happens to be one of the most karaoke-ready song catalogues of all time, 2nd only to maybe Frank Sinatra.
I’ve belted out “Against All Odds” and “Invisible Touch” at various karaoke establishments, and I may have even taken a stab at “Easy Lover” once or twice in a drunken stupor.

Earlier this year Andrew Morton had told me that Genesis would be going on tour and would be playing Giants Stadium. He asked if I had any interest in going. I told him that I most certainly would because it would bring my concert going experience full circle. The thought of seeing Genesis lay dormant in my brain up until Monday when Andrew Morton alerted me that Bassett might be able to score some free tickets to see the band that began my storied career of attending live rock shows. This was the best news I’d heard in quite some time and I jumped at the chance. Today, our impending attendance was confirmed and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m not sure which song I want to hear more but I hope they play “Mama”, “That’s All”, and “Invisible Touch” along with Phil Collins staples, “Against All Odds” and “In The Air Tonight”. I’d even like them to throw Mike Rutherford a bone by busting into some Mike + The Mechanics classics like “Silent Running” and “The Living Years”, though I don’t expect Paul Carrack to be on hand to sing lead, so Phil might have to handle that.

In any case, I’m extremely excited to hear some stellar tunes and a mind-blowing Phil Collins drum solo. Stay tuned over the next few days for a full report on my historic concert experience.

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Sundays Will Never Be The Same

Posted by evankessler on September 25, 2007

On September 29, 1991 while my father was being stripped of his living privileges, gasping for his last breaths in our downstairs bathroom and later on his bed, I watched on as New York Giants rookie Running back Jarrod Bunch was being stripped of the ball by Cowboys Safety Ray Horton en route to a defensive touchdown. To this day I hold a grudge against Jarrod Bunch for his subpar play that day and subsequent meaningless career. I could’ve began to hate football after that, since one of my worst moments was now associated with it. However, many of my best memories with my father were of all of the Sundays we spent rooting for the New York Football Giants.

Several days after my father passed, our close family friend Bruce Ullman was over our house and we were discussing Football. He asked if I wanted to make picks against him for the games each week and I happily agreed to a little friendly competition as I was confident I could beat him. From that moment on Sundays took on a new meaning, every Sunday I sat in front of the TV with my picks in front of me hoping to beat Bruce in our friendly pick off. I wrote down my picks and marked where Bruce’s picks differed with a capital letter B inside a circle. This friendly rivalry didn’t last just one season. Nearly every week during the football season for the past 16 plus years Bruce and I spoke on the phone to make our weekly picks. Bruce would always ask if I had been following his Hofstra Flying Dutchmen. My reply was always “No” but he made sure to tell me about them anyway. He would ask how the ladies were treating me and if the Mets were playing well we’d discuss them too. The one point of contention in our relationship was that he was a Jets fan and I, a Giants fan. I had a theory that all Jets fans and Yankees fans are horrific, deplorable human beings, so therefore all Jets fans must be Yankee fans. Bruce threw a wrench into that theory as both a Jet and Met fan and by his nature being the polar opposite of horrific and deplorable. Every now and again Bruce and I missed a phone call due to extenuating circumstances. On those weeks I’d assume that we would disagree on the results of the Jets and Giants games.

For the first few years of our competition there was no prize, just bragging rights. I won a few years, Bruce won a few. When I was in college or maybe just out we decided the prize would be that the loser had to take the winner to lunch. I collected once, but at the last count I probably owed him two or three meals. Sadly, I won’t be able to treat him to those meals as he passed away prior to this past weekend before his time and before we had the opportunity to make our week 3 picks. I made them for him anyway. The only places we differed were that he had the Jets winning and the Giants losing. We broke even but he’s still up 4 games on the season.

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The Story of The Last Couple of Weeks

Posted by evankessler on September 17, 2007

Judging by the lone comment on the last post, this recap is going to bring great relief to some folks…or at least to one person. I haven’t had a full on recap since before labor day and a lot has happened since then. I can take you all the way back to August 31st when I was preparing to go all the way north to Ithaca, New York for the wedding of our close family friend Eric W to Bryna, his girlfriend of eleven years. Seeing as I had to go home on Saturday, September 1st to drive up to Central New York, I was none too keen on going out late the night before. However, I had been invited to a party by my brother, hosted by my former colleagues at XYZ.TV. They had founded a new venture called Naked Ping Pong Club which they run out of their loft. It’s every Friday, and I’m not really sure what the guidelines are for an invitation.In any case, I arrived with a 6-pack of beer and arrived not sure exactly what to expect, though I envisioned a party filled with lots of attractive model-type girls and trendy downtown folks. Upon arriving, my notions would prove to be correct. I slid in and made the rounds with the folks I knew. The one thing I didn’t actually expect was the seriousness of the Ping Pong. Apparently some of the best players in the country were on hand.

I watched on as serious table tennis was being played and wandered aimlessly a bit until I happened upon my brother who was hanging out with a few models. I think I assimilated into the scene rather well and had an easy time conversing. I normally don’t feel at home in such situations but there was a level of familiarity with the hosts and people seemed to have a genuine interest in what I had to say. Franck, one of the hosts, and one of the fampions of the Costner blog had asked me how the blog was going. He tried to encourage me to move on from Costner since he had already emailed me, though at this point I had not received any pictures. I assured him I would not until we achieved our goal since that was the entire point of the blog. I think Franck’s girlfriend was trying to give me ideas for posts as well. I had also came up with an idea for a book in the previous two days so that was on my mind. I was really excited to talk about it. I won’t talk about it here until I actually decide to write it. Either way, I was fitting in with the beautiful people and drinking my fair share. There’s really not much more to this tale other than the fact that we all drank and had a good time and my brother took plenty of sweet pictures of me. Like the one below with Madeline. I’m pretty sure that’s her name, it’s been a couple of weeks and I’m feeling forgetful, though she was an absolute delight to talk to.

The next morning I awoke in a hungover state but I high tailed it over to the Port Authority as I’d be meeting my brother to take the bus to Suffern, New York, where we’d be picked up by my mother en route to Ithaca, New York.

The car ride to Ithaca was a bit torturous. We seemed to stop every hour on the hour. There seemed to be no interest of making good time. Our first stop was The Roscoe Diner. The Roscoe Diner is famous for being a diner on the way to many a New York college. Whenever I’ve driven north on Route 17 with my mother, she always recommends we stop at the Roscoe Diner at about exit 93. However, when I’m alone I’ve always preferred the Wendy’s at exit 84 in Deposit, NY. In any case, my lunch was horrible and it was back in the car. Nothing will make you feel like you’re 7 years old again like riding in the backseat with your family on a road trip. My mother allowed me to play my music, however at a barely audible level. I almost had to imagine the playlist I had made. Our 2nd stop was 9 exits later at the aforementioned Deposit exit so my brother could use the bathroom at the aforementioned Wendy’s. Our trip was moving at a snail’s pace.

Rather than head straight to Ithaca, my mother and stepfather wanted to drive to Corning Glass Museum. This meant more time in the car. My brother and I were going stir crazy in the back and we stopped in Horseheads, New York where there was a monument to a General James Clinton and General John Sullivan who had fought of some “savage Indians”just so we could stretch out.

From Horseheads it was off too Corning where we parked our car and took a shuttle bus 3 feet to Corning Glass Museum. The museum itself was okay, but having felt a bit hung over, I wasn’t really in the mood to stare at glass sculptures with my mom. I wandered away on my own while my mom and Irwin stared at the contemporary tiffany glass fixtures. I was more interested in the more historic samples. I looked at a display of an ancient Egyptian glass kiln.
As I browsed through the glass time line I was alerted to the fact that Christ was born in 6 B.C. I’m not exactly sure how that’s possible but seeing as it was on a timeline at a museum , I took it as fact. Someday someone will have to explain that to me though I have my own theory.

After an hour looking at glass, it was time to look through glass again as we got back in the car and completed our drive to Ithaca. We arrived in time for the rehearsal dinner BBQ and photo DVD viewing. There were also several good speeches. There were plenty of familiar faces that I’m not going to name off here but the groom was there, his brothers and their wives, his parents, and many other familiar faces from Rockland County.

After the festivities as all of the young folk waited to hit the Cornell bars, the old folk whooped it up on the piano singing golden oldies. My mom belted out the hits of her youth with a slew of other newly minted senior citizens (that sounds mean but it’s not meant to be). We young folk watched on amazement as they were whisked back to a simpler time when they wondered if they would meet someone really keen at the sockhop.

While they continued their trip down memory lane, my brother and I hopped in some dude’s Porsche for trip to the college booze strip. There we met up with the other youngish wedding revelers and hit up 3 Cornell bars before hopping a cab back home. We probably were out until at least 2am.

The Brothers Kessler Reveling In The Ithaca Evening

The next day I was wiped out and spent the majority of my morning missing breakfast with my eyes closed and my head on my pillow. We had some time to kill before the wedding so myself and the family went for some local food and a walk around some campus stores before heading to the art museum and one of those gorges that Ithaca is so well known for.

When we arrived back at the hotel it was time for a little nap before the wedding. I guess I can skip that detail since the most important part is the wedding. I would describe it but I’m not much for describing pretty things on account of the fact that I’m not sure if I possess a heart. It was very lovely though and there was a bit of comedy when the too young flower girl wouldn’t do her duty properly. Her mother had to go get her and carry her down the aisle. Other than that the ceremony went off without a hitch. The bride and groom both said “I do’s” or in this case their “with this ring you are consecrated unto me’s” and then it was off to the party.

Eric and Bryna- Wedded Bliss in Action
(photo taken by Greg Kessler)

There was drinking, dancing, hanging out. I spent a good deal of time talking to my friend Craig K who’s wedding I had attended in July. I ate a steak but not a lobster tail. My brother was entirely too drunk and at the end of the party was running around with flowers he had taken off the tables and throwing them everywhere. Afterwards we hung out in the Tennis cabana and drank and when we went back to our room my brother was going on one of those super drunk “how amazing everything is” rants that is pretty foreign to our relationship. I was pretty frightened.

The next morning we woke up hell bent on eating breakfast and getting back to New York City as soon as possible. The ride back was pretty irritating since I had felt like I had been stuck in a car all weekend which was partially true. We stopped off at a 50’s diner in Monticello, New York near the race track, which was thankfully the only time we stopped on the ride back. I was back home in Brooklyn by 5 or 6pm. When I arrived home my roommates were having a small labor day Barbecue during which I kept taking several trips upstairs to check my Fantasy team score. At around 7:30pm I decided to check my yahoo mail. Sitting at the top of my inbox was an email from a name I didn’t recognize. I would’ve normally just deleted it as spam, but at the last second I spied the subject line which read:

Pictures of your site with Kevin

Upon first glance I just thought it was someone who read the “If I Blog It They Will Come” site and was going to tell me that we hoped we could achieve our goal. However, I noticed that there was a rather large attachment. Upon further inspection, my heart began to race and a wide grin was tattoed on my countenance. We had done it. The site that began over 7 months ago as an idea that was just so stupid it could work, had achieved it’s goal. I went over to Andrew Morton who was sitting on my back deck and prodded at him as he was in conversation. I said something along the lines of “congratulations” and “guess while I’m smiling”. It took a while for me to spell it out for him but as soon as I did, I showed him the photos and we were as giddy as could be. I brought down my computer and showed my roommates who were all extremely excited. From there Andrew and I, with the help of Dana G got to work on our “SUCCESS!!!” post. This was quite the momentous occasion. We were overwhelmed so it took a little bit to get the post just right. When it was done Andrew went home and I went out to Union Hall with Arby to celebrate with one drink.

The next morning I woke up feeling fantastic. I had a 11 o’clock call time for work, so I woke up at 8am and posted the pictures on our blog. I also sent out a couple of emails to a couple of blogs to spread the word of our success. I didn’t have a chance to see it hit the blogosphere until later. There was a 4 hour break from shoots and I finally settled down at a internet cafe on Bleecker Street. I checked my stats and saw that the hits were somewhere in the 4,000 range for the day. Since then the site has garnered about 35,500 hits. That’s about 2 and a half times the amount of hits this site has gotten in three and a half years. The last two weeks kind of seem like a blur after that. A Brazillian blog asked to interview me and for me to send a picture of myself looking at their blog. I complied but I’m not sure if they ever got around to posting it. Oh well, I can’t read Portugese anyway. I wouldn’t mind being big in Brazil though. I’ve always wanted to go there.

Other than all of the hubbub with the website my life has been immersed in a fog comprised of reality TV shoots, fashion week, and writing notes pertaining to those events. I had a scant few minutes to myself leading into the weekend that followed Labor day. Friday night I had a late shoot and ended up at the Park Slope Ale House where I met Marty, Mac, Dell, Rob, Austin and several other people for Mac and Del’s moving away party. I really needed a drink at that point. The next day was a little out of hand as I met up with Mike S, Joe D, Rich M, Andrew G, and Matt D, along with one other person for Matt C’s bachelor party. That night consisted of a major amount of gluttony and a minor amount of unrequited lust. The result was a little bit of a hangover and a substantial dent in my bank account. It’s crazy how much money I’ve spent this summer on other people’s weddings in terms of gifts, bachelor parties and hotel rooms. At this rate I’m not sure I’ll ever get married so I’d like to petition every couple whose wedding I’ve attended this summer to give me a $300 gift for my birthday this year…preferably cash, that way I can buy a new macbook and maybe a fancy new iPod.

Married People….My Birthday is November 4th

The day after the bachelor party was a momentous occasion as it was the first Sunday of the 2007 football season. Arby and I wandered on down to the Lighthouse Tavern to catch all the action. Being members of the Lighthouse Tavern fantasy league we were privy to drink and wing specials. There was a hoard of people outside the bar when we arrived but no line. When the bar opened 5 minutes before kickoff, we slipped in and grabbed two seats at the bar. We watched the Pats destroy the Jets and the Packers conquer the Eagles. Ah, Football was upon us. After the early games, I went home to rest before the big Sunday evening event, which was the Giants vs. The Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Arby and I reconvened with special guest Filler. We watched Eli Manning light up the Cowboys defense. Unfortunately, Tony Romo lit up the Giants defense even more so in a high scoring 45-35 Dallas Cowboy victory. I hate those last three words.

Just like that the week was upon us again. Work was in high gear from Monday to Wednesday. However, our show wrapped on Wednesday and as a result I am currently unemployed. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy. I was about 4 days behind on my work notes so I worked diligently to catch up. The wrap party for our show was Friday and plenty of fun was had as cast and crew alike got their drink on.

Making a dumb drunk face with Cameraman Steve S.

Gavin is shocked that it’s all over.

We were wrapping up production to the wee hours of the morning. We eventually got some beers at a deli and walked over to our production coordinator Joyce’s where the revelry continued. And our friend Joe passed out so we took pictures. We stopped just shy of writing on his face with sharpies but we’re nicer than that.A few of us caught a cab to Brooklyn together and called it a night sometime around 3am,

Joe was so excited he fell asleep.

The next day I was hurting a tad bit. It took all I had to rally myself to finish my final edit notes for the show. I spent most of the day in bed. However, it was a special Saturday since we had a visitor in town at my Union Street abode. The visitor in question was my link to my current home, Maureen H, former VH1 co-worker and in my top 5 of most favorite people ever. I eventually made it out of my room to say hello to my long lost LA transplanted pal. She was in town for her brother’s wedding the following weekend so we would have plenty of time to catch up, but nonetheless we engaged in some immediate catching up as myself, Bassett, Andrew Morton, and Maureen went to Stone Park for dinner. Maureen was a little loopy from being jet lagged and was in top comedic form. In ways it felt like she’d never been gone as she didn’t miss a beat. Upon entering the hostess seemed like she didn’t want to seat us on account of they needed our table by 8pm. It was 6pm when we walked in so they really had nothing to worry about. They sat us near the back and we had a merry time back there. We were going to try to make our meal last as close to 8pm just to make them sweat but we couldn’t, and we didn’t really want to. So after a great meal and some excellent dessert we headed out the door.

Just as we headed out the door a child no taller than two and a half feet tall came running down 5th Avenue towards us. Maureen let out a scream as if he were a 7 foot tall, knife wielding maniac…the result was immediate fit of laughter from our entire party. We began to walk towards Union Hall but we had to stop so Maureen could regain her composure.

Maureen regaining her composure

We went to Union Hall in the hopes of getting some Bocce in but the courts were taken. Instead we settled for making forced conversation as though we were on a reality show such The Hills. Each sentence would begin with the stating of a potential plot point…”So Maureen, I heard you’re in a fight with Andrew, what’s going on with that?”. We laughed and laughed and then I left because I had to recharge my batteries for an evening on the Manhattan town.

I headed into Manhattan at around 10:15 on Saturday night for Jess S and Katie K’s birthday party at Iggy’s. The bar itself was packed. I think a good majority of the people there were there for the party. It was a friendly yet tight gathering. I spent the majority of the evening speaking with Carrie and Sarah M and there were cameo appearances from familiar faces from the VH1 days, such as Gino T, Jennie F, and Tom R. It was a pretty good time and I think we closed down the bar. I got home at 5am and went straight to bed.With Birthday Girl Jess S and Sarah M.

I pretty much spent my entire Sunday recovering in bed and watching the Giants get pummeled by the Green Bay Packers. It’s gonna be a long season New York Football. Luckily, my Fantasy Football team won today. Alright, all caught up…happy now? I sure am.

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The Pitfalls of Success

Posted by evankessler on September 6, 2007

I’d like to take this moment to apologize to the regular readers of EvanKessler.com who have been expecting a weekend recap of my labor day weekend over the past few days. Due to a hectic work schedule and the culmination of the long journey that was the “If I Blog It They Will Come”, I’ve been unable to uphold to my obligation to my own personal musings and meanderings.

Now if Kevin Costner would only look at this blog.

Once I finally get around to posting it, it will probably be called, “Ithaca is Weddings” playing on the “Ithaca is Gorges” slogan but making a lot less sense. It will feature pictures from a family weekend in Central New York at the wedding of a life long friend to his mate of 11 years, as well as photos from a ping pong party the day before the trip. I know the anticipation is killing you, but for now it’s back to work.

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