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iPodyssey Update

Posted by evankessler on April 26, 2007

I wish I had a lot more to report for you but over the past few days life has just been plodding along at its usual pace. I’ve watched baseball, followed my Fantasy team, looked for work and taken some walks in the beautiful weather. Tonight, I even ventured out for a fancy dinner at an expensive french restaurant in celebration of the 27th anniversary of the birth of my friend Jill. Most importantly, progress, albeit limited, was made on the iPodyssey. Between Monday morning and Wednesday evening there were 52 songsfrom Portishead’s “Wandering Star” to Outkast’s “We Luv Deez Hoez”. Most of the songs were enjoyed on the subway but a good deal of them were enjoyed sitting on a bench eating ice cream in front of Louie G’s on Union St in Park Slope. Along the way there were three versions of “Wave of Mutilation”, 2 by the Pixies and one by the combination of Rhett Miller and Ben Kweller. We also had several versions of Pavement’s “We Dance” and Clem Snide’s “The Water Song”. The high point for me had to be Fred Eaglesmith’s “Water In The Fuel”. I had to stop reading a passage in my book in order to allow for maximum enjoyment.

All in all this is one of the crappier posts in the history of EvanKessler.com. It’s the Seinfeld of posts since it’s quite literally about nothing. I have no exciting news or good stories, mostly because I skipped Quiz Night this week. Oh yeah, I played Jenga tonight at Camp…suck on that news for awhile. I’ll be back with a better post soon.

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Where Art Thou?

Posted by evankessler on April 18, 2007

I hope you don’t think I would write a weekend recap and then abandon you for the rest of the week. I’m just not that kind of guy. But you know that. In all honesty, I haven’t been that busy but I’ve been exceedingly tired for no apparent reason. However, since we last spoke I have been out of the house and I suppose that’s a plus.

I woke up Monday morning in a panic, completely unsure about what to write about on “If I Blog It They Will Come“. Luckily, I had watched Field of Dreams several days before and was able to piece something together. After I woke up with a bit of blogging and green tea I made the move to Manhattan to run some errands. I resumed my iPodyssey beginning with Interpol’s “Untitled” as I walk towards the subway. By the time I had jumped on the Q train towards Manhattan I had completed 2 of the other 3 “Untitled”. The first was a by Neutral Milk Hotel and the 2nd just a bunch of bird sounds from PJ Harvey’s Uh Huh Her. I had started into the third one by Rilo Kiley just before the train arrived. I was well on my way to the V’s and by the time I arrived in Manhattan I had already been treated to Golden Smog’s “V”. Three of the next five songs in the V-section were by the Old 97’s followed by two consecutive Fountains of Wayne songs about Valleys. I headed back to Brooklyn as the latter began. I didn’t stick around in Manhattan too long as the rain was certainly coming down and it was not wander around weather. Furthermore, I didn’t get my book wet, as I had not brought a bag to keep it dry, nor was I carrying an umbrella because I hate umbrellas. They are constantly breaking and I think they should be free. There should be a take one leave one basket of umbrellas at every public place.

Anyway, I was reading my book in the subway and happily continuing my iPodyssey. I read the following statement in Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything:

Any adaptive change that occurs in one area of the bacteraial universe can spread to any other. It’s rather as if a human could go to an insect to get the necessary genetic coding to sprout wings or walk on ceilings

Almost immediately after reading my eyes slowly scanned up the floor to the opening subway doors and half expected to see a replicant of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, so much so that I even half flinched at a woman’s stroller once I saw it’s thin black piping attaching to the wheels. After my insect scare it was clear sailing on the train. I arrived back in my apartment to the opening notes of Wilco’s “Via Chicago” and that’s where my iPodyssey ended for the evening. I was going to try to get my former roommate Ellen to go with me to the Lighthouse to watch the Met game. Unfortunately, the game was rained out and I spent the evening watching 24 and sitting around.

I woke up early in the afternoon on Tuesday after a bit of a sleepless Monday night. Again I had to rush out a Costner post. This one though unleashed a bold new initiative. I vowed that if enough people answered the “If I Blog It They Will Come” reader poll in favor of me taking a trip to Dyersville, Iowa to the Field of Dreams, that I would comply with their wishes and make a pilgrimage 1000 miles to the place Ray Kinsella first heard the phrase “If you build it he will come” and where Ray Liotta emerged from a cornfield in the guise of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. It’s kind of a big risk if people actually do it, but I think I’d get great material out of it. I was pondering it last night before going to sleep and I think I might be able to make a memoir, novel, or documentary out of it. It may be the sort of kick in the ass I need…or maybe not.

After getting the post in order I met up with Arby and got some lunch at Blink 182. Arby wanted to get a drink afterwards but Union Hall hadn’t opened yet and I was kind of against an early alcoholic beverage since it would’ve left me precious little time to get ready for my evening. I’d be heading into Manhattan for an art show at the Abrons Art Center on Grand Street which had on display a piece by my friend Jasky Raju who passed away almost 2 years ago today. I was given the task of mobilizing the troops to attend since I was the first one who knew about it. The curator who knew Jasky did not have contact with his friends and found me via a google search for his name. By no small coincidence she was led to this here website. Yet another instance of EvanKessler.com helping people, though admittedly they are few and far between.

I left my apartment around 5:45 for the show. I brough my iPod with me and made it from Wilco’s “Via Chicago” to Ben Folds Five’s “Video” as I arrived at the Abrons Center. I half expected to see my old camp counselor Mitch Abrons there just because of his last name. I thought maybe it was his center, but alas it was not. The first person I saw there was Morwin, but the crowd grew. Rich M, Nina, Dmitry, Jaime S, Ajay, Shayan, Ahmad, Bora and Rob M all showed. Some arrived at the very last minute but at least they were there. Jasky had one piece in a glass case but the Arts Center was way too crowded to actually make your way through to see it. You had to wait for your window where all of the people in front of the case would part their proverbial Red Sea. Most of the time we just sat around on a couple of benches near the door of the Arts Center. We were all about to go get dinner together at around 8pm when the party basically disentegrated.

It ended up being myself, Morwin, his friend Steve, Nina, Dmitry, Rob M, Jaime S and her boyfriend Aaron (?) going to get Chinese food at a family style restaurant on Allen St. between Grand and Delancey. I forgot what it was called but I enjoyed messing with people’s meals by using the lazy susan to make sure there sauces were as far away from their meals as possible.
I left the gathering around 9:40 after deciding I didn’t feel like staying out for more drinks after dinner. I was not in the mood for the alcoholic beverages. I headed straight back to my Brooklyn abode and resume my iPodyssey on “Video” taking it all the way to Bob Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna” before my battery ran out of gas on my way home.

That was basically it for the evening. The rest of my night was once again spent monitoring my fantasy team until the last out of the night. One of my relievers picked up a save, leaving the “Met Offensive” in prime condition to beat “An Inconveniently Dominating Sports-team (AIDS)” before the week is over.

iPodyssey Favorites for Monday-Tuesday:
Neutral Milk Hotel “Untitled”, Bill Withers “Use Me Up”, Stephen Malkmus “Us”, Golden Smog “V”, Stephen Malkmus “Vague Space”, Old 97’s “Valentine” (2 versions), Catatonia “Valerian”, Old 97’s “Valium Waltz”, Fountains of Wayne “Valley Winter Song”, Loretta Lynn “Van Lear Rose”, Stephen Malkmus “Vanessa From Queens”, Pixies “Velouria”, The Verve “Velvet Morning”, Elvis Costello “Veronica”, Magnetic Fields “Very Funny”, Wilco “Via Chicago” (2 versions), Old 97’s “Victoria”, Aimee Mann “Video”, Minus 5 “View From Below”

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In The City In The Rain

Posted by evankessler on April 16, 2007

My body wants nothing more than to be laying in bed right now, but I remain steadfastly dedicated to sharing the mundane details of my day to day existence. And for that I hope you are grateful or at least entertained. There was a little activity I ignored with Thursday’s Vonnegut post. I did actually do something that evening. I don’t really want to go into in depth since I’m about to collapse from unjustified exhaustion.

Thursday evening I met up with Lauren, Andy, Morwin, and Rich for dinner at Gandhi on 6th street in the East Village. There was certain irony in filling our stomach at a place named for a man who used hunger strikes as a form of protest. On my way there I burned through a few songs on the iPodyssey making it from “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones to the painfully appropriate “Unemployable” by Pearl Jam, as I ran into Lauren. In any case, the food was good.

After our meal Lauren split off and we were joined by Ajay, Ahmad, and my friend Paul for the screening of our short film Gypsy Woman! that we made for the NYC 12 Hour Film Marathon. The other film entries were also shown. They didn’t set an entire theatre aside for our 4 minute film. The screening was rather enjoyable though a lot of the entries used the plot device of one their characters pooping out an egg. What might have seemed overly creative at the time to most of those groups must’ve seemed horribly unoriginal afterwards. It just goes to show the obsession we Americans have with dick and fart jokes. Not to say that all of those movies were bad. They certainly weren’t but it says something that when pressed to be creative people immediately think of their bums. The screening went until around 10:45 or so and afterwards Andy and I took the subway back to Brooklyn and our other cohorts went their separate ways. I got a little further on the iPodyssey upon exiting the subway and I arrived home to the tune of the Beastie Boys “Unite”.

The iPodyssey got a rest for the majority of the weekend. Friday was primarily spent indoors as I ventured out only once or twice to get groceries and dinner. My entire evening was spent with my computer perched atop my lap which was firmly entrenched in the living room couch. I watched baseball and not much else. It was a relaxing evening with myself and I was not bored one bit.

When Saturday came I was still in lazy mode and had nobody called me I could’ve stayed that way until the late evening. Fortunately for me the phone rang. Andrew Morton invited me out to do some afternoon beer sipping. Andrew and Laura R met me at my apartment probably around 3:30 and we headed down to Floyd’s on Atlantic Avenue. I had never been to Floyd’s but had heard many a good review. Unfortunately when we arrived we ended up in the middle of a yuppie birthday party. We had one Miller High Life and split. From there we made the move to go to Camp on Smith Street but were met by a locked door. Fortunately for us there’s no shortage of drinking establishments in the area. Why just two doors down there was Boat, where we sat down and had a lovely pint and were joined by Laura B. Apparently while we were there a girl in pink hot pants walked in and caused a mini-ruckus upon realizing that she was in the wrong place…though I was facing the other way and missed whatever happened.

Soon after we left Boat and went back to Camp. I don’t know how these really simple bar names don’t get confusing. However, the log cabin decor and smell of fresh burning firewood was quite the welcome change (nothing against Boath though). There were also plenty of board games to be played. I think Laura B picked out the 90’s version of Trivial Pursuit and we commenced a pub quiz type game. In the meantime, it had turned out that hot pants girl was in our new location with what seemed like a whole slew of recent college grad acquaintances. We surmised that they were all sorority sisters and frat brothers somewhere around the age of 22. Don’t ask me how we knew… I think it’s just common knowledge to be able to tell how old people are by the sort of company they keep and their overall demeanor.

After Laura B and I lost a tight quiz match to Andrew and Laura R we were joined by Andrew’s friend Dana, one of her friends (whose name unfortunately escapes me), and Laura B’s roommate Jenny. We basically spent a lot of the night discussing the hot pants crowd and Jenny and Laura’s living situation. It was an excellent time if I do say so myself. However, the party had to break up. Laura R had to be on her way and I had plans to see a show in the city.

At around 10:15 in the evening, I jumped on the F train and made my way to Manhattan. I met up with old roommate John V, Mitch H, Jess W, and John’s fellow Fuse Co-workers…several of whom I had been previously acquainted with, at Local 138. We had all gathered to see The Roadside Graves (John’s latest signing to his label Kill Buffalo Records) play at Pianos. The show was supposed to start at 11 but nothing at Pianos (or most places for that matter) ever starts on time. I didn’t have time for a drink at Local but that was just fine with me. We stood outside for a bit and had a chance encounter with my brother on the street before heading inside at around 11:15. Upon going into the show I saw James and Colleen and hung out with them for most of the night. I was also joined by my friend Rob M who had called me to see what I was up to for the night.

The Roadside Graves at Pianos

I’m not sure what time the band went on but it was probably closer to 12 and they played for maybe an hour. All in all it was a pretty solid effort. The band was pretty tight, though at times the lead singer seemed to be a little distant from the mic at times. They had a female flute player who put down her instrument to sing one song and just sort of blew everyone away with her voice. In general, I really enjoyed the show and would recommend that anyone who likes Country Rock along the lines of Wilco, Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, Uncle Tupelo, or Lucero go see the next Roadside Graves show at Trash Bar next weekend and also pick up a copy (and by pickup I mean download) of their new album No One Will Know Where You’ve Been on iTunes. After the show a big group of us went back to Local 138 and had a drink or two before hightailing it back to the slope just as the rain started to fall.

This morning when I woke up I was in the midst of a weird nightmare. It wasn’t particularly scary but it was strange. It seemed like it was actually happening, which I guess is what made it scary. I was laying in bed looking at the ceiling when I noticed that the plaster was being eaten through and beginning to drip and fall to the ground covering my floor but curiously missing my bed. At that moment a voice came on over a loudspeaker saying leave the apartment immediately. Apparently the torrential rain was destroying my home. However, I was entirely too tired to be bothered and then slowly realized I was dreaming. I blinked my eyes and came to with my room in tact. Phew. I dodged a bullet on that one.

Throughout the day the rain continued to come down in torrents and I again parked my buttocks on the couch watching whatever I could find that would entertain me. In the evening I cooked myself a steak with some broccoli while working my way to Interpol’s “Untitled” on the iPodyssey. After eating it was Sopranos time. I caught up with the episode I missed last week just in time to watch the new episode. Certainly a good way to go out on this, one of the laziest weekends I’ve known.

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So It Goes…Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007

Posted by evankessler on April 13, 2007

Last night after the Pub Quiz win I was doing a little internet perusal when I noticed a headline on Yahoo! that read “Influential Author Vonnegut Dies at 84”. My heart was instantly filled with the sort of weight one might feel upon losing a close friend or acquaintance. I hadn’t read anything by Kurt Vonnegut until my freshmen year of college. I wasn’t necessarily a big reader beforehand. Sure, I had done the reading required me in High School and developed a fondness for books like JD Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye and Erich Maria Remarqe’s All Quiet on The Western Front, but it really wasn’t until I read books like Slaughterhouse Five, Cat’s Cradle, and Hocus Pocus that I really understood why I like them.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote stories that retained an air of simplicity no matter how complicated the plot became. They showed you that no matter how convoluted and crazy things can get the heart of the matter was much more basic than everything else going on around it. There always seemed to be a basic humanistic element at the core of every fantastical tale and a razor sharp wit lampooning those who ran counter to the ideals being set forth. Now, I haven’t had the luxury of having read all of his stories and I’m not the most learned Vonnegut scholar, but I can tell you that every time I finished reading one of his books I fell a little bit more in love with literature. I did have the luxury of getting to hear him speak one year at Syracuse University. I was delighted to get a chance to witness his impeccable sense of humor and wisdom in person. I even managed to get a book signed, which is certainly something that I will hold dear. Most of all I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to connect with his writing and be both enlightened and entertained. I feel much more enriched having done so. Mr. Vonnegut you will be missed… so it goes.

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Takin’ Care of Quizness

Posted by evankessler on April 12, 2007

Originally I was planning on catching everyone up to the iPodyssey but that’s going to have to wait until the end of this post. You see, this day was far more important than any of you realize. Today was the day, that myself and two friends took care of Quizness.

I guess it all started over the weekend when Andrew Morton reminded me to send out an email alerting our friends that Quiz Night at the Black Sheep Pub in Brooklyn was fast approaching this Wednesday. I wasn’t sure if the next quiz was taking place this week or next week so on Tuesday afternoon I strolled on down to Bergen St. and looked at the flyer in the window. Sure enough, there was a quiz night being held this week and was only a day away. It was time to alert the troops. Once the Quiz Night role call email was sent out on Tuesday I received three almost immediate responses. Andrew was in. Laura R was in, and if she didn’t have to work Laura B was in.

This morning (Wednesday) I awoke looking forward to one thing and one thing only. While it appeared we were to have a much smaller crew than before, I was confident we would still have a fun time, even if we might be less competitive with our resources depleted. As the day passed, I did a little research to prepare myself for an onslaught of current events questions. I bought and read some of the newspaper because somebody had to be aware of the world around us in case the quizmaster were to unleash a question assault ripped form the headlines of the New York Times.

My sole purpose of the day wasn’t merely to prepare myself for pub quiz. I also did a little job research and spoke with a few prospective employers. This was mildly productive. A shock came to my system around 4:4opm when I got an email alerting me to the fact that both Laura R and Laura B were bailing out of Pub Quiz. Lame was the first word to pop into my head to characterize their rejection of our newfound tradition. However, I knew I was still determined to show myself at the Black Sheep Pub and I was pretty sure Andrew was still game.
An hour after the Lauras had turned their back on the quiz, we received an email from fellow quizfiend Katie O. She said she might be up for the quiz, and with that our crew of two had been turned into a possible trio.

At around 7:50pm Andrew and I met outside of Pizzatown on 5th Avenue to grab some eats that we could take to our seats so we could secure the area that would be our citadel of correct answers. We were not quite sure if Katie was going to join us, but lo and behold, in the midst of a conversation in which we were trying to figure out our team name, Katie arrived. We would be a team of three. The quizmaster had previously announced that in addition to a prize being given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, there would also be a prize given for the team with the best name. Andrew and I thought we had that won. We had a pretty good list. This is how it read:

Takin’ Care of Quizness
Hot Fudge Saturday
Battlestar Spectacular
E=MC Hammer
Please, MC Escher, Don’t Hurt ‘Em
Candidates for Infection (Affection)
Pale Horse, Whale Rider
The Feelings Police
Skynyrd Lynyrd

Ultimately, we asked Katie which one she liked…and seeing as she only liked one of them, we decided to go with that. We didn’t want any team arguments. Plus, Andrew and I came up with all of them so it wasn’t as if we disliked any of them. We thought some were funnier than “Takin’ Care of Quizness” but it was certainly funny enough to beat any of the lame names that the other teams came up with.

We got off to a fast start in the first round, scoring a 4 out of 5 on a pretty simple mix of pop culture, history, and sports. As the rounds went on they weren’t necessarily harder but we did have some trouble with the Tax themed round. We finally aced the last round of the first half and finished with a 16. There were two teams in front of us. One had 17 and one had 19. We could’ve easily been tied with them save for a few answers we changed at the last second. No matter, we would’ve just been happy with a third place finish anyway. However, one of the teams that was beating us was a bunch of loudmouth assholes who had to scream at the top of their lungs like an Olympian weightlifter who just broke a world record in the Clean and Jerk and dropped the bar on his toe, after every correct answer.

Our team on the other hand was much more quiet. We knew we were still contending but we weren’t cocky; especially after the last outing when we performed horrendously. All we had to do was ace a couple of rounds or get some 4 out of 5’s and we could contend. These douchebags around us weren’t smarter, and they certainly didn’t have more useless information than we did.

The next few rounds were a blur. I barely remember any of the questions. We scored 4’s In rounds 6 and 7 and the tension was certainly palpable. However, the next two rounds we felt our chances fade as we only answered two questions correctly. There was still optimism abound, as the crowd reaction wasn’t so great. We were aware that everyone pretty much got the same questions wrong in the previous rounds. Perhaps, the difficult questions of rounds 8 and 9 were a bullet that we so gracefully had dodged.

Round 10 was the moment of truth. The questions rolled off the tongue of the quizmaster one by one and we were extremely confident on 4 out of the 5 questions. Again, I don’t have the list of questions. I think one was about the number of british sailors who had sold their story. When the answers were read we had accumulated a total of 32. Some weeks that was good enough to garner a 2nd or 3rd place prize. However, this week was different, as the questions seemed significantly more diverse and certainly more difficult to certain segments of the crowd.

It appeared as though it took very little time for the quizmaster and his assistant to add up the final tally. Katie, Andrew, and I looked at each other seemingly wondering if we had done enough to get 2nd or 3rd place. At that moment the quizmaster said the words, “The Winners of a $164 pot with 32 points is Takin’ Care of Quizness”. It was a moment frozen in time as a look of shock adorned our three faces. We didn’t know what to do. When we finally thawed out no one was sure if we were supposed to pick up our money straightaway or if we waited til all of the announcements were made. Andrew made the move for the money and Katie and I started to follow him but quickly sat down since we realized we didn’t all have to get up to pick up the envelope of cash.

The annoying folks next to us won best name. They had something about Evel Knievel as their team name. It wasn’t that great. We had a slew of better ones that we’ll win that prize with next time. I don’t even know what they won but it didn’t matter because for one shining moment…we had taken care of quizness.

Upon receiving our winnings I did some long division to divvy up the purse. We each made out with about $55. Victory was sweet and we were hella excited. In celebration, we called up all of the people who couldn’t make it and shamelessly gloated. We done good. Now we have to defend our title in two weeks and everyone’s gonna be gunnin’ for us. There’s a price on our heads, but that’s the price of being champions.


In a totally unrelated note…since monday I’ve gone from The White Stripes “Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise” to The Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb” in the iPodyssey. That’s right, we’re in the U’s. It’s just a matter of time before I can put the ol’ iPod on shuffle again. Have a good night.

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Gypsy Woman!

Posted by evankessler on April 10, 2007

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The Making of Gypsy Woman!

Posted by evankessler on April 9, 2007

A short work of cinematic art was made this Saturday by a determined team as Geniot Productions raced against time in Filmracing.com’s 12 hour film contest. However, before we get to that point in the chapter that is this weekend, there are other moments frozen in time from the previous day that must be thawed out so that we may tackle the tale in a chronological manner.

When I last left you on Thursday Evening I was preparing for a job interview that was to take place Friday Morning. Several days earlier I had applied for a position as a producer/writer at a startup Comedy Video website, so I had to engage in a solo brainstorming session with ideas for their existing shows as well as new potential projects. While my mind wandered to strange places part of my brain was focused on the activity of my Fantasy Baseball teams in their first week of play. Most of the ideas I came up with popped in my head as I waited to fall into slumber that evening as I was certainly a tad bit more relaxed laying in bed than I was trying to intently conjure up creativity by staring at baseball box scores.

I woke up relatively early on Friday morning in the hopes of getting some caffeine in me in the form of green tea after I showered but before running off to Myrtle Avenue in a distant section of Brooklyn for my 11:30am meeting. I left my apartment around 10:10am and went directly to the Atlantic-Pacific Station with my iPod in hand. The Friday iPodyssey began with Townes Van Zandt’s “To Live Is To Fly”. It took a couple of songs before I made it to the subway station and even 3 or 4 more before I realized the train I was waiting for, the mysterious M train wasn’t running at my stop and would not be until the afternoon. I had to improvise so I hopped the N to Canal and switched to the M there. After all was said and done it had taken me about an hour and an inordinate number of Elvis Costello “T” songs to make it to my destination with 10 minutes to spare.

When I got off the train I felt as though I was on a set for the movie Beat Street. The neighborhood was quite strange and as I walked under the train tracks I noticed that a large amount of the buildings were lined with graffiti. This was certainly not a familiar neighborhood. However, I was only about two blocks from the building where my interview was. I found it rather easily and had no questionable encounters along the way, so I suppose the neighborhood wasn’t all that bad. My first impression was worse than the actual reality of the situation.

Upon being welcomed into the office I was seated on a broken couch and continued to read my book while he who would be in charge of the interrogation finished up with the previous victim in another room. I had to wait a little bit but it was no bother since I was quite engrossed in my book. Several minutes later I was met by one of the company heads and taken to a studio where I was blindfolded and beaten mercilessly and by blindfolded and beaten mercilessly I really mean interviewed for the job. It was a pleasant enough atmosphere and a pretty easy going interview. I didn’t quite get a read on my chances but that’s okay. I shared some of my experiences and ideas with my fellow Newhouse grad for several minutes. I was told it would be several weeks before a decision was made and then pretty much went on my way.

On my way home I ran through several more Elvis Costello songs amongst the rest of my iPod mix. The trip home was much easier as I certainly was aware of the route I had to take in order to get back to my end of Brooklyn. However, I was seated across from several adolescents who were annoying the crap out of me as they flailed violently all over my car in jest with each other, completely ignoring anyone whose personal space they might invade. Luckily I was rid of them by the time I transferred at Canal St. I arrived home to the tune of Elvis Costello’s “Town Cryer” and removed my interview garb for more casual attire.

At around 5pm I headed into Manhattan for a happy hour meeting with friends at the Black Duck on 28th St and of course I took my iPod with me. I made it from “Town Cryer” to Death Cab’s “Transatlanticism”, but while I rode the train in I sat through four songs with “Train” in the titled including The Clash “Train In Vain” and Silver Jews “Trains Across The Sea”. The train section was followed by another Elvis Costello “T” song (“Tramp The Dirt Down”). When I arrived I saw Rich M, Lauren, Morwin, Dmitry and Nina. I think Pat S may have been there to. It had been a while since we hit up a happy hour, especially in this particular neighborhood where Ahmad, Rich, and Chirag used to live. We were soon joined by a bigger crew of people including Ahmad, Andy, Lina, Maya, Rob, Kishore, and not last or least proud parents John and Zerna K with their 5 month old Lea. This was the first time I had seen Lea since I’m a total bastard who has not made the effort to see them in Brooklyn. However, part of that equation is that I’m sort of petrified of other people’s children. I’m afraid I’m going to accidentally hurt them or even worse have to make cute sounds so they’ll smile. Lauren and Rich held the baby quite a bit and I did not volunteer my cradling services. I was quite taken with little Lea though I probably did not show it. I snapped a few good photos though.

Hot Potato with Baby Lea

Setting A Dangerous Precedent

While at Black Duck, Andy and I spoke briefly about the film race we’d be competing in the next day. It was mostly an equipment conversation. I don’t think we really wanted to think about it until we had to. After our happy hour outing, the majority of us went over to Chinese Mirch across the street for some dinner. I ordered some Hot Garlic Curry Chicken that wasn’t as hot as I had hoped. In any case, it was a nice all around evening with the happy hour -dinner combo. While I was at dinner I got a text message from Starling who was at Crocodile Lounge with Jess S, Deb M, and Kim R (visiting from LA). After dinner, I split from the group and hopped in a cab to meet them. I only stayed at Crocodile for 2 drinks or so but it was enough time to get some valuable catching up done. However, I knew I couldn’t get drunk because I didn’t want to be hungover for the film shoot the next day. I left the bar sometime around midnight and made it home in time to get plenty of sleep.

Myself and Jess S Catching Up At The Crocodile

I woke up 9:45am on Saturday morning ready to make a movie. Actually, I wasn’t ready right off the bat. I had to take a shower and get the crusties out of my eyes. I’m not exactly a morning person. It took me a while to gather of my electronic devices and prospective props and head on over to Andy’s house where I arrived at 10:45am with my iPod in hand. I had made it from Death Cab’s “Transatlanticism” to Nada Surf’s “Treehouse” before my battery ran out just before reaching Andy’s place.

Andy and I had an hour and fifteen minutes until we would receive an email from the folks at Filmracing.com alerting us to the topic of this year’s 12 hour film race. Once we got the topic we had to write, direct, edit, score and turn the film in by midnight. We already had a loose idea of what we wanted to do. All we had to do was wait to figure out how we would fit the topic into our preconceived idea.

When noon struck Andy got the email that alerted us that the theme was “A Fortune”. The email also told as that we’d need to incorporate an egg into our film as a prop. The first thought Andy and I seemed to have was “SHIT” how are we going to get this theme into our preconceived idea which hinged on the idea that the story would center around 2 roommates and at some point one roommate would send the other a youtube video for some reason. We had previously made a schedule of how long we wanted certain parts of the production to take and we had from Noon until 1:30 to write. There was a slight panic. We were afraid that we were forcing the Youtube part into the story and almost removed it altogether.

Several minutes after all but ruling it out, it was back in and we had managed to come up with a story. It involved a psychic roommate and tragic prediction and coffee. Our friends Morwin and Nina were our principle actors and performed beautifully. I also have to give it up to Andy for just being generally awesome with the camera, the editing, and just being really focused. I can’t forget Kayvalyn’s contribution either as she certainly had some excellent ideas and drew some excellent lipstick mirror art. At one point we asked to draw some weird cave drawing on the bathroom mirror and she got really into it and put lipstick in tribal design on her face. Good times. She was getting into a character she wasn’t even playing.

Everyone who worked on the film wasn’t on site. We had Ken S working on graphics and Ahmad, Ajay, and Rich M on music detail. Kayvalyn and I started making up a song about a gypsy woman and called Ahmad and Ajay and told them to make a 70’s rock version of the song we had made up and were screaming over the phone. They couldn’t really hear us but they made something remarkable, which happened to be exactly what we wanted. Everyone’s contribution couldn’t have been more perfect.

Andy finished editing the movie at about 11:15pm and we layed off onto miniDV. We were ready to rush the tape into the city where it had to be delivered before Midnight. Rich was there to drive us but he couldn’t remember where he had parked. After going up and down Sterling Place twice, Rich remembered he had parked on Underhill. Thankfully there was still plenty of time to spare. We made it to the dropoff point on 19th and 1st in Manhattan at 11:53pm, seven minutes before it was due. After that we went back to Brooklyn where Andy, Rich, and I had a drink at Bar Sepia and went our separate ways. Upon going home I sat and watched TV with Marty for a little and called it a night around 2:30am.

I woke up this morning at around 10:45am to meet Kate W, who was in from LA for Easter, for 12:30 Brunch at the Cornelia Street Cafe in the West Village. Once again, I wiped out the crust from my eyes, jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth, and took my iPod in to Manhattantown starting where I had left off with Nada Surf’s “Treehouse”. I arrived at the Restaurant at about 12:30 as the Mekons “Trouble Down South” was reaching it’s end. I shut off my iPod and waited a couple more minutes before Kate showed up. We got a seat rather easily since I suppose Easter sunday isn’t the most crowded city day. Most people were probably readying for their bigger family meal. It was an enjoyable brunch, we caught up on her life in LA and my previous day of filmmaking. We also told stories about the nurturing environment that was Lime Kiln Elementary. We talked long after the bill was paid. I think the waitresses wanted us to leave but we kept on. Eventually we left the Cafe and Kate and I said an abrupt goodbye as she caught a cab to where she parked, since she had to drive back to her Mother’s for Easter Dinner.

I high tailed it back to Brooklyn for some relaxation. I walked in the door to the very beginning of the White Stripes “Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise” before settling in on the couch to watch the end of the Met game as Marty set up for his Easter dinner in the same room. I was originally suppose to go to Lauren H’s for Easter dinner but I just couldn’t muster up enough energy to go to Williamsburg. Instead, I watched the Mets blow and 8th inning lead to the Braves as well as some show rationalizing how the the great flood could have actually occurred in the Noah’s Ark story. I thought the whole point of the bible is that it doesn’t need to be scientifically explained because science and god can’t coexist since “God makes no mistakes”.

Anyway, Noah’s ark aside, today was Easter. Easter is about Jesus and though we didn’t have anyone named Jesus come over our apartment we did have Jason, Deirdre, Del, Mackenzie, Myself, and Marty eating dinner and drinking wine in celebration of his resurrection or something like that. Maybe I was celebrating his non-resurrection. Whatever the case may be we had a nice dinner though the several of us seemed to be obsessed with dipping our fingers in the wax of burning candles (myself included). Everyone was in a jovial mood and there was much laughter as Christ would’ve wanted it. Christ would’ve also probably wanted me to get a job this week. Hopefully, I can make Christ proud. I’ve gotta sleep first though because Jesus Christ, it’s been a long weekend.

Oh, and before I forget…Film Screening this Thursday April 12 at the Anthology Film Archives from 9-11. Our film, Gypsy Woman! is going to be screened. Be there or you’re a total douche.

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I Don’t Mind Stealin’ Bread…

Posted by evankessler on April 6, 2007

The photo above is the long overdue product of an impromptu photo shoot in mid January when the weather reached 70 degrees. Andrew Morton and myself were pretending to be in the Temple of The Dog “Hunger Strike” video. I’d like to take this moment to thank Laura R for finally feeling the need to share the photo with us. Now if I could only get my hands on the several other photos taken that day.

Other than getting that photo there hasn’t been much going on the past few days. I ventured into the city yesterday and bravely ran some errands in the cold and the rain. While doing so I resumed my iPodyssey at Kasey Chambers “This Mountain”. It wasn’t my most memorable stretch, but I made it through about 33 songs before arriving home to the tune of Modest Mouse’s “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes”. When I returned, I heard back from one prospective employer who was eager to set up a meeting for this week and thanks to my friend Sarah found another job listing that was absolutely perfect for me. After applying to that gig I felt pretty damn good. The rest of my Wednesday was pretty much spent following Fantasy Baseball and sitting.

There wasn’t much more done today. I woke up a little after noon and struggled to come up with a post for the Costner site, but eventually came through. To tell the truth I was feeling in tip top physical condition. My sinuses felt a bit iffy and I was too tired for someone who had slept nine hours, so I decided to replenish my muslces by giving them a hearty workout. Unfortunately, my muscles were not quite ready for the elliptical at my no frills gym. I made it through only 15 songs which on 2nd though, might not be so bad. I went all the way from “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes” to Townes Van Zandt’s “To Live Is To Fly”. Along the way I passed through Weezer being “Tired of Sex”, two consecutive Ryan Adams songs starting with “To Be…”, and Golden Smog searching for something “To Call My Own”. That pretty much signaled the end of activity for Thursday. I had previously planned to go out but instead decided that I should stay in and prepare for my interview the next day. I’m not really one for preparation but they asked that I come in with ideas and so I will comply.

I was also pleasantly surprised this evening by call from former Pomona resident, Kate W in LA. We discussed several important things such as our lack of interest and knowledge when it comes to the history of Clowns or Mimes. Kate also alerted me to the fact that our middle school had gone through a name transformation. When we attended it had been called “Pomona Junior High” or PJH for short(GO PANTHERS!) but in the last few years it had been renamed Pomona Middle School or P.M.S. I’m not really sure who had a vendetta against my adolescent alma mater but they need to be dealt with. Actually, I thought it was quite hilarious. I looked up the school on the Internet and look for any sort of unintentionally funny school uniform, but to no avail. You know our colors, like a blood soaked tampon, are red and white. Someone just really didn’t think this through. I could go on for awhile about this but I’ll let you come up with your own jokes.

In any case, I’m looking forward to turning in early tonight with the weekend just up ahead. I gotta get some rest if I’m going to have to be alert in the morning. Have a good night and don’t kill anyone.

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Posted by evankessler on April 4, 2007

It’s been an eventful or uneventful couple of days depending on how you feel about the the act of upholding religious traditions. It was a rather quiet stay in the suburbs aside from the It was also a good time for familial arguments and misunderstandings. Though I suppose that sort of thing is commonplace when people return home and are confronted with the fact that they’ll be under the same roof with their parents once again, if only for a few days. There was a good reason for a get together though, since it was Passover and it was time to break matzah and celebrate being led out of Egypt. Dayenu!

Despite the apparent reason for my stay, the majority of my time at home was spent taking in baseball, as Sunday night when I arrived was the start of the baseball season…but you knew that since I talked about it on Sunday night/Monday morning.

I woke up Monday morning, around noon and partook in some Oatmeal so lovingly prepared by my mother, though I added some bananas, brown sugar and walnuts. The rest of my day was spent watching baseball, looking for work, and monitoring my Fantasy Baseball teams (all named Met Offensive). Aside from the maternal requests to wash the potatoes and help make charoset, the latter or which I enjoyed, I was pretty sloth-like throughout the day. Though I did manage to get in a Costner Post and get through 8 songs on the iPodyssey from Ryan Adams’ “Thank You Louise” to Aimee Mann’s “That’s When I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart”, which just so happened to be the 4000th song on the iPodyssey. At the rate I’m going this thing is coming to a close, which will be just fine with me because there are certain songs I’ve been dying to hear for months that I’ve already passed on my musical journey.

I also had the opportunity to participate in such Seder readiness games like “Clean the Silverware” and “Make Sure the Glasses Aren’t Streaky Even Though They Look Fine and No One Will Care Because The Light In The Dining Room is Out So No One Will Be Able To See The Aformentioned Streaks”. Once I finished those tasks it was back to baseball and the Met Offensive.

At around 4:45 pm I jumped in the shower with the planet’s strongest water pressure (this shower scoffs at the notion of low flow heads, emitting on average 200 gallons of water per second blasting your body clean into the tile at the back of the shower) in preparation for the Seder dinner. Our close family friends whom we usually share the holiday with were coming over though the lineup card was not exactly the same as the previous several years. This year myself, my mother, and Irwin (my brother is in Germany or somewhere foreign) were joined as usual by Rhona and Stuart and one of their three sons David. David was accompanied by his lovely wife Missy and their 19 month old daughter Alexandra who I had only seen when she was but a few months old and quite stationary.

When the doorbell rang, nay, was knocked on Rhona, Stuart, David, Missy, and Alexandra were all standing there. I didn’t expect to see Alexandra standing because I wasn’t aware that she was at the standing age. I’m not even sure what age kids are suppose to be able to stand at, but apparently it’s well before 19 months because she had the standing and walking thing down. Alexandra also had the staring thing down and for the first several minutes she did not avert her eyes from my direction. Now, I’m kind of a sell professed child hater, but when it’s your friend’s child you can’t help but be fascinated. I didn’t make googly eyes or obnoxious sounds at his child. I can never bring myself to do that but I did get a laugh out of the staring contest we were engaged in.

At one point Missy gave my mom a gift and said something along the lines of “since you don’t have any grandchildren here’s a gift”. I don’t think that’s exactly what she said but all of the sudden I thought to myself, “and not anytime soon” while at the same time I was kind of aware how much my mom was probably jealous of her friends who have grandkids, I am nowhere near the point where I can be making babies. I was extremely impressed though at little Alex as she didn’t cry or whine. Sure she asked for her mommy and daddy but that seeemed more because her vocabulary hadn’t been expanded beyond a certain extent yet, though later on in the night I was made aware that she knew numbers, snails, buses, and Dora The Explorer characters amongst other things.

The seder meal was the usual mockery of the Jewish religion as we only went through half of it. We got through all of the important parts: the ten plagues, the story of passover, two cups of wine, singing dayenu, eating Irwin’s homemade horseradish and my Charoset. We never made it to Elijah’s cup since the meal got in the way. I’m sure Elijah had enough wine that night anyway. If you went around to every seder in the world and drank a cup of wine you’d certainly be candidate for alcohol poisoning, prophet or not.

The meal itself was chock full of good eats. There was Matzo Ball Soup, brisket, chicken, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, vegetable kugel, roasted potatoes, and probably some other stuff that I was too full to partake in. The conversation was fun and Stuart told his usual gambling anecdotes about his trips to Foxwoods. I did steal away for periodic trips to check my fantasy team on my computer but I did so covertly under the guise of a trip to the bathroom. I am most certainly a sports dork.

After the meal I sat with David and Alex as they watched an episode of Dora The Explorer on demand. David told me of the horrors of having to watch the same episode sometimes 3 or 4 times in one morning nevermind how many times that meant watching that same episode in the span of a week. Nothing like learning through repetition. I’ll take Sesame Street over that Dora show anytime but then again, I’m not 19 months old anymore.

When the episode was over we headed back into the dining room for dessert. I enjoyed some chamomile tea and fancy macaroons unlike the ones that come in the jar from supermarket. They were much better than the ones I currently have in my apartment that I’ve been snacking. on. The party broke up at around 9:03, just in time to catch the beginning of 24. I contemplated doing a running diary of the show just then but I didn’t want to face constant questions from my mother as to what I might be doing. Also, I didn’ do one the previous week and might be giving up on them altogether since it seems a little silly to not do it one week and then do it the next. That being said, the show is getting more and more ridiculous and when the President was awakened from a coma to stop an uneccesary nuclear attack on a foreign country only to decide later on in the episode that he should go through with it, it seemed like the writers are trying to keep things interesting by making the events more and more ludicrous. My bullshit threshold has almost been surpassed. I mean this guy was dying an hour and a half ago, attached to tubes and all of the sudden he’s in the White House making decisions. I think they should have held him out at least two more hours of real time before he got dressed like the president again…but maybe that’s just me. After 24 ended I did some more Fantasy watching and finally went to sleep a little after 1am.

I woke up this morning (Tuesday) at 11:45am. I didn’t even try to keep kosher for passover and had some Oatmeal. I don’t think that confines to the laws of Judaism but I’m not really sure. McCann’s Irish Oats have most certainly not been blessed by a Rabbi or even a Rabbinical student. Oh well, I would’ve screwed it up later anyway with a slice of pizza or a sandwich or something. After breakfast, I was determined to finish another Costner post before I made my way back to Brooklyn. It was an important day as it was our 50th post in our mission to get Kevin Costner to visit, “If I Blog It They Will Come” and send in a photo of himself doing so.

My mom drove me to the bus stop in Suffern in time for the 3pm bus to the Port Authority. The bus came at 3pm with a sign that read “Port Jervis” but was broken. I got on and resumed my iPodyssey at song 4000, Aimee Mann’s “That’s When I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart” and I also resumed reading my book, Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything”. It was just under 2 hours door to door as I arrived at around 4:45 to the tune of Pulp’s “This is Hardcore”. At around 6pm I reheated some Passover leftovers and watched TV. The Matzo Ball soup was as good as I remembered it.

At 8pm I had a meeting with Andy and the rest of the crew for the movie that we’re making for the 12 hour film festival this weekend. I headed over to Andy’s place with iPod in hand once again, listening to Pulp…The only people at the meeting were myself and Andy as Kayvalyn, Jason, Lauren, and Rich could not be present. Despite the minimal presence, I would certainly consider the meeting or brainstorming session very useful. I’m certainly looking forward to making some movie magic this weekend. You can look forward to viewing it once we’re done with it….if we indeed want to share it with you. I got home a little before 10pm with Kasey Chambers singing to me about “This Mountain”.

I sat down in the living room with Marty and watched the Mets as well as some Daily Show and Colbert. All in all, I’d say it was a pretty complete last couple of days. I’m damn tired and still full of the Jew food.

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Life In The Fast Lane

Posted by evankessler on April 2, 2007

Welcome to the EvanKessler.com weekend recap. As I write this, I’m sitting at the desk of my bedroom in my childhood home in Pomona, New York. I took the bus back Sunday afternoon in preparation for the Jewliday of Passover or Pesach, which starts on Monday. Before, I made my way back to the hallowed hillz of Rockland County, I had quite the weekend. If you feel like reading along then I shall recap it for you. Well if you’re still reading this sentence I can surmise that you’ve no doubt volunteered your time to read about my weekend. I hope you’re not disappointed.

It all began very innocently enough when Thursday evening turned to Friday morning. I knew that my weekend was about to start. Without the aid of a calendar or days one might never know when the weekend was. Friday was a bit of a mystery as I had not planned anything for the day aside from a post for the Costner blog and perhaps some interaction with other human beings, but then again perhaps not. It wasn’t until the late afternoon that I finally ventured outside. The weather was nice enough so I picked up my iPod and continued on my iPodyssey as I headed towards 7th avenue. The iPodyssey resumed at Clem Snide’s “Sweet Mother Russia” and as I listened to I remembered that it was that song that taught me that sharks never sleep. It’s funny what educational information you can gather through pop music.

I continued to burn through songs on my musical journey. I knew I was nearing the end of the “S” Section but had no idea of the exact number I had until hitting the T’s. It turned out to be several since after the Sw-songs there were a couple of Sy- ones, two of which were Synchronicity I and II by The Police. I sat on a bench in the sun outside of a coffee shop reading my book and listening to my iPod. Unfortunately, I sat within several feet of a twelve year old practicing his Sitar which tended add an Indian layer to the production aspects on all of the songs on my iPod playlist. There’s nothing like hearing the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for The Devil” with some messy sitar in the background. I can’t complain though, it was my choice to sit there and read as I was drinking my green tea. Talk about multitasking. Somewhere during “Synchronicity II” I packed up my stuff and headed back home. On my way home I broke into the T’s with The Roots’ “Table of Contents (Parts 1&2)” and walked through the door as The Jayhawks introed “Take Me With You (When You Go)”. It was quite the lovely excursion and a needed respite from my time staring at my computer in the neverending job search.

As the afternoon drew to a close I was not quite sure what the evening held. I contacted my friend Morwin to see what he was up to and it turned out that he was headed to the slope for a film called Brooklyn Matters about the problematic Atlantic Yards project that’s pretty much going to ruin Brooklyn in order to put up monstrous high rent apartment buildings and bring the New Jersey Nets so people can watch Basketball after they get kicked out of their homes.
I decided I would meet him at the screening at a church on 6th avenue. I left at around 6:45 pm and took my iPod with me (of course) because it was a bit of a walk and I would certainly be able to get through even more songs….and I did. From the time I left my apartment to the time Morwin met me at the Church I had gotten from “Take Me With You (When You G0) by the Jayhawks to Beth Orton’s “Tangent” which was a good 12 songs.

Morwin and I went inside and met up with his friend Karen and watched the documentary which ran about an hour. It was fascinating to see all of the corruption that Forest City Ratner was involved in order to get this project through as well as the spin they used to mislead and divide the public on the issue. I really hope that this Ratner douchebag doesn’t get away with circumventing the local government and the people who live in the neighborhood all in the name of hoops.

I left the screening at about 9pm after hearing a few speakers and signing a few letters to Governor Spitzer against the project. I then headed over to Andrew Morton’s place, since he lives near the church. We had a beer and talked about writing a script amongst other things. We’ll get a project rolling down the pipeline one of these days. I know we’re still due to fulfill our sweeps week sweepstakes promise. That’ll happen after the iPodyssey is done…I promise…I think.

Close to 11:30pm I departed from Andrew’s abode and made my way towards Smiling Pizza. As I walked down 7th Avenue I heard Laura R yelling my name from a cab. She was with Maureen and Laura B. They wanted me to walk over to their cab but I was on the phone and they were quite drunk and the light would turn green soon so my effort would have been wasted. I knew I would see them Saturday so I just yelled at them from the sidewalk. Anyway, I got me a slice of the pizza and then went on home going through even more on my iPodyssey. My evening ended on PJ Harvey’s “Teclo”. Saturday was to be a busy day so I tried to get as much sleep as possible but to no avail.

I woke up at around 12:45pm on Saturday after virtually no sleep. Nonetheless, I was ready to go. Where was I going? Maureen was leaving/moving to LA on Sunday so we were having a going away party. The first stop on this going away party was BOWLING!!!! I’m not sure what the lanes were called (Harmony?) but they were located on 5th and 37th in Brooklyn. I was the 2nd one to arrive. Andrew was the first. We were soon met by the Lauras, Maureen, Kelly and Patrick. We waited in line to get a lane and as we were waiting there was a large crowd of children and mentally disabled persons. One of the children made a bee-line through the crowd and bounced off of a mentally disabled person’s (can you tell how politically correct I’m trying to be?). The mentally disabled person then proceeded to freak out that this child ran into her ass. She started screaming and shouting and walked over to whoever was watching after the kid and in general started shouting about how the kid spanked her and how she should spank the kid.

Now Bowling: Evan Kessler

While this was going on Laura R was talking to me but I couldn’t concentrate as I was simultaneously frightened and mesmerized at the ruckus being raised one foot to my left. The furor soon died down though and we took to our lanes with our ratty old bowling shoes and divided ourselves up into teams using the old playground method of team captains. Team captains were myself and Patrick. I had first pick and went with Maureen. Pat picked Laura R next. I then conferred with Maureen out loud. She wanted to pick Laura B but I wondered if she was any good aloud and we deliberated i grade school fashion before picking her. You need to make people sweat. The teams were rounded out as Kelly and Dan (who would come later) ended up on Pat’s team and Andrew ended up on my team.

Laura B: The B is for Bowl…or Balls…or Bowling Balls

Maureen Knocks Down 4 Pins and Celebrates

The first game kind of felt embarassing since I had faith in myself to at least bowl in the 120’s and I ended with a 107. Though I wasn’t entirely taking it seriously since there was no reason to. Not that there’s ever a reason to take bowling seriously. Andrew won the first game with a 121 or something. Laura R got 2nd and I had 3rd place…again, not that it mattered. We were all having fun eating fried food, drinking beer, and mowing down pins.

Laura R and Dan: They’re Good Kids

Dan showed up as we started the 2nd game and the drinking increased as did the gutterballs…However people were getting better. More strikes and spares started happening. Maureen did little dances whenever she would get a spare and we were all just having a good time. At the end of game 2 Andrew had eclipsed his 1st game with a score of 139. I think Laura was in 2nd again but I’m not sure. I had a 111. I really have no recollection of many of the other scores. We hadn’t originally planned to play a 3rd game but we figured what the hell. All I know about that game was that I won with a 121, but what mattered is that people were starting to get drunk and the happiness level was increasing by the minute.

We left the bowling alley at 5:30 and headed on down to The Lighthouse Tavern via bus. Once we reached The Lighthouse we met Stephen and Mike H to watch the Georgetown-Ohio State final four game. I was rooting for Georgetown because most of the people in my crowd or at least a few were alums. I was also rooting for them because I picked them to be in the final in my bracket. If I were to win my bracket I’d win a trophy but if I were to place 2nd I’d get an Air Supply Greatest Hits CD. Actually, I could deal with either of those. Fortunately or unfortunately Georgetown lost but our party had grown in size. Maureen’s friends Conrad and Brian showed up as long as other people whose names escape me. Throughout the course of our stay at Lighthouse we drank plenty more beer and inhaled a generous amount of fried food. We stayed long enough to see most of the UCLA-Florida game and long enough for Andrew, Dan, and Myself to be quizzed about our sexuality by a tattooed girl who was trying to be shocking and edgy buy asking us questions that she probably thought would make us uncomfortable. Needless to say, we were not shocked.

The party soon escaped the confines of the Lighthouse but while we waited for everyone to empty out Dan, Andrew, and myself spied Stephen on his phone. We decided it would be a good idea to fake beat him up. Laura R joined in the fun which ended rather abruptly as we decided to head to The Gates for more alcohol. When we got to The Gates we realized Stephen wasn’t with us. He came in a while later and was pretty not sober. None of us were sober though as we had been out since 2pm. The rest of the evening was kind of a blur. It was 1am when we finally stopped drinking and said our goodbyes to Maureen. On my way home I passed the Lighthouse and the tattooed girl was outside looking pretty beat and I got into another conversation for about 2 minutes but she didn’t try to shock me this time. It ended with a have a good night and I went home and passed the hell out.

The phone rang at 11:15 this (Sunday) morning. It was Laura R alerting me about a goodbye brunch for Maureen at Stone Park at 11:30. 15 minutes was certainly not a lot of time to make it to a brunch but everyone was running late anyway. I changed my shirt from what I had slept in, put on some shoes and off I went. I was about 10 minutes late but Laura R, Maureen, and Andrew were still waiting for a table anyway. We were sat soon after we arrived and right before we ordered Laura B showed up. We spent the next several minutes going over the events of the last evening. Nearly 12 hours of drinking will yield plenty of stories. Especially since you don’t necessarily see or remember everything that happens. As far as nights on the town go, saturday night was certainly an odd one. After the first set of stories Stephen showed up and partook in some coffee action but he didn’t order since we had ordered some time before he made it. I have to say it was certainly a fun brunch despite being totally hung over. My green tea helped keep me awake and my pancakes were delicious. 2 Thumbs up for Stone Park.

After brunch we walked back to our respective abodes and said goodbye to Maureen one last time before she headed to Los Angeles. I had a lot on my plate before I could head home for Passover. I had to pack, shower, and post on Costner blog. With all of that activity out of the way, I left my apartment at 2:10pm and headed towards the Port Authority to start a rather lengthy leg on the iPodyssey. My trip home began with PJ Harvey’s “Teclo” as I rode the subway into Manhattan. Luckily, I made it to the gate where my bus was leaving one minute before it was scheduled to leave at 3:10pm. I arrived in Rockland at the Suffern Bus Station with my mom waiting for me as Ryan Adams sang “Thank You Louise”. It took me 24 songs to go from Brooklyn to Rockland. That doesn’t sound like such bad time.

The rest of the day was spent doing family stuff…actually not really. We ate dinner together and I made Charoset (one of the more delicious traditional Jewish foods) for the seder dinner tomorrow. After all of the food activity I plopped myself in front of the TV to take in the opening day magic that was the Mets 6-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. Yes folks, baseball is back and like the nerd I am I’ll be monitoring my fantasy teams all day tomorrow. Hooray!

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