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Posted by evankessler on April 18, 2007

I hope you don’t think I would write a weekend recap and then abandon you for the rest of the week. I’m just not that kind of guy. But you know that. In all honesty, I haven’t been that busy but I’ve been exceedingly tired for no apparent reason. However, since we last spoke I have been out of the house and I suppose that’s a plus.

I woke up Monday morning in a panic, completely unsure about what to write about on “If I Blog It They Will Come“. Luckily, I had watched Field of Dreams several days before and was able to piece something together. After I woke up with a bit of blogging and green tea I made the move to Manhattan to run some errands. I resumed my iPodyssey beginning with Interpol’s “Untitled” as I walk towards the subway. By the time I had jumped on the Q train towards Manhattan I had completed 2 of the other 3 “Untitled”. The first was a by Neutral Milk Hotel and the 2nd just a bunch of bird sounds from PJ Harvey’s Uh Huh Her. I had started into the third one by Rilo Kiley just before the train arrived. I was well on my way to the V’s and by the time I arrived in Manhattan I had already been treated to Golden Smog’s “V”. Three of the next five songs in the V-section were by the Old 97’s followed by two consecutive Fountains of Wayne songs about Valleys. I headed back to Brooklyn as the latter began. I didn’t stick around in Manhattan too long as the rain was certainly coming down and it was not wander around weather. Furthermore, I didn’t get my book wet, as I had not brought a bag to keep it dry, nor was I carrying an umbrella because I hate umbrellas. They are constantly breaking and I think they should be free. There should be a take one leave one basket of umbrellas at every public place.

Anyway, I was reading my book in the subway and happily continuing my iPodyssey. I read the following statement in Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything:

Any adaptive change that occurs in one area of the bacteraial universe can spread to any other. It’s rather as if a human could go to an insect to get the necessary genetic coding to sprout wings or walk on ceilings

Almost immediately after reading my eyes slowly scanned up the floor to the opening subway doors and half expected to see a replicant of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, so much so that I even half flinched at a woman’s stroller once I saw it’s thin black piping attaching to the wheels. After my insect scare it was clear sailing on the train. I arrived back in my apartment to the opening notes of Wilco’s “Via Chicago” and that’s where my iPodyssey ended for the evening. I was going to try to get my former roommate Ellen to go with me to the Lighthouse to watch the Met game. Unfortunately, the game was rained out and I spent the evening watching 24 and sitting around.

I woke up early in the afternoon on Tuesday after a bit of a sleepless Monday night. Again I had to rush out a Costner post. This one though unleashed a bold new initiative. I vowed that if enough people answered the “If I Blog It They Will Come” reader poll in favor of me taking a trip to Dyersville, Iowa to the Field of Dreams, that I would comply with their wishes and make a pilgrimage 1000 miles to the place Ray Kinsella first heard the phrase “If you build it he will come” and where Ray Liotta emerged from a cornfield in the guise of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. It’s kind of a big risk if people actually do it, but I think I’d get great material out of it. I was pondering it last night before going to sleep and I think I might be able to make a memoir, novel, or documentary out of it. It may be the sort of kick in the ass I need…or maybe not.

After getting the post in order I met up with Arby and got some lunch at Blink 182. Arby wanted to get a drink afterwards but Union Hall hadn’t opened yet and I was kind of against an early alcoholic beverage since it would’ve left me precious little time to get ready for my evening. I’d be heading into Manhattan for an art show at the Abrons Art Center on Grand Street which had on display a piece by my friend Jasky Raju who passed away almost 2 years ago today. I was given the task of mobilizing the troops to attend since I was the first one who knew about it. The curator who knew Jasky did not have contact with his friends and found me via a google search for his name. By no small coincidence she was led to this here website. Yet another instance of EvanKessler.com helping people, though admittedly they are few and far between.

I left my apartment around 5:45 for the show. I brough my iPod with me and made it from Wilco’s “Via Chicago” to Ben Folds Five’s “Video” as I arrived at the Abrons Center. I half expected to see my old camp counselor Mitch Abrons there just because of his last name. I thought maybe it was his center, but alas it was not. The first person I saw there was Morwin, but the crowd grew. Rich M, Nina, Dmitry, Jaime S, Ajay, Shayan, Ahmad, Bora and Rob M all showed. Some arrived at the very last minute but at least they were there. Jasky had one piece in a glass case but the Arts Center was way too crowded to actually make your way through to see it. You had to wait for your window where all of the people in front of the case would part their proverbial Red Sea. Most of the time we just sat around on a couple of benches near the door of the Arts Center. We were all about to go get dinner together at around 8pm when the party basically disentegrated.

It ended up being myself, Morwin, his friend Steve, Nina, Dmitry, Rob M, Jaime S and her boyfriend Aaron (?) going to get Chinese food at a family style restaurant on Allen St. between Grand and Delancey. I forgot what it was called but I enjoyed messing with people’s meals by using the lazy susan to make sure there sauces were as far away from their meals as possible.
I left the gathering around 9:40 after deciding I didn’t feel like staying out for more drinks after dinner. I was not in the mood for the alcoholic beverages. I headed straight back to my Brooklyn abode and resume my iPodyssey on “Video” taking it all the way to Bob Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna” before my battery ran out of gas on my way home.

That was basically it for the evening. The rest of my night was once again spent monitoring my fantasy team until the last out of the night. One of my relievers picked up a save, leaving the “Met Offensive” in prime condition to beat “An Inconveniently Dominating Sports-team (AIDS)” before the week is over.

iPodyssey Favorites for Monday-Tuesday:
Neutral Milk Hotel “Untitled”, Bill Withers “Use Me Up”, Stephen Malkmus “Us”, Golden Smog “V”, Stephen Malkmus “Vague Space”, Old 97’s “Valentine” (2 versions), Catatonia “Valerian”, Old 97’s “Valium Waltz”, Fountains of Wayne “Valley Winter Song”, Loretta Lynn “Van Lear Rose”, Stephen Malkmus “Vanessa From Queens”, Pixies “Velouria”, The Verve “Velvet Morning”, Elvis Costello “Veronica”, Magnetic Fields “Very Funny”, Wilco “Via Chicago” (2 versions), Old 97’s “Victoria”, Aimee Mann “Video”, Minus 5 “View From Below”


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