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Why is there no K Train?

Posted by evankessler on January 12, 2007

It would’ve made telling the tale of Thursday’s iPodyssey and subsequent happening that much more fun. Imagine the scene, I’m at the Atlantic Ave subway station listening to a “K” song, when all of the sudden the mysterious and magical K train comes by providing the ultimate coincidence, nay sign, letting me know that I’m on the right path with my iPod adventure.

In any case, that’s not what happened. Truth be told I spent most of the day waiting for a phone call that never came and continuing the great EvanKessler.com archival project. The entire contents of the original EvanKessler.com will be restored to this here blog by the end of the week to anyone who cares. Right now, I’ve gone as far back as January of ’05. I’ve also added some photos to the old posts. You’ll notice two new link in my links section pointing to the EvanKessler.com Guerrilla interviews from the old site but in new blogger form. I’ve also linked to my friend Jim’s music blog Pop Headwound. So check out those links, though the Guerrilla Interviews section has yet to be completely restored.

After a day in which my focus was solely on improving the contents of this here website, the advent of the evening shifted my fixation towards imbibing alcohol. At around 6pm I grabbed my iPod and walked towards the Atlantic station listening to Luna’s “Kalamazoo” to get the Thursday iPodyssey off to a late start. As I waited for the D train into Manhattan I burned through about 5 songs up to Broken Social Scene’s “KC Accidental”. At this point the 2nd M train in 15 minutes had come rolling into the station. I had passed on it the first time because I had no subway map near me at the time and where it went was a complete mystery to me. Perhaps, the M in M train stands for Mystery. After boarding the Mystery train, I surmised that the train would probably take me much closer to my destination than the D would’ve as the D would’ve require a transfer to the F.

While riding the M train I felt like I was in some sort of secret netherworld. Everyone seemed a little off. Some people were laughing crazily aloud, other people sat huddled to themselves with a devilish grin, while still others seemed to have no idea what they were doing on this train and seemed to be plotting their escape. You can put me in the latter group. I kept my spirits up and suspicions down by bopping along to Weezer’s “Keep Fishin'” and Superdrag’s “Keep it Close To Me” and soon the nightmare was over as I exited the Delancey-Essex stop to the final chorus of Black Grape’s “Kelly’s Heroes”.

My destination was a bar called SKINny on Orchard Street, where I’d be meeting several friends for happy hour. It wasn’t a long walk but I my musical accompaniment was lacking as I was enduring the silent section of a 13 minute song entitled “Ken’s Polka Thing”. Soon I arrived at the bar and found Suli, Rich, Lauren H, and Andy enjoying the cheap beer. We were soon joined by Ahmad, Abdullah, Pat, Jeni, her friend Mark, and Jason S. Conversation was quite enjoyable as Suli came up with the idea of sexual simulation games on the Nintendo Wii. I think there’s a lot of money in that idea but I also think the adult companies are always one step ahead of everyone. We were also mesmerized by the John Waters Film “Pink Flamingos” being projected on the wall above our table. It’s hard to turn away from a sex scene involving chickens as disturbing as it might be. It certainly is not the most disturbing part of the movie but we don’t have to go into all of that.

The night ended somewhere in the early 10’s and Andy, Jason, and I jumped on the F train back to Brooklyn. I started listening to my iPod while talking to them so I could get through the silent part of “Ken’s Polka Thing”. They got off 2 stops before me and the iPodyssey resumed for 7 more songs including doubles of Pavement’s “Kennel District” as I walked home from the 4th and 9th stop. After 5 beers and 19 songs, I walked through the door to the tune of Wilco’s “Kicking Television” thus ending my day as I changed into pajama like clothing and watched the Daily Show and Colbert report before heading off to the bed. I expect big things this weekend with a Cold Hands Collective show at Southpaw tonight, Ken S’s birthay tomorrow and some playoff football throughout. Stay tuned for more updates.


2 Responses to “Why is there no K Train?”

  1. Barbara said

    Woltre um zensao os guerre xada lo querev, cativi? Ad rouroxi prenzi yognicao yoraro, quel aves. Mestro occatici ha xavian do!

  2. Evan Kessler said

    I know this is probably an ad for something but $5 for anyone who can translate it and tell me what language it is. We can translate those $5 to mean a drink

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