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Posted by evankessler on February 22, 2007

Laziness has certainly taken hold of me the last several weeks. As soon as the temperature dipped below the freezing point, I managed to spend the majority of my time out of the view of the general public. I’m not sure if the Groundhog saw or didn’t see his shadow on February 2nd, nor am I sure which one of the two constitutes an early spring, but the warmth was certainly upon upon today, nearly a full three weeks later.

The temptation of the warmer climate may have been the sole force luring me out of my house not one, not two, but three times, this Wednesday. However, I prefer to think I was drawn outside to resume the routine of life by the basic human needs that are grocery shopping, fitness, and drinking.

Upon waking up at 11:14am, I realized that I was lacking milk and cereal and made a quick trip to Key Food to remedy the situation. My stomach was quite empty at the outset of my trip so I ended up spending more money and buying more goods than I had originally planned. The good news is, I should be able to eat without shopping the rest of the week. The bad news is, my key food savings club card only saved me $0.79. I’m always so excited to use the damn thing but the savings are always less than thrilling. I’ve yet to break the $1 mark.

I returned home to empty my groceries and as I did I played a little game with Gizmo, the dog who Marty was dog sitting. It wasn’t so much a game so much as me saying the “dog” in between the items I was unpacking from my grocery bag and where their ultimate destination was as the dog looked on. For example: “Milk, dog, fridge, dog, steak, dog, freezer, dog, brocolli, fridge, dog, toilet paper, dog, bathroom.” I enjoyed the curious blank stare from said animal.

Upon emptying out all of the groceries and eating my cereal I finished my daily Costner post. Soon after finishing my latest post, I headed off to put an end to my several weeks of sloth-like behavior at the Body Reserve gym. On my way to the gym, I resumed my iPodyssey where I was rudely cut off by a lethargic battery the previous evening at Radiohead’s “Optimistic”. For the most part my gym experience was marked by a good run of songs though my body was ready to give out about 1/6 into my workout. Probably the only musical hindrances to my progress were Luna’s mellow “Orange Peel”, the atmospheric interruption of Elliott Smith’s “Ostriches and Chirping” and Brian Wilson’s “Our Prayer/Wendell Gee” which is more of a transitional songs that can actually be appreciated if you listen to Smile as a full album. Other than that, the song selection came up aces. My elliptical adventure ended at Pavement’s “Our Singer” and soon enough I was entering my apartment to the tune of Neko Case’s “Outro With Bees”.

I didn’t get much time to rest after the gym as I had planned to get drinks with my former roommate Ellen at Sepia in Prospect Heights. We met at the corner of Sterling and 5th ave at 6pm and though I had my iPod with me I didn’t listen to it because that would’ve been rude and also because we were talking. This was certainly a lovely evening for a nice walk and talk as it felt like it might be 50 degrees outside. I joked that I could probably take my shirt off and not feel cold, though I refrained from actually doing so. My drinking outing with Ellen was extremely fun. If I had to make a list of favorite roommates of all time I think she would be somewhere near the top. We always have so much to talk about because we like a lot of the same things and frankly I miss our nights yelling at the TV while watching Wife Swap. After 2 beers at Sepia we made our way to Soda Bar for some food and a couple of more beers before going our separate ways. One we said our goodbyes, the iPodyssey resumed again with Neko Case’s “Outro with Bees” and it’s subsequent reprise.

On my way home, I came to the Dunkin Donuts at the corner of St. Marks and Flatbush and got a sudden craving for a Vanilla Chai. Instead of supressing my craving with an addictive diet pill I marched right inside and ordered what my taste buds desired. I was rewarded for my whimsical decision when the cashier offered me a free donut. My initial instinct was to refuse but since I don’t regularly partake in glazed goodness I took him up on his proposition and soon became the proud new owner of a Boston Kreme donut. From there I happily scurried on home to an excellent three song stretch involving both Wilco’s “Outtamind (Outtasite)” and “Outtasite (Outtamind)” and finally ending on The Proclaimers “Over and Done With” which has in recent months become one of my favorite songs.

All in all I’d say it was a pretty good day. So far I’m doing pretty well with my vow to get out of the house every day this week. Unfortunately my employment search has suffered, but I’m setting some time aside for that tomorrow before my body flies out the door and heads into Manhattan.


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