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The Love Boat

Posted by evankessler on January 24, 2007

Love…Exciting and new. Come aboard EvanKessler.com readers. Gopher, Doc, Captain Stubing and company are expecting you. Where are we going? Well, we’re not technically going anywhere but we’ve reached a landmark on this here journey we (or more accurately, I) call the iPodyssey.

At approximately 5:20 today while engaged in a heated cardio session on the elliptical machine at the Body Reserve gym, I, Evan Kessler, realized I was in love…or more specifically into the “Love” section on my alphabetical journey through my iPod. Tuesday’s stretch of songs began a mere 4o minutes before as I left my apartment and headed towards the gym to the tune of Aimee Mann’s “Lost In Space”. The next 3 songs I heard shared the same title though the one immediately following was an upbeat number by the Fountains of Wayne . The two consequential tracks of the same name were live and album versions of a Luna song.

Several times during my workout I felt on the verge of breaking the “love” barrier. The first time was directly after Golden Smog’s “Lost Love”, a song whose title suggested a passing of the torch between two theme words. It would have seemed as if after 10 straight songs with the word “lost” in their title the word had finally gotten tired and said, “hey love, you take over…I’m on my last legs”. That was wishful thinking though and the “lost” section forged on for two more songs. At the end of Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones” there’s a skit where a guy is in a classroom teaching kids about love. That would’ve been the perfect cue for the “love” section to start, but wishful thinking took a back seat to reality once again as Stephen Malkmus interrupted with a “Loud…” song that resonated in my eardrum simultaneously with both enjoyment and disappointment. “Loud” was given one more turn and morphed into “Lounge…” for Nirvana before cupid fired his arrow into my iPod at the aforementioned time of 5:20pm.

The first “Love” selection was titled simply that and was rhymed by the mighty Mos Def. My trip to the gym ended two songs later on Rilo Kiley’s “Love & War (11/11/46)” and finally I arrived home to the tune of Kurt Cobain howling about a “Love Buzz”. The Tuesday iPodyssey could’ve ended there but I extended it a few more songs when I went to the grocery store and ultimately ended up 24 songs after I began, with Ryan Adams singing about how “Love Is Hell”.

The rest of the evening was quite enjoyable as I met up with John, Jess, James, Colleen, and Mitch at the Lighthouse where we ate, drank, and played some pool. Also, John gave me a 20o7 Kill Buffalo Records Sampler featuring new music from Earl Pickens as well as the new band signed to John’s Label, The Roadside Graves. Looks like I’ve got some listening to do before bed time. However, remember to tune in to tomorrow’s iPodyssey where the love the points double…or at least I listen to more “Love” songs.

P.S. I’m experimenting with a few new template options so bear with me.

Tuesday’s Favorites: Aimee Mann “Lost In Space”, Luna “Lost In Space”, The Clash “Lost In The Supermarket”, Golden Smog “Lost Love”, Clem Snide “Lost Music”, Lauryn Hill “Lost Ones”, Cat Power “Love & Communication”, Rilo Kiley “Love and War (11/11/46)”, Pearl Jam “Love Boat Captain”


One Response to “The Love Boat”

  1. Anonymous said

    I am so stoked that i was almost a part of your last entry for 2006. Let me know when I can get a copy of the new ear/buffalo music

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