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Posted by evankessler on April 16, 2007

My body wants nothing more than to be laying in bed right now, but I remain steadfastly dedicated to sharing the mundane details of my day to day existence. And for that I hope you are grateful or at least entertained. There was a little activity I ignored with Thursday’s Vonnegut post. I did actually do something that evening. I don’t really want to go into in depth since I’m about to collapse from unjustified exhaustion.

Thursday evening I met up with Lauren, Andy, Morwin, and Rich for dinner at Gandhi on 6th street in the East Village. There was certain irony in filling our stomach at a place named for a man who used hunger strikes as a form of protest. On my way there I burned through a few songs on the iPodyssey making it from “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones to the painfully appropriate “Unemployable” by Pearl Jam, as I ran into Lauren. In any case, the food was good.

After our meal Lauren split off and we were joined by Ajay, Ahmad, and my friend Paul for the screening of our short film Gypsy Woman! that we made for the NYC 12 Hour Film Marathon. The other film entries were also shown. They didn’t set an entire theatre aside for our 4 minute film. The screening was rather enjoyable though a lot of the entries used the plot device of one their characters pooping out an egg. What might have seemed overly creative at the time to most of those groups must’ve seemed horribly unoriginal afterwards. It just goes to show the obsession we Americans have with dick and fart jokes. Not to say that all of those movies were bad. They certainly weren’t but it says something that when pressed to be creative people immediately think of their bums. The screening went until around 10:45 or so and afterwards Andy and I took the subway back to Brooklyn and our other cohorts went their separate ways. I got a little further on the iPodyssey upon exiting the subway and I arrived home to the tune of the Beastie Boys “Unite”.

The iPodyssey got a rest for the majority of the weekend. Friday was primarily spent indoors as I ventured out only once or twice to get groceries and dinner. My entire evening was spent with my computer perched atop my lap which was firmly entrenched in the living room couch. I watched baseball and not much else. It was a relaxing evening with myself and I was not bored one bit.

When Saturday came I was still in lazy mode and had nobody called me I could’ve stayed that way until the late evening. Fortunately for me the phone rang. Andrew Morton invited me out to do some afternoon beer sipping. Andrew and Laura R met me at my apartment probably around 3:30 and we headed down to Floyd’s on Atlantic Avenue. I had never been to Floyd’s but had heard many a good review. Unfortunately when we arrived we ended up in the middle of a yuppie birthday party. We had one Miller High Life and split. From there we made the move to go to Camp on Smith Street but were met by a locked door. Fortunately for us there’s no shortage of drinking establishments in the area. Why just two doors down there was Boat, where we sat down and had a lovely pint and were joined by Laura B. Apparently while we were there a girl in pink hot pants walked in and caused a mini-ruckus upon realizing that she was in the wrong place…though I was facing the other way and missed whatever happened.

Soon after we left Boat and went back to Camp. I don’t know how these really simple bar names don’t get confusing. However, the log cabin decor and smell of fresh burning firewood was quite the welcome change (nothing against Boath though). There were also plenty of board games to be played. I think Laura B picked out the 90’s version of Trivial Pursuit and we commenced a pub quiz type game. In the meantime, it had turned out that hot pants girl was in our new location with what seemed like a whole slew of recent college grad acquaintances. We surmised that they were all sorority sisters and frat brothers somewhere around the age of 22. Don’t ask me how we knew… I think it’s just common knowledge to be able to tell how old people are by the sort of company they keep and their overall demeanor.

After Laura B and I lost a tight quiz match to Andrew and Laura R we were joined by Andrew’s friend Dana, one of her friends (whose name unfortunately escapes me), and Laura B’s roommate Jenny. We basically spent a lot of the night discussing the hot pants crowd and Jenny and Laura’s living situation. It was an excellent time if I do say so myself. However, the party had to break up. Laura R had to be on her way and I had plans to see a show in the city.

At around 10:15 in the evening, I jumped on the F train and made my way to Manhattan. I met up with old roommate John V, Mitch H, Jess W, and John’s fellow Fuse Co-workers…several of whom I had been previously acquainted with, at Local 138. We had all gathered to see The Roadside Graves (John’s latest signing to his label Kill Buffalo Records) play at Pianos. The show was supposed to start at 11 but nothing at Pianos (or most places for that matter) ever starts on time. I didn’t have time for a drink at Local but that was just fine with me. We stood outside for a bit and had a chance encounter with my brother on the street before heading inside at around 11:15. Upon going into the show I saw James and Colleen and hung out with them for most of the night. I was also joined by my friend Rob M who had called me to see what I was up to for the night.

The Roadside Graves at Pianos

I’m not sure what time the band went on but it was probably closer to 12 and they played for maybe an hour. All in all it was a pretty solid effort. The band was pretty tight, though at times the lead singer seemed to be a little distant from the mic at times. They had a female flute player who put down her instrument to sing one song and just sort of blew everyone away with her voice. In general, I really enjoyed the show and would recommend that anyone who likes Country Rock along the lines of Wilco, Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, Uncle Tupelo, or Lucero go see the next Roadside Graves show at Trash Bar next weekend and also pick up a copy (and by pickup I mean download) of their new album No One Will Know Where You’ve Been on iTunes. After the show a big group of us went back to Local 138 and had a drink or two before hightailing it back to the slope just as the rain started to fall.

This morning when I woke up I was in the midst of a weird nightmare. It wasn’t particularly scary but it was strange. It seemed like it was actually happening, which I guess is what made it scary. I was laying in bed looking at the ceiling when I noticed that the plaster was being eaten through and beginning to drip and fall to the ground covering my floor but curiously missing my bed. At that moment a voice came on over a loudspeaker saying leave the apartment immediately. Apparently the torrential rain was destroying my home. However, I was entirely too tired to be bothered and then slowly realized I was dreaming. I blinked my eyes and came to with my room in tact. Phew. I dodged a bullet on that one.

Throughout the day the rain continued to come down in torrents and I again parked my buttocks on the couch watching whatever I could find that would entertain me. In the evening I cooked myself a steak with some broccoli while working my way to Interpol’s “Untitled” on the iPodyssey. After eating it was Sopranos time. I caught up with the episode I missed last week just in time to watch the new episode. Certainly a good way to go out on this, one of the laziest weekends I’ve known.


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