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Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well

Posted by evankessler on February 28, 2007

Man, I remember how much Kurt Cobain used to love baseball. Everytime there was a Seattle Mariners game on TV, you would always see Kurt up in his luxury box at The Kingdome cheering on Junior Griffey and The Big Unit. His one big dream, other than that his stomach pains would end and his desire to lead a meaningful quiet life away from the rock spotlight, was to see the Mariners win the World Series in his lifetime. Unfortunately, for music fans and for fellow baseball fans, Kurt’s light was extinguished in April of 1994, shortly after an exploratory committee was formed by the City of Seattle to assess the need for a replacement stadium for Kurt’s beloved but rapidly deteriorating Kingdome. Some say the prospect of the Kingdome’s replacement was what ultimately led to Kurt’s suicide just days before the 1994 baseball season.

Regardless of what effect the replacement of Kingdome by Safeco field had on the Nirvana frontman, the folks at 2K sports and Courtney Love decided to get together and honor the late great Grunge idol who would have turned 40 last week, by licensing his song “Breed” as the musical soundtrack to their latest release MLB 2K7. The song is an appropriate choice as it was no doubt written by Kurt Cobain about his desire to see his Seattle Mariners “breed” a Championship team through the development of their minor league system.

The licensing of said song will no doubt also serve to keep Courtney Love afloat monetarily in the midst of a flagging career marked by incessantly insane behavior and on and off addiction.
Bravo Courtney and 2K sports! Everything about this licensing deal just seems to make sense and we here at EvanKessler.com applaud your efforts!


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