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Fruits of My Labor

Posted by evankessler on December 19, 2006

Despite a major setback this weekend, the iPodyssey is forging ahead. Monday represented a fresh start and what better way to get a fresh start than with the song you left off on. As I walked out the door and onto my street, I scrolled through my freshly re-filled iPod to find Pete Yorn’s “For Nancy”. I have to say, it wasn’t the most ideal song for starting the day. I love the energy in the song but it’s not much of a strolling song and when I walk to the subway I like to have a nice light, airy, song that puts a little bit of a bounce in my step. This was more of an angsty relationship ending song. “For Nancy” was followed by Kasey Chambers “For Sale”, which was a bit lighter but somewhat on the depressing side. It spoke to my theme of general career and life uncertainly as the Australian country songstress chirped “Wouldn’t you think, that I’ve got it all figured out by now? That I’d know exactly what I’m doing...” I expected there to be more songs that started with the word “For” but there only 5 more after that one and two of them were from The Cardigans album Long Gone Before Daylight, that were both enjoyed on the subway as I began reading Tom Robbins’ “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues”.

After my subway ride came to a screeching halt near Herald Square a string of 4 straight “forever” songs began and that rolled into the work day. There wasn’t a whole lot of office listening as my day was interrupted by the arrival of a 1970’s TV and the task to connect a “Pong” home system to the set, followed by two consecutive victories against co-workers. I’m proclaiming myself the Atlas Pong champion until more is played tomorrow.

I intentionally went for minimal progress today (49 songs) because I was not quite ready to hit the G’s. I still had to replenish my iPod with a few albums and one of the albums had an early G song that I wanted to make sure was there. I was running low on power when Neko Case’s “Fox Confessor Brings The Flood” popped on so I hooked the ol’ 2nd generation to my work mac, only I was unaware that the itunes setting were on shuffle so I lost a song or two of progress there when I realized I was listening to Liz Phair’s “Nashville” and thinking, “Does Nashville somehow start with an F or is this a different song.” I quickly remedied the situation and all was right with the world. I would only get through 3 or 4 more songs at work as I was halted on Luna’s “Freakin’ and Peakin” until taking of around 6:40 in the P.M. I walked to the subway listening to Cat Power’s “Free” and I thought that it was the type of song my day should have started with. If only I could control this crazy iPodyssey. I thought more “Free” songs would follow but I only came across Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” and Throwing Muses “Freeloader” afterwards. I was mildly shocked.

After a slew of “Friend” songs “Friends of P” was my returning home soundtrack. I put down my iPod and headed over to former roommate John V’s place so I could get his copy of Ryan Adams “Jacksonville City Nights” so I could reload it onto my player before its “G” song was supposed to come up. That was a close call and I am a dork. In any case, I had decided that my iPod movement for the day was too minimal. Too get the numbers up I took a constitutional to the gym and spent some time climbing electronically resetting stairs. The first couple of songs were moderately paced and kept me moving but once The New Pornographers “From Blown Speakers” ended, the songs got unbearably slow. I almost skipped The Decemberists “From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea” for dragging down my momentum, and was similarly tempted by the following three “fruit” songs.

The evening came mercifully to an end as I walked in the door listening to Lucinda Williams “Fruits of My Labor” but inexplicably kept my headphones on for half of Golden Smog’s “Frying Pan Eyes”. I suppose that’s where we’ll start tomorrow as we continue to push on alphabetically.

Oh, on another note. Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday so Happy Birthday Mom, and it’s also my holiday party, so if there is no post then look for it the next day. However, I will do my best to post despite my almost certain drunken state.

Monday’s Best:
“For Nancy” (Pete Yorn), “For The Birds” (Juliana Hatfield Three), For the Boys “The Cardigans”, “Fortunate Son” (Creedence Clearwater Revival), “Fountain and Fairfax” (Afghan Whigs), “Four Leaf Clover” (Old 97’s w/Exene Cervenka), “Fourth of July” (Galaxie 500), “Free” (Cat Power), “Friday I’m In Love” (The Cure), “From A Balance Beam” (Bright Eyes)


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