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Out of Werk

Posted by evankessler on March 8, 2007

Hey all my EvanKessler.comsters. How goes it? Man have I been giving this site the shaft as of late. I wholeheartedly apologize. It’s not you…it’s me. You see, despite being unemployed things can get busy from time to time and while this site is still the most important thing to me…some times daddy has to do grown up things.

I’ve certainly had my fair share of nights on the town this week which is probably why I haven’t kept you up to speed with goings on, but before we get into the sordid night life of one Evan J. Kessler, we can jump into the week feet first with a little trepidation. I’ll start in the shallow end and dip my toes in to check if the water’s warm by letting you know a little bit how the week started.

I woke up quite early on Monday morning with the intention of getting as much job hunting done and preparing for a trip into the city. The weather wasn’t to off putting and I got into my iPodyssey as I stepped out into the slightly chilly winter air listening to Gram Parsons “Return of The Grievous Angel” and before my train had reached my final Manhattan destination I had listened to both the Beatles “Revolution 1” and “Revolution 9”. I wasn’t really thinking about the latter until the former popped up. I was sort of dreading it actually since it’s one of those songs that can freak you out if you’re not listening to it in its original album context. I was in the middle of reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “Sirens of Titan” so I had to stop reading because all of the voices and abstract sounds were breaking my concentration.

After running around in the city for a bit, I finally made for home but unfortunately the closest trains from where I was on 86th st. that would take me home were not running and snow had begun to fall. I had to walk several avenues to get to the 1 train. As I was walking I heard Jesse Malin’s “Riding On The Subway”. If only the B train was running I could’ve heard it on the subway giving me a nice iPodyssey coincidence. Though, admittedly, I listen to my iPod mostly on the subway so that’s not exactly fate.

I arrived home as Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock sang “It Takes Two”. It’s in the R’s on my iPodyssey because it’s listed as “Rob Base – It Takes Two”. So it was an unnatural occurrence but an occurrence nonetheless. My subway adventure had taken away from my in apartment downtime as I had to head back to the city for a former co-worker going away bash. There was time for a little chatting it up with Marty, then a shower, and just like that…back into Manhattan.

This time I headed for the Herald Sqaure region where I met up with Atlas Folks for Michael Werkmeister’s going away party. If you’re not familiar with the Werkmeister, he is an efficient German TV production machine who pretty much earned a spot as the Jack of All Trades at Atlas after serving many months as an intern. Despite the fact that his co-workers most likely needed him desperately, Werkmeister was off to Germany to finish his education and no doubt go on to run a major corporation to rival Microsoft in the near future. He may just take over the world, but before he went off and did that it was time to drink to all the good he had done in our world.

I arrived at one of the 4 Blaggard’s Pubs in the area with Ben Folds “Rockstar” blasting on my iPod at around 7:15 to find just 3 other folks at the gathering. It was myself, Kevin W, Werkmeister, and his girlfriend Anya. We soon broke into conversation about European arts funding and what not. It was actually very interesting but soon enough more folks would pile including Sarah L, Ashir G, Carrie K, Alexa C, Evald, Kate K, Kim W and I think a few other folks. All in all I was surprised more people didn’t come out to pay tribute for this efficient German lad who warmed our hearts and made a difference in our day to day existence. Despite the fact that more people should’ve been there, the crowd seemed like it was made up of the right people. We were all game for a little drunken revelry and we certainly made a night out of it. I believe it was a little after 1am when I finally slid in the door to my apartment.

Anya and The Werkmeister
Ashir, Myself, and Sarah Put On A Happy Face

When I woke up Tuesday Morning I felt a tad bit hazy. However I took great relief in knowing that my roommate had taped 24 the night before, so I hadn’t missed anything in my drunken stupor. My day resumed as planned. I applied to jobs and drank tea as my normal unemployed workday ritual goes. It was hella cold though and I only ventured outside during the afternoon to drop off my laundry

At around 6:45 I made a bold move into Manhattan. I took my iPod with me and went from Ben Folds “Rockstar” to Bruce Springsteen’s “Rosalita” before reaching my predetermined destination to see my friend John Szeluga host a Comedy show at the Village Lantern called Tuesday Night Hate. John and I took improv class together at the UCB and I was really eager to see him do some standup. I was none too surprised when he was actually very good. For the most part, the comedy that night was above average, though there were a few subpar comedians. I’m not going to name names, mostly because I don’t remember them. There were 2 blonde girls in the front row though who every comedian kept picking on because they were cute. There were also 2 good looking girls from Oregon in the middle who were semi-targets but since they sat further back avoided receiving the heavy artillery. After the girls those same girls were standing by the exit inquiring about where the Spotted Pig was as well as where they could score some cocaine. I would not be of help either way.

I left the Village Lantern shortly after talking with the show’s organizer and got me some pizza at the Pizza Booth before heading back to Brooklyn. As I waited at the atW. 4th street station between the FV and BD track I resumed my iPodyssey and made a plan. If the FV came first I’d go to visit my friend Rachel who was bartending at Buck’s Lodge on Atlantic. If the BD came first I’d go home. The V came first and it was off to do some more drinking. On the train ride towards Atlantic I had an epiphany. Well it was not so much an epiphany as a really great musical moment. I heard a back to back of “Roses” by the Magnetic Fields and “Roses” by Outkast and they just seemed to flow into each other. I determined that i would have to try that on a mix sometime. I strolled into bucks at about 10:45 to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “Rowboat” putting my iPodyssey to rest for the evening and in several hours time I only had two beers. I did some nursing. I left Buck’s at last call and headed back to my Park Slope abode via car service.

I woke up this morning feeling mighty fine and ready to some work. I attempted to edit a video for my Kevin Costner site in time to post at 2pm but instead I just came up with some nonsensical filler. The majority of my day was spent messing around with a video clip in iMovie and preparing it for youtube as well as the Costner blog. I finally finished the clip around 6:45pm and before I sent it off into the YouTube Sea, I cooked myself a nice steak dinner in celebration while letting the iPodyssey run from Johnny Cash’s “Rowboat” to Ben Lee’s “Run”. It’s all in a days work and now tomorrow I can just focus on one word JOB. God knows I really need to.

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