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From Contenders to Pretenders

Posted by evankessler on March 30, 2007

Happy Thursday night, Friday Morning Everyone. I hope everyone has had an excellent week. I thought before I disappear into the weekend, I’d better get everyone up to speed in regards to my all important ongoings. Fortunately for you there haven’t been too many ongoings this week. It’s mostly been a run of the mill routine of applying for jobs. However I did get down to one activity last evening and let me just say thatWednesday evening was a blight on the history of Pub Quiz.

I arrived at the Black Sheep Pub on Bergen St. around 7:45 where I was joined by Andrew Morton, Maureen, Laura R, Laura B, and quiz newcomer Kelly R. Prior to the start of the quiz at 9pm I got me a $8 pitcher of Michelob and allowed my anxiety to build. I was determined that whatever team I was a part of we were going to win. This would be an important pub quiz as well due to the fact that it was to be Maureen’s last Pub Quiz hurrah before heading off to Los Angeles to find out if there are indeed greener pastures on the West Coast. It was to be a bittersweet evening no matter what the outcome. In a shocking turn of events, we only had enough for two teams of three. We’re usually used to having enough for two teams of 4 and some excess participants who often get divided in an odd manner.

The first team was called “Best Friends 4-Ever” and it consisted of myself, Maureen, Laura R., and Maureen’s brother Patrick who joined us just as the quiz was beginning. The 2nd team went by the name Beers for Fears and was made up of Andrew, Laura B, and Kelly. We were all feeling good about our chances after the 1st 2 rounds. I think our team got 4 out of 5’s the first 2 rounds. Things went downhill fast after that. And after scoring a solid 8 after 2 rounds we had only manage muster up 14 correct answers after 5 rounds. We were 5 points behind the leader. The questions just seemed to get exponentially harder. After a couple more subpar rounds we knew that this was not our week. After being serious contenders in all of our other experiences at Pub Quiz the “Best Friend 4-Ever” finished with 30 points. We were not a proud bunch. “Beers for Fears” did a little better. I think they came up with 32. I felt dejected afterwards. I was kind of annoyed that some of our regulars hadn’t made the trip, but I guess we made our best effort and that’s all that counts. We’re going to win it some day. I just know we will.

I woke up early in the afternoon today (Thursday) as I hadn’t been able to fall asleep until after 4am the previous evening. My first order of business was to come up with a Costner post. My 2nd order of business was to apply for jobs. My third order of business was some room cleansing. The third order of business was largely ignored when I realized that I wanted to go to Target to buy a baseball simply because I like holding a baseball and tossing it up in the air and catching it. I’m easily amused. So with little hesitation, it was off to Target to get me a baseball. I picked up my iPod and hurried towards the Atlantic Center.

It was a lovely day outside though slightly cooler than the day before. I still felt summerific as I walked down 5th avenue listening to “The Sun Goes Down and The World Goes Dancing” by the Magnetic Fields. I got in 3 more Sun songs before I got inside, though two of them were repeats of Supergrass’ “Sun Hits Sky”. The tone rather changed after The Beatles “Sun King” turned into U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, which somehow seemed appropriate for being amidst the chaos of commerce.

When I finally got to the sporting goods aisles I noticed they were not selling individual baseballs, so I had to get a two-pack (not to be confused with Tupac). While I found that a bit annoying, I couldn’t really complain because it only was going to run me $3.99. That was not to be the last of my purchases though. I decided to purchase Monty Python’s Life of Brian for $9.99 and some mouthwash. At the end of my shopping outing, I had still managed to spend less than $20. After leaving the store I ravaged the wrapping to my tw0-pack of baseballs and immediately began to toss it up in the air while I walked home. It was a completely relaxing and engaging new wrinkle for my normally static walking routine. I happily strutted down the street being careful not to deflect my new toy into the street where I would not be able to jump in front of a car and retrieve it. I made it home to the tune of Lauryn Hill’s “Superstar” playing on my iPod and I certainly felt like a superstar with my new baseball.

Overly pleased with myself I decided to boost my ego even more by going to the gym. I kept my iPodyssey going for another 15 tracks while I sweated at the No Frills Fitness Center as I like to call it. Soon enough though, I walked through the door to the tune of the Talking Heads’ “Swamp”. I thought that would do it for Thursday’s portion of the iPodyssey but then I remembered I had left out some chicken to defrost. Time to cook and chill. The Thursday finally ended as Clem Snide’s “Sweet Mother Russia” began and I mixed my chicken and brocolli with the pasta I had prepared. Nothing like the feeling of a meal well cooked and ready to be enjoyed by the chef. The rest of the night was a TV watching and Fantasy team tinkering festival. I know it all sounds too good to be true but I promise you there’ll be more going on this weekend because I lead the most exciting life in New York City. Have a good weekend. I’ll catch you on the recap.

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