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It’s A Jungle(land) Out There

Posted by evankessler on January 10, 2007

It’s a Jungle out there. Well, not that I would know it. I woke up at 12:40pm this afternoon yet it was still well before I made my first move towards finding out exactly what made it so jungle-like in this fair city.

Before I advanced on an enemy bunker or took a subway into Manhattan, first thing was first, I needed drop off my laundry and then cross the street to the Key Food and grab myself some cereal and other odds and ends dealing with food and beverage consumption and personal hygiene. The highlight of that trip was getting to use my Key Food Savings Club Card. The lowlight of that trip was finding out that the Key Food Savings Club Card was not going to save me any money on this particular array of items. There’s always next time though I suppose I’m going to have to start buying a wider variety of items instead of just turkey, swiss cheese, cereal, and toilet paper. Maybe when I got back tomorrow to get more bread I’ll swipe and save.

Key Food Savings Club Card: Get Your Today, Save Eventually.

After getting home I ate some cereal, drank some Green Tea and made a call about a job. I didn’t bother to shower because by the time I finished all of my official business it was nearly 3pm and I had wasted enough time already. It was time to head into the land of the Concrete Jungle to face the gods of commerce. That’s right. It was back to that beacon of expensive clothes and colognes that I had visited more than 2 weeks ago, the place they call “Bloomingdales”.

My mission was clear as I walked out of the house to the tune of Clem Snide’s “Jews for Jesus Blues” carrying on with my iPodyssey. I was to go to Bloomingdales and exchange the shirts I got for ones with bigger necks. It seems the shirts I had purchased on my previous adventure were one size too small. I continued my walk to the Atlantic Ave train hub and heard “Jews for Jesus Blues” yet again, followed by 4 “Jimmy” songs. My expectation for my trip into the city was that it would be a quick, harmless, in and out operation. For the most part it was, save for the unexpected repeats of the same version of Clem Snide’s “Joan Jett of Arc”.

By the time I arrived at Bloomie’s, as the lavish set call it, I was nearly through with Neko Case’s “John Saw That Number” and by the time I had seeked out my shirts for exchange, I was on my 2nd “Jolene” song (White Stripes cover of Dolly Parton and a Ray Lamontagne original). I paused my iPod in order to deal with the cashier and left it off until I left the store.

In all honesty I saw myself burning through to the letter K in today’s version of the iPodyssey, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) there were more “J” songs than I thought possible. I think only 9 of the 36 songs I heard today weren’t people’s name songs. We had Jimmy, Jo Jo, Joan, Joy, Joe, John, Johnny, Jolene, Juanita, Julia, Julianne, and July. The spell was broken as The White Stripes “Jumble, Jumble” came on and seemed to cut that trend off for good as there Elvis Costello, The Rollings Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Elliott Smith avoiding mentioning any other possible girls names that start with “J”. I finally arrived back home to the tune of Jurassic 5’s “Jurass Finish First”. The thought of continuing and breaking into K did cross my mind but my gym clothes were at the laundromat and I didn’t feel like going for a walk. Besides, there’s always tomorrow.

Tuesday Favorites: Clem Snide “Jews for Jesus Blues”, Echo & The Bunnymen “Jimmy Brown”, The Clash “Jimmy Jazz”, Stephen Malkmus “Jo Jo’s Jacket”, Fountains of Wayne “Joe Rey”, Bruce Springsteen “John Henry”, Neko Case “John Saw That Number”, Bruce Springsteen “Johnny 99”, Beastie Boys “Johnny Ryall”, The Beatles “Julia”, Ben Folds “Julianne”, Decemberists “July, July”, Bruce Springsteen “Jungleland”


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