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Posted by evankessler on December 27, 2006

I couldn’t think of any clever title so I just used the last song I listened to on the iPodyssey. It’s been slow goings with the letter H since I havent’ been working this week. I’ve spent most of my time sitting around home and/0r running errands. Yesterday I got in some listening time on my way to the BAM Rose cinemas to see Volver. I left my apartment at around 3pm thinking it would take much longer to walk to the theatre than it actually did. I was about an hour early so I got some quality listening time while I read The Village Voice. When it was time for to go into the movie I had gone from Golden Smog’s “He’s A Dick” to Tuscadero’s “Heat Lightning”. As far as the movie went, I really enjoyed it. It’s pretty easy to stare at Penelope Cruz for two hours but the film itself was entertaining with a great sense of humor about it mixed in with some darker themes. However, the darker themes never seemed to take over or become overbearing. Thumbs up for Pedro Almodovar and his cast.

After the film I headed back to my abode burning through 6 songs including three versions of Pavement’s “Heaven is A Truck” and ending on “Heavenly” by the Dandy Warhols. Post film, I headed to Union Hall where I met R.B. He was drinking and playing Bocce with a drunk guy named Zeke who found it absolutely necessary to give a Bocce lesson to ever single new player that stepped on either of the two Bocce courts. Before they could start a game, they had to play Zeke first. The first victims were a brother and sister who were with their father. Zeke played one on one with the dad and gave the kids lessons even though they knew how to play. R.B. is always good for becoming way to friendly with such strange folk and we basically ended up playing with Zeke all night. It was funny and simultaneously somewhat annoying. At 8:15 Morwin came by, had a few drinks and played some Bocce as well. At the end of the night R.B. and Morwin were gone and I found myself playing against some dude and his girlfriend who is from Brooklyn but goes to school in Vermont. It was quite bizarre. Zeke kept giving pointers and even jumped in for a round to show me what I should do next. I left at around 11:15 stopping at the 5th avenue deli for a bagel and then it was home for bed.

I woke up at 8am this morning thinking that it was at least 11am. I was disappointed. I was ready to face the day but did not want to do so so early. Instead, it was back to bed until 11:20. It took awhile before I got mobilized but eventually the decision was made to run some errands at Duane Reade and Key Food. On the way, I’d have to listen to my iPod. The trip lasted 16 songs from “Heavenly” to “Here Comes A Regular” by the Replacements. Nothing of note happened as I bought some mouthwash, ajax, turkey, cheese, bread, triscuits, and ginger ale. There was just some enjoyable wandering with my iPod supplying the soundtrack.

When I arrived home I let the iPod play in the kitchen until it reached Galaxie 500’s “Here She Comes Now” while I made a turkey sandwich. The rest of the day was about cleanup as I ajaxed the tub and made use of the new Hannukah Hangers my mom got me from QVC. However, I’m not quite sure what to do with all of those other hangers. I also gave the apartment a nice Febreze once over. Now it smells nice.

I didn’t get as much cleaning done as I would’ve liked but I grew tired of the apartment around 7:30pm and headed out to the gym. “Here Comes A Regular” resumed when I left the apartment and throughout the workout I hit a pretty good string of songs including doubles of The Pixies “Here Comes Your Man” and Pavement’s “Here” though they were several songs apart because one had an asterisk in the title) as well as an Oasis version and the original David Bowie version of “Heroes”. Brian Wilson’s “Heroes and Villains” caused a brief reminiscence as my brother and I used to sing along with it along with many other Beach Boys songs on long road trips to the Hamptons and other places. We had about 14 Beach Boys tapes and used to fight over who could sing leads. I think the only one I was actually allowed to sing was “In My Room”. I might’ve also been given vocal rights to “Little Saint Nick”. In any case it was the rare gym trip that wasn’t derailed by slow songs. The last track I heard when I arrived back home was Oasis’s “Hey Now!”. That pretty much does it for this lazy Tuesday. Tomorrow, is a big shopping day as I’m going to Bloomingdales to spend a gift certificate. I’m not much of a shopper so I’ll have some company. Tune in tomorrow when I’ll tell you everything I buy. I’m sure you care.


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