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Posted by evankessler on February 25, 2007

EvanKessler.com reached that most elusive of milestones this weekend. We’ve bested both Ty Cobb and Pete Rose twice over and cruised past the magical number of 10,000 hits. It may not seem like such a landmark to the internet world as some sites get that many hits times 100 in the course of a day, but in the case of this here site it’s been a little less than 3 years in the making. With that milestone behind us , the royal we at EvanKessler.com vow to keep on truckin’ like a bunch of stoners who have yet to be notified of the demise of both Phish and Grateful Dead.

So with that in mind, let’s get you folks caught up on the weekend, shall the royal we? Oh wait, before we do that I have to apologize for the second straight week for neglecting the existence of Thursday. Sometimes social engagements negate my preconceived update schedule. However, this webmaster will press on to continually provide you with the mundane and semi-mundane details of his life.

In keeping with that notion….Thursday…in all of it’s glory. Ah thursday I woke rather early and struggled to come up with a Costner post before heading to Manhattan for errands sake. As I stepped out the door to head to the bigger borough resuming my iPodyssey with The Proclaimers’ “Over and Done With” followed by Blake Babies “Over and Over”. As I rode into Manhatttan I had a back to back of two similarly titled Echo & The Bunnymen songs in “Over You” and “Over Your Shoulder”.

The venture into Manhattan was largely uneventful until I started towards the subway train in the midst of the 2nd consecutive version of Pavement’s “Painted Soldiers” as I did a double take when I walked by my friend from High School, Melissa G. We both looked at each other unsure why each other would be on the same street at the same time, as she was with a child and I was out when the rest of the normal world was working. It almost ended up being just a drive by waving but then we stopped and chatted a bit before I headed back into the subway station.

On my way home I had one of the better back to backs on the iPodyssey as Townes Van Zandt’s “Pancho & Lefty” led right into The Magnetic Fields’ “Papa Was A Rodeo”. Talk about aural bliss. As I walked into my house I had a titular two-fer with Coldplay and Pearl Jam’s respective “parachutes”. Though the former made me ponder how lame the musical world’s Coldplay obsession era was.

After several hours maxin’ and relaxin’ like Michael Jackson sans children or anything relating to child molestation, at home, I headed out to meet a friend for drinks at Union Hall and the Lighthouse at 6pm. It was a relatively early night though as I think I got home around 10:30 or so and I was absolutely famished. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word famished on this site before. I rather like it. I had no intention of blogging that evening as my eyelids were growing heavy as I stared at my computer and I fell asleep around 12:30am.

When I awoke on Friday I had the task of figuring out what the hell I was going to write on the Costner site. Luckily, Andrew Morton came to my aid with a suggestion as I was afraid that I was running out of material. The majority of Friday was spent job hunting but I also went to the bank and dropped off my laundry. Around 7:30pm I braced myself for the joy of cooking. The iPodyssey resumed at Pearl Jam’s “Parachutes” and it didn’t stop until my chicken and broccoli in garlic and olive oil was ready as the Beasties told a little story about three bad brothers, you know so well entitled “Paul Revere”.

I could’ve easily stayed in Friday but fun was calling my name. Jason and Andy were having one last party before leaving their apartment at the end of the month, so Marty and I headed down to Boerum Hill for a good time. We arrived at around 10:30 and a crowd was already gathered. Kishore, Lauren H, Ahmad, Erika, Miller, Ken, Shayan, Andrea, Kayvalyn, and our humble hosts made up the majority. There were a few folks I didn’t recognize but that was okay. I wasn’t going to get angry and start beating them and branding them with hot metal as their punishment. I was in a civil mood and spent most of the evening conversing and making the rounds. There was even some marshmallow roasting in the fireplace. One of the final conversations of the evening involved Marty, Myself, and a girl named Taurie who was certainly brightly clad in stark contrast with most of the folks at the party. The conversation soon turned to professional talk and she asked what work I was involved in. I told her I was into TV Production. She started going on a tangent about her company needing production people and art directors. I alerted her that Marty was an art director. She continued to talk to us about her company as though it would be a bother for us to know someone who might have good jobs for us. We encouraged her to go on as we were most certainly interested. When it comes to possible employment for a company that sounds like they have a lot going for them, I’m all ears. Plus, Taurie had a lot of energy so she was fun to converse with.

Marshmallows Roasting on an Open Fire

Kayvalyn finishing off one of said marshmallows

At around 3am people began to file out of the party. Marty and I left in a jovial mood and we headed on home, but not before stopping off at the 5th avenue deli for bagels. Mmm…bagels.

Saturday was generally a mellow day. I sat around watching “The Money Pit” followed by “Waterworld”. Again, for dinner I decided to cook chicken and brocolli in some olive oil and garlic to the sound of my iPod, an outing the took me from the Beastie Boys “Paul Revere” to Interpol’s “PDA on the iPodyssey, effectively finishing out the musical portion of my weekend in that respect.

However, later Saturday evening I would head out with my friend Rachel to check out my high school friend Adam Hayes who DJ’s under the name DJ Haze. I guess that’s not too much of a stretch. It’s easy enough too remember. We showed up to Le Bar Blue in the East Village at around midnight. At that point I ran into fellow Ramapoans Ari, with his fiancé/wife, Darren G and Deb S. Also present were some guys that went to the same high school but were a bit older. One of them was very annoyingly in my face, not in an agitative fashion but he was close talking and trying to engage myself in Rachel in completely trivial conversation about how people in his year of high school had brothers and sisters in my year of high school. It seemed like the most meaningless conversation ever and I could really care less. I was hoping that someone would come over and save us. I tried to block him out but he was a whirling dervish of bad conversation. Luckily, a female would catch his attention soon and he would harass her all night. At the point I decided to leave said female kept repeating “take him with you”. On the way out I ran into one my high school best friends, Drew G, who was just arriving with some friends. I wish I could have stayed longer but I’d had enough house music for one evening. Not that the music was bad, I just have a time limit for being at a bar where I can’t hear anything. Actually, I was rather impressed by Adam’s djing abilities. So, it was around 2am, and the evening was at an end…and so was the weekend effectively.

DJ Haze spins his way into the hearts of the crowd at Le Bar Blue

The majority of my Sunday has involved sitting around and staring at this here computer. I’m currently debating whether or not to keep a running diary of the oscars since it went over pretty well last year. However, if I’m doing the same thing for 24 tomorrow it might be a tad too much. Plus, that show can go on for far too long sometimes. In any case, I hope everyone enjoys/enjoyed the Oscars. I hope all of your favorites win/won. Not that it matters/mattered.


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