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Get A Haircut and Get A Real Job

Posted by evankessler on March 22, 2007

Over the past few weeks the pressure has been mounting for me to actually get a real job. I’ve been sending out resumés and applying to every job in the great big sea of financial security that seems even remotely interesting. Unfortunately, I’ve had very few nibbles on my line. My options seemed to be running out and I had begun to think about picking up my belongings and setting up shop somewhere else; Perhaps on another coast where the employment flows like wine. I’m not really sure what makes someone employable but if my recent history is of any indication, I do not have that certain something that makes someone want to utter the words…”you’ve got the job.”…Or at least that’s the way I felt until yesterday. Early Afternoon on Tuesday, my cell phone rang and displayed an unfamiliar 212 number. There was a slight hesitation on my part to answer straightaway, as lately I’ve been persistently pestered by certain charitable organizations hoping to obtain my services for unpaid labor. Now, I’m not stranger to working for peanuts but I’m looking for something I can hang my hat on or at least something that can provide me with a valuable experience. Luckily, at the other end of the line, was a person that might be able to provide me with such an experience. I’m not going to elaborate on the opportunity that was set up…but let’s just say that I have an interview set up for Thursday morning. Regardless of what happens…I feel the winds of change slowly blowing towards Brooklyn.

After receiving the encouraging phone call I headed over to Barnes & Noble with one mission in mind…buy a Fantasy Baseball Magazine. For the last several years I’ve been engaged in a futile struggle to finish in a respectable position in my Fantasy Baseball league. I always feel the need to arm myself with as much information as possible heading into the draft, though to be honest, I’m not really sure what good the information does. I barely read the magazine and basically use their mock draft as my guideline. I use the exact same order they picked. If someone is picked before I get to them then I just cross that player off. It’s not a scientific method but I also cross off players that I hate, which probably hurts my chances more. In any case, that’s why I went to the B&N and on my way there I resumed my iPodyssey with Yo La Tengo’s “Sometimes I Don’t Get You” which is another stellar track off of their latest album, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass.

There was an excellent soundtrack for my walk to the bookstore as two of my favorite Karaoke songs bookended my absolute favorite Kathleen Edwards song. I felt like belting Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch”, Ms. Edwards’ “Somewhere Else”, and Linda Rondstadt and James Ingram’s “Somewhere Out There” at the top of my lungs while walking but I was afraid people would look at me funny. I was in a good mood though, so let them stare. Aside from my purchase of my 2007 Fantasy Baseball bible my trip to Barnes & Noble was uneventful. I arrived home to Galaxie 500’s “Sorry” and put my iPod to bed for a few minutes.

Quite pleased with the events of Tuesday early afternoon, I headed into Manhattan at around 5:2oPM to meet with my good friend Jaime to discuss life, love, the pursuit of happiness (not the Will Smith movie) and our impending High School reunion. It had probably been since around Thanksgiving when we saw each other last and we had much to catch up on. Jaime had been living the engaged life and she got a new dog and I had a lot of general life things to talk about. I hopped on the R train at Union St. in route to Manhattan while once again resuming the iPodyssey.

It took from Galaxie 500’s “Sorry” to Portishead’s “Sour Times” before Jaime was standing right in front of me at the Wachovia Building at South Ferry. From there we walked to South St. Seaport and sat on the deck as birds flew at our heads. We talked about work, life, travel, and what not…you know, the things we expected to talk about. However, it’s different talking to Jaime about things like that since she always has a lot to add and she does more than listen. She provides much needed insight. Part of me has always wondered why she never became a psychiatrist. She would certainly be very good at it….well, she already is.

After several minutes of dodging seagulls, Jaime and I headed for a Japanese restaurant somewhere downtown. I think it was called Ichiro. No word on weather or not it was owned by the Seattle Mariners hit machine of the same name. In any case, it was a pleasant meal and the audio from Jeopardy piping through the restaurant only enhanced the atmosphere. I was even compelled to answer “What are the Green Mountains?” once. Jaime and I went through the list of people we wanted to see for the high school reunion. She said it would be fun to see the “random people”. I for the life of me couldn’t figure out who those “random people” might be. Nonetheless, it was fun to try to name people from the past.

Jaime and I split from Ichiro just as Wheel of Fortune was coming on. I refuse to watch that show and I have no desire to listen to it either. We took a nice walk to the nearest 2,3 station and went our merry ways, I to Brooklyn, and Jaime to the Upper West Side. Upon arriving home at 8:30pm to the tune of The Verve’s “Space and Time” I decided to watch the Kevin Costner film 13 Days and call it a night.

I awoke at a reasonable hour this morning with full knowledge what I was going to write for Costner blog, so that was the thing weighing least heavily on my mind. After that post was done, I made a haircut appointment and readied myself for another Manhattan trip. Unfortunately, my iPod was still adapting to my computer since 10 minutes before it was time to leave my PowerBook uncharacteristically froze. Therefore, I had to make way for the East Village sans-iPod. It was either that or pull out my iPod connection early and risk erasing it again. That was not an option. Luckily I had a book to read. Marty had lent me Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” quite some time ago, so this seemed like a good time to get started on it.

I made it into Manhattan with about 30 minutes to kill prior to my haircut. I went to Kim’s on St. Marks and perused the CDs until I had 15 minutes left. I decided that with 15 minutes before my hair appointment I could sit at Hair Mates and do some reading before it was time to get the shampoo treatment. Boy was I wrong. Right as I walked in somebody took my coat to hang up and a girl escorted me to her shampoo station. They were looking to get ahead of schedule at Hair Mates Salon on St. Marks. Unfortunately, for the nth time in a row I didn’t get the erotic head massage during the shampoo…just a quick shampoo in rinse with no temple stimulation or neck kneading.

When I got to my normal hairstylist’s chair, she was working on someone else but walked away from her to trim my tresses. However, it seemed all business this time. Hair Mates was had turned into an efficient lock lopping operation. It was as if I was out the door as soon as they had invited me in…only I was several dollars poorer. That being said, I also had less hair and I looked better and certainly better groomed.

From Hair Mates I took a walk to the Strand Book store in search of more reading material. Sure, I just started reading a new book but I could finish this one any minute. Then what would I do? I ended up buying Sarah Vowell’s “Take The Cannoli” for only $4.95. I had previously read her book “Assassination Vacation” and absolutely loved it, so I figured it was time to read some more of her stuff. Fresh from my new purchase, I hopped on the Q train and made towards Park Slope, still reading my Bill Bryson book. While going over the bridge I noticed that my phone had some voice messages on it. They must’ve called while we were underground though since my phone did not ring once. As I finally reached my destination and could check my voice mail, I discovered that someone else wanted me in for an interview. The good news keeps getting gooder.

I returned home to my abode and heard my stomach growl. To satisfy the savage beast I prepared some flank steak and broccoli over brown rice. Mmmm…Mmmm…Mmmm. While this was being done I listened from The Verve’s “Space and Time” to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on the iPodyssey.

I didn’t give myself much time to let my meal settle as I soon headed over with iPod in hand to Buck’s Lodge where my friend Rachel was bartending. The walk there didn’t take as long as I thought it would and I only made it 9 songs from “Space Oddity” to Pavement’s “Speak, See, Remember”. While there we talked with some guy about Cleveland and I watched Syracuse lose to Clemson in the NIT Quarterfinals. Not really a big deal to lose in the NIT Quarterfinals since I don’t really think anyone wants to be playing in the NIT tournament anyway. At around 11pm I said goodnight and headed back home. This time I only burned through 6 songs from “Speak, See, Remember” to Wilco’s “Spiders (Kidsmoke)”. There was nothing left to do after getting home but watch the Colbert Report, South Park, and hit the sack. Big day tomorrow. There’s dressing up to do and people to impress. Also, I’m going to see Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price in concert with the brother. Should be fun. I’ll tell you all about it someday.

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