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A Little Bit of This Oughtta Do The Trick

Posted by evankessler on January 19, 2007

Is handsoap just as effective as deodorant soap? The reason I ask is because earlier in the day our handyman was back to repaint the ceiling and all of the toiletries had been removed from the bathroom so as not to be infected by the paint. After the painting was done I went to the gym and upon my return decided to take a shower. However, when I jumped into the shower, I realized that the only soap within my reach was the handsoap by the sink. Rather than put on a towel and fetch my deodorant soap I decided that the handsoap would suffice. The lather action was certainly satisfactory and I quite agreed with the Morning Mist scent which was a welcome respite from my body’s normal odoriforous emanation of the Irish spring milieu.

While I certainly don’t plan on using hand soap for all of my future shower excursions, it was certainly a reliable standby. My only regret is that I don’t know if I am sufficiently cleansed by said hand soap. Is there a degree of cleanliness that deodorant soap holds over hand soap that I am missing out on, ultimately making me filthy in my current state? Well, no matter, I suppose I don’t have huge plans for the evening. I can get by smelling like morning mist until the actual morning mist makes its appearance in nature…though not in my apartment.

In any case…now that I’ve pondered that I shall let you know that the iPodyssey advanced a mere 15 songs from Sparklehorse’s “Little Fat Baby” to Oasis’ “Live Forever”. The most remarkable part about today’s song span was the fact that there were three songs starting with “Little Red…”. One came from Loretta Lynn, one from Fountains of Wayne, and the final one from Eef Barzelay. Other than that, I heard one of my favorite cover’s of all time, Yo La Tengo doing the Beach Boys’ “Little Honda”. It’s more of a summer song but listening to it in winter warms me up. Alright, time to figure out my evening plans…I might even get some more listening in if I walk to someone’s house…Isn’t that exciting?!?!?!?!?!?!

Friday Favorites: Sparklehorse “Little Fat Baby”, Yo La Tengo “Little Honda”, The Replacements “Little Mascara”, The Cardigans “Live and Learn”, Pulp “Live Bed Show”.


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