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Reunited and It Feels So Good

Posted by evankessler on June 18, 2007

It’s been a strange weekend. I certainly have much to talk about this weekend recap, unfortunately my brain feels dead after too many scotch and sodas at my High School Reunion last night. It may be a struggle to piece together the events of this weekend. I wish there was a way to increase brain cells after a night of alcohol intake. Unfortunately after this weekend there is a good number of brain cells I will not get back.

Before I jump head first into the weekend I need to take a few steps back. It was another busy work week but I had a few opportunities to experience life outside employment these past 7 days. I had tickets to go see the Happy Mondays on Wednesday night. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the show was cancelled and I had the opportunity to partake in the Pub Quiz at Black Sheep. Myself, Andrew Morton, Patrick H, and his soon to be Sister-in-law Katie O comprised “Old Man In Wifebeater With Cane” which was our team name that was decided upon when we saw a painting in the pub that was of an old man in a wifebeater with a staff. We thought cane sounded betther than staff. I wanted our team name to be “The Rivers And The Lakes That You’re Used To” as I was inspired pre-quiz when TLC’s “Waterfalls” was heard on the Jukebox. I did not win that debate as nobody seemed as inspired by T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli as I had been. The Pub Quiz was a bit of a travesty as we garnered a mere 28 correct answers out of 50 and finished in 4th place. The quizzes have certainly gotten harder since Andrew, Katie, and I emerged victorious several months back.

Thursday was another evening activity as I met up with Arby (and Marie, Robert, Jenny, Zak, etc), to see Matt Filler’s band, Monocle, play at The Annex on the lower east side. I have to say I was really impressed. The music was excellent and reminded me a lot of Stereolab. There’s always a fear that when you go to see a friend’s band they’ll suck and you have to pretend to like it, but I actually really liked them. They’re playing Brooklyn Lyceum this Thursday. If I’m not working that night, you should go with me. That’s right, I’m asking you, whoever’s reading this to go to a show with me…if I’m not working.

One of the best things about Thursday night was when I found out that I didn’t have to work on Friday. That was nice. On Friday, I celebrated by meeting up with my old high school buddy Jessica I, who was in town from New Hampshire for our 10 year reunion and Father’s day. We hung out in our friend Jaime’s apartment, took her dog for a walk and wandered around the upper west side for awhile. We also took a detour to Barnes & Noble so she could get some gifts and some cards. I was amazed by the selection of musical cards. It used to be musical cards used to have dinky weird sounding versions of lame songs now, they can actually put real songs in cards. There was a card that played “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye and one that played “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones and it played pretty loudly. My favorite one played “Conga” by Miami Sound Machine. I kept opening it and dancing around Jessica while she picked through other cards. It was the most fun anyone could have looking for birthday cards.
We went our separate ways after watching some wardrobe makeover show in Jaime’s apartment.

Friday night’s plan was to go see Cold Hands Collective at The Baggot Inn and that game plan was executed. I arrived at the bar probably around 9:15 and while no one from the band was there yet I was greeted by another acquaintance. It turned out that I knew someone in the band that played after. My friend Stacey A’s old roommate Alan was one of two members the group Pat Miscellaneous. I sat with Alan and had a beer for a bit until my friends showed up. There was an okay turnout for the show, though usually it’s bigger. Lina, Pat S, Kishore, John H, and Eric S are the only people I can remember showing up. Potts was also there but he played with the band so I guess I can lump him in with the band since I haven’t mentioned them by name. Anyway, the show was not their best performance. It probably didn’t help that Rich’s top keyboard didn’t work and Anand and Ajay were both ridiculously drunk. Abdullah wasn’t present due to the fact that he was busy recovering from an incident in Baltimore so Anand was rapping his parts in some of the songs and so he kept changing positions on stage to make like he was covering up the space that Abdullah would have taken up on stage. That being said it was a fun evening on the town with good friends. I’m not sure what time we left but I don’t think it was ridiculously late.

Even when ridiculously drunk Ajay can be described as multi-talented

Anand rhyming…I know you can’t hear it but trust me that’s what he’s doing.

Saturday was the day of the big 10 Year Ramapo Senior High School Reunion. I wasn’t really that excited about it but it was something to do. I spent the majority of my day just sitting and watching the Mets lose again. I think ever since I started working the Mets have been in a free fall. Maybe I should take that as a hint and stop working. If it’s good for the Mets it’s good for me…just kidding. The game lasted til 5:30 and by the time it ended I had an hour and a half until my reunion. I showered up and got dressed and made for Libation on the Lower East Side. Feeling slightly weird I strolled up to rented out room where I saw green and yellow balloons in the shape of the numbers 9 and 7 denoting my graduation year. The first people I saw when I got in had not been in my life for 10 years (except for Mike S he was part of my post college eurotrip). I said hello to Melissa B, Erin W, and Mike S. briefly and then moved on to the folks I see on a regular basis. Matt C came up from the DC Area with his fiancĂ© and Joe D was there. I had seem Adam , Drew G, Darren G recently so there was no surprises there. Jessica I, Melissa L (my prom date) and Jaime showed up soon after. Rich M showed up a little laterThe first half hour of the party seemed like a clique-fest. There were two distinct circles of people not mixing but once the drinks began to flow the ice was broken and the mingling began. I found myself engaged in several bouts of pleasant small talk. I’m not really sure who I was excited to see but it was certainly interesting to see how everyone basically looked the same.

Just Like The Olden Days..Myself , Drew, and Joe

With Melissa L: Just Like Prom Night, Except Now I Have A Beard and She’s Married

With Jess I: It’s Like American Gothic except without that pitchfork and we’re in a bar and not old farmers

I think the most fascinating part was just to see the people that you knew from Elementary School up to High School even though you might not have been best of friends now, these were still people that knew you growing up, so there was certainly a bond there and seeing them and talking to them felt somewhat surreal but fun. I had good conversation with Leslie, Esse, Hope, Gary M, Shaun S, Jason K, Cheryl S,Jessica D, Robin L and various other blasts from the past. I probably spoke the longest with Ricky A and his wife who had just moved to Syracuse and inquired for some advice from a former local. As the night got later the crowd of my current crop of friends dwindled down to none. However, I was very much feeling the alcohol in my blood and was moved to hang out later. I felt like I talked to everybody there even if we weren’t the best of friends in High School.

Getting Down(lame phrase) with Ayikele, Aisha, Hope, and Kim

Getting some Esse love

I look like A deer in headlights but Leslie and Robin have the right idea

I Think Gary and I are way past drunk at this point

I left the bar well after the open bar was over with my old High School buddy Jason K and his girlfriend. I don’t quite remember who came with us. I think Emily R and maybe Leah. I’m completely fuzzy on the details. I have no idea what bar we went to though I remember going there. I think we had a drink there then I headed home. I certainly took some pictures I didn’t remember taking.

I’m not exactly sure when and where this happened but JK and I are sitting
at desks which goes well with the high school reunion theme…Get it?

I woke up this morning to the sound of a buzzing doorbell. I didn’t wake up this morning to the sound of the phone ringing 5 times. It was the doorbell that did it. My mom was at my apartment. In the crazyness of my high school reunion I had forgotten about my brunch plans with my mom and Irwin. My mom was kind enough to give me time to shower…while she got a table for us at Alchemy. Before heading out to meet my mom, I sifted through my clothes from the previous night to find my wallet and came up with my wallet, my keys, my iPod, and 2 cameras. Apparently in my drunken stupor I had taken someone’s camera by accident. Luckily, I’ve since figured out who it was. However, I had no idea when this camera confusion could’ve taken place and as I walked over to meet my mother and Irwin I couldn’t help but think what else I don’t remember from the previous evening.

I had a pleasant brunch and then took her to see my new apartment. Mike was kind enough to stick around to let us in. My mom and Irwin seemed to like the new place and I’m certainily excited about moving in. After the apartment, we walked through the 7th avenue street fair and until we reached where my mom parked and I saw them off. The rest of my Sunday was spent nursing my hangover and staring at my computer. I took a couple of hours off from that to watch the Mets lose again. Ugh…C’mon Mets, snap out of it. I guess that was the weekend. I feel as though I didn’t do an adequate job describing the surreal madness that was the high school reunion. That being said, I’m not quite sure I’ve had enough time to wrap my head around it. Que sera sera.

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