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Yes There Really Is A Kalamazoo

Posted by evankessler on January 11, 2007

I’m not much in the mood for writing but I feel that it’s my duty to keep a good thing going. Today was not very eventful but the event that took place today was quite enjoyable. … but first I’ll get you caught up on the iPodyssey. I went to the gym from at around 2pm and my daily iPodyssey began with Jurassic 5’s “Jurass Finish First”. Towards the end of my workout I broke new ground when “K-Hole” by the Silver Jews popped on. I figure the “K” section is going to be pretty short seeing as I can’t think of many words that begin with “K”. My Thursday iPod journey would end two songs later after two songs called “Kalamazoo”, one by Ben Folds and one by Luna. Who knew there were two songs by two different artists titled “Kalamazoo”.

The rest of my day was spent building up to the evening’s main event. A week or so ago I had sent around and email to a couple of friends about getting a Pub Quiz team together. Tonight, at the Black Sheep Pub on Bergen St. in Park Slope that team came came to play, or more specifically those two teams came to play. The response was so favorable to my Pub Quiz idea that 8 people came out to play and we were able to form 2 teams of 4 people to compete in the event at the cost of $5 a head.

Team one was the Dead Parrots, consisting of myself, Andrew Morton, Maureen H, and Laura R.

Team two was Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys consisting of Stephen H, Katie O, Laura B, and Dan F.

To make a long story short at the halfway point the Dead Parrots were leading over the entire bar with 18 questions answered correctly. We each had our high points and teamwork was certainly the watchword of the evening as we each contributed evenly. Everyone’s scope of knowledge complemented that of their neighbor’s. However, these were no easy questions and by the time the 10th and final round of questions had ended, we no longer felt so optimistic about our chances after being shut out in one of the final rounds. As the story goes, we ended up in 4th place and Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys took 2nd place.

However, I’d like to warn all other Pub Quiz contestants, The Dead Parrots will be back on January 24th and they’ll be back with a vengeance. Take heed.


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