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The Sound of Jesus

Posted by evankessler on January 9, 2007

Monday morning brought an air of freedom as I woke up at 11am in celebration of my latest bout of joblessness. Despite the foul weather outside, my heart was singing on the inside. Most people with the option to stay in bed on a rainy Monday would not hesitate to take the opportunity to do so. However, I was not about to sink into a routine of laziness right off the bad. So instead, I ventured into Manhattan to run a few errands even though the heavens were crying.

On my way out the door, I resumed my iPodyssey where it had left off with Aimee Mann’s “It’s Not Safe” followed by 8 more “It’s” songs. Somewhere underground in Midtown, I realized that the “I” portion of the iPodyssey had ended and I had in fact moved into the J portion of my Journey. I was listening to Beck’s “Jackass” and I just thought, “Hey this is Jackass! I’m in J!” Apparently, I had completely zoned out during John Mellencamp’s Classic 1980’s ditty about “Jack & Diane”. As the J’s went on through my day, I noticed that the majority of J song titles were all name-oriented. There were songs about Jack, Jackie, Jacob, Jacqueline Jane, Janie, Jed, Jennifer, and as I arrived home Rilo Kiley was belting out “Jenny, You’re Barely Alive”, but not before Stephen Malkmus told the story of “Jenny & The Ess Dog”.

Seeing as I won’t be commuting as regularly it’s almost certain that the pace of the iPodyssey will suffer. However, I’ve made it my mission to keep the pace moving as much as possible. Keeping up my end of the bargain, I decided to build on today’s progress by taking my pod to the gym.

As I walked out towards my local no frills fitness center I burned through Noise Addict’s “Jerk” and Springsteen’s cover of Pete Seeger’s “Jesse James”. Then it happened…time slowed down and the Ryan Adams song “Jesus (Don’t Touch My Baby)” quietly ushered in the religious portion of the iPodyssey. I wasn’t quite sure how many “Jesus” songs there would be but let’s just say it lasted the entire portion of my workout, which was somewhat abbreviated due to the fact that most of these songs were slow and long (with the exception of Supergrass “Jesus Came from Outta Space”) including doubles of Wilco’s “Jesus Don’t Cry”, providing me a near non-existent adrenaline rush. The Jesus string finally came to an close with Brendan Benson’s “Jet Lag” as I finished up my workout and left the gym. Just when I thought I was out of the holy water, the soundtrack to my walk home ended up being Clem Snide’s “Jews for Jesus Blues”. Maybe someone was trying to tell me something, or maybe I’m just listening to songs in alphabetical order.


3 Responses to “The Sound of Jesus”

  1. Katie said

    unemployed huh? me too! ya know, we could do fun unemployed things together while those other shmose are at work. 😉

  2. Katie said

    unemployed huh? me too!! ya know, we could do fun unemployed things together while those other shmose are at work. 😉

  3. Evan Kessler said

    I’m in.

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