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Posted by evankessler on January 4, 2007

It managed to turn into Thursday morning before I got the chance to write my Wednesday post. For shame. Well what can I say, Munich is a long movie and I have to return it to my editor tomorrow before I forget to return to her on my last day at work. I’ve had it for about 2 months so I figured tonight it was about time I watch it. It was a pretty good movie and not too one sided morally. Or at least it wasn’t as tilted towards one side as I thought it would be.

Usually I do this sequentially but hell, I’ve already told you how I spent my evening, so don’t despair if I don’t recap my movie watching experience again at the end. All you have to do is look at the first paragraph to see what it was all leading up to.

The morning began as most morning’s do. The latin loops ring on my cell phone was blasting obnoxiously loud, alerting me that it was 8:08am right before I kissed a nondescript female in my dream. That’s the only part of the dream I remember. I was about to make sweet love with some unidentifiable girl (or at least kiss her) when at 8:08am it sounded like a Williamsburg Bodega at 11:30pm on a Saturday in my bedroom. Now, I know what you’re asking…”Why do I wake up at 8:08am? Well, I had to come to that time gradually. You see, when I first started working at my current job they notified me that I was to be in at 9am every day and that attendance would be taken. It took me a couple of days to snuff out the B.S., since whenever I showed up near 9 I was the only one in the office. I soon ascertained that I could arrive at 9:30am, maybe sometimes 9:45, and if I was really pushing it, 10am. In any case, I realized that I could give myself more and more time to sleep because a)I was finally getting used to the commute and finally had figured out how long it would take for the train to me to work, B) my roommate always takes an unreasonably long time to get ready and I figured that this would cut out some of the wait time (though admittedly 8:15 is probably a better wake up time unless he’s out early) C) I sort of thought I was retyping in the hour when I typed in 8 in the minute column of the alarm on my cell phone and didn’t feel like changing it.

In any case, it was 8:08am, and time for me to begin another beautiful day on this Planet Earth. I went through the usual routine, shower, brush my teeth, stare at my computer blankly until 8:52 while watching NY1 as background, and then head on out. Actually it was a little different as I only stared blankly until 8:45 as I had to leave a little earlier to drop off some dry cleaning including my blazer from New Year’s and my suit that I had worn to Maureen’s holiday party almost 3 weeks earlier. Sometimes I’m such a slacker.

My plan to get off a bit earlier was thwarted after I brought my clothes to the cleaners, I realized I had forgotten my book and had to go back to my apartment thereby negating any time I had saved. I didn’t start today’s portion of the iPodyssey until I started walking back to my apartment as it led off with Fiona Apple’s “I Know” directly followed by Aimee Mann’s “I Know There’s A Word”, which led me to think of all of the damned Aimee Mann songs that had already come up and I wasn’t even done with the “I” as a word songs. “I” is her letter in this journey. She already has 5 “I” word songs (“I Should’ve Known” also played today) and trust me, there’s going to be another one early tomorrow before I get to the subway. I’m tempted to call her the Queen of Feelings since most songs titled with an “I” tend to be about personal feelings. (That’s stupid most good songs have something to do with personal feelings) Nonetheless she’s an excellent songwriter.

Midway through my ride on the Q train I hit my first doubles of the day with two versions of Pavement’s “I Love Perth”. How often do you get doubles consisting of two different versions of a B-side? Soon after that head scratching riddle, Gillian Welch came up with “I Made A Lover’s Prayer” and if you recall yesterday, Ms. Welch was running neck and neck with the aforementioned Ms. Mann for the “I” lead. Don’t worry,Gillian gained some more ground when “I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll” came on a while later. However, the fact that I have only two of her albums probably means that she’ll lose out.

There was actually some decent progress made today in the iPodyssey as I did to a little bit of listening between making phone calls to Detroit news affilliates and logging. There were two more sets of doubles featuring Uncle Tupelo’s cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. By the end of the day I had covered 50 songs and hadn’t even reached the end of the “I” as a word songs but I must be getting close since my end point was “I Was Meant For The Stage” by The Decemberists. It’s possible that I could be the letter with the most songs since after “I”, there’ll probably be “I’d” songs and “I’m”, “I’ll” and that’s all before we get to “It’s”. This one’s gonna take awhile. The J’s should be short though. I’m going to take comfort in that. Never before has the 9th letter in the alphabet been so daunting.

Sidenote: If you’re ever having a conversation with someone standing next to you on a relatively quiet street and I can hear you clearly across the street or a block away and you’re not yelling, then you’re talking way too loud.

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