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No Time for Love Dr. Jones

Posted by evankessler on December 17, 2006

Sunday football is quickly approaching and I’ve yet to post my picks for the week. Last week’s record was a paltry 8-8 as my opponent Bruce went 9-7 sinking me into a 3 game hole with a mere 2 more weeks to go in the season after this one. However, we do count the playoffs so there is hope.

Let’s get down to business to paraphrase what Shorty up there says. Two games were already played and I’m just going to assume that my opponent and I picked them both correctly, being the Pigskin Gods that we are. We all know that gods are infallible (even the ones that make mistakes) so there’s no reason that we should not have picked both San Francisco and Dallas to win the first two games this week. So without further ado Week 15, you’re on notice:

49ers over Seahawks
Cowboys over Falcons
Bears over Bucs
Steelers over Panthers
Packers over Lions
Ravens over Browns
Titans over Jaguars
Jets over Vikings
Saints over Redskins
Bills over Dolphins
Cardinals over Broncos (Bruce picks Broncos)
Rams over Raiders
Giants over Eagles (Bruce picks Eagles)
Chargers over Chiefs
Bengals over Colts (Bruce picks Colts)
Week 14 Picks
Evan 8-8
Bruce 9-7

Evan 123-85
Bruce 126-82


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