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Serious Pursuit

Posted by evankessler on February 21, 2007

Hello and welcome to another installment of the EvanKessler.com daily smattering of personal recollection. Today we tackle the events of February 20th, 2007 a day in which the phrase “Serious Pursuit” takes on three separate meanings.

The first meaning refers to the serious distance myself and one Maureen H had to travel in pursuit of a 2nd consecutive day of brunch.

The second “serious pursuit” is my ongoing pursuit of the ultimate iPod goal as I continued my alphabetical journey through my iPod in pursuit of the final song of the iPodyssey.

The third of the pursuits in question was the “pursuit” of victory in an epic game of Trivial Pursuit.

The day began innocently enough with a text message from Anna M at 8:15 in the morning, asking if I would be taking part in the unemployed brunch which we had planned last week to take place today at Starling’s house. I was a tad bit on the fence due to the previous day’s filling midday meal. My first inclination was to not go if Maureen was not going. However, after a few phone calls and text messages I was resigned to the fact that I would, in fact be joining the fray. Several hours later I received a call from Maureen and around 11:30 give or take, I left the apartment to meet up with her to get some food stuffs. It was then I started my iPodyssey for the day with “Oceans” by Pearl Jam. It paused several mintues later as I met up with Maureen on the corner of 7th and Union while listening to R.E.M’s “Oddfellows Local 151”. Maureen then grabbed some fruit while I got the bagels and cream cheese and we headed out from Brooklyn en route to Jersey City to meet Starling and Anna M for brunch.

Maureen and I spent the majority of our trip to Jersey discussing Silence Of The Lambs as well as her disdain for all Scientologists, which I support. It was about 12:50pm when we finally rolled up to Starling’s Jersey City abode. Mr. Starling was already in cooking mode as he had several skillets sauteeing peppers, mushrooms, and soon he added bacon that we brought. It was awhile before we started eating but we toasted our weekday brunch with Mimosas and hilarious conversation.

When we finally sat down at the dining room table to eat Adam asked if we put my iPod on. Before agreeing I made sure that everyone was okay with my iPodyssey stipulations. In no circumstances would we be allowed to skip any songs and they must continue in alphabetical order. These are the rules of the iPodyssey. We commenced the iPodyssey portion of the brunch as “Oddfellows Local 151” continued into The Decemberists’ “Of Angels and Angles”. It was then that Anna dropped a bomb on me a la The Gap Band. She too had done her own iPodyssey. I was somewhat disappointed that I was not the first person to think of this but nonetheless, I didn’t stay bothered as I rationalized that it just went to prove that great minds think alike. Plus, she hadn’t named her iPod journey “The iPodyssey”.

In any case, we went on enjoying the food that had been prepared though I mostly just partook in a bagel with cream cheese and bacon. We were also soon joined by the younger Starling who was taking his lunch break from work. It must be nice to work somewhere where you can go home for lunch. If I ever get a job again, it would be great if it were close to home and I didn’t have to go get lunch at some exorbitantly priced chain restaurant like Cosi. The conversation was pretty interesting as most of us revealed how much we’re willing to just move on from working in TV. I still have a passion for making things though, I just wish it was easier to find work and more of a stable profession. The funny thing about the work conversation was that part of it was going on as we listened to Mary Lou Lord’s “Old Tin Tray” which kind of echoed our work sentiments with the lyrics “Once in awhile it occurs, you find that you’re not where you thought that you were“. I think we all sort of thought we’d be more successful or at least have more stable footing in the world by this time…not that we’re miserable people by any means. We’re actually quite delightful and when we’re together we’re a downright great time.

When we finally finished our eating and talking we moved over to the living room where we became embroiled in a serious game of Trivial Pursuit. We didn’t make teams though, it was every person for themself in this heated contest. At first Starling took a resounding 2 pie piece lead, but soon everyone save for Maureen was tied at 3 slices apiece. It was around 7:30 andthe iPodyssey played on in the background and we all took turns answering questions incorrectly, though coincidentally one of the correctly answered was helped by the tunes blaring from my iPod. Elvis Presley’s “One Night” played as the correct answer on the back of one of the trivia cards read The King’s name. Coincidences like that are always amusing. I eventually put a stop to the iPodyssey on Bruce Springsteen’s “Open All Night”.

The game seemed to be dragging on an impossible amount of time and as we took turns announcing the questions using the “Echo Mic” we were starting to grow stir crazy. We wanted the game to end and it was getting late. We had been playing since 4:30pm and the clock read just after 9pm. Finally around 9:15 pm, 3 of us had a full pie of on our Trivial Pursuit gamepieces. We now just had to make it to the center and answer a question correctly. At around 9:22 the game was put to bed as yours truly answered a question that I can’t seem to recall. It wasn’t important. What was important was that our unending game had finally crossed the finish line. The most amazing part of the 5 hours spent around a board game, no one once hinted that they had anywhere to go or anywhere to be. This is frequently the reason why most board games come to an early demise, but not today. We actually played out the whole damn thing. It was quite the feat and somewhat of a sad feat at that, but we had fun doing it.

Soon enough Anna M, Maureen, and I headed back to the city of New York via the Path Train to the World Trade Center site, which had been described by Anna as somewhat surreal and weird since it takes you right through the middle of the construction site like some bizarre tour ride at a Disney park. It is certainly something strange to experience. That path station is certainly something though. As we all split up I felt as though I was at an airport and we were all splitting up to go to separate gates. It just makes you feel like you’re in the future of New York while in the center of it’s tragic past. Quite the strange sensation if you ask me. After we split up I took the 3 back to Brooklyn and only made it 2 more songs on my iPodyssey to Radiohead’s “Optimistic” before my battery died. When I got off the train at Bergen street I had to walk home in silence…poor me. Overall, I made it through 71 songs today which is the most I’d done in awhile. All in a good day’s work, but the day was done and it was time to spend sometime in the comfort of my own home, though I certainly achieved the week’s goal of getting out of the house.


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