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Tis the F’ing Season.

Posted by evankessler on December 16, 2006

On the first night of Chanukah my true love gave to me…”

No, the title doesn’t mean it’s the season to have sex. I suppose any season is good for that. However, when Sundown hit on this Friday December 15th, it all of the sudden became perfectly acceptable to start wishing people Happy Holidays as Chanukah was thrust upon an unsuspecting public (and by unsuspecting public I mean goyim).

Before the sky went black and we Jews went on our candle lighting money grubbing rampage that sent all of the Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Shintoists, Taoists, and especially Buddhists running for cover, there was an entire day of toil as my final several days at my job wind down. I suppose I haven’t mentioned this to many people yet, but my project is coming to an end and come January 5th I will be lining up for unemployment if I am, in fact, eligible.

In any case, my Friday morning began as I took to the subway with my iPod in hand and my right ear still reeling from it’s inability to detect sound. No matter, I popped my ear phones on my ol’ noggin and made for the 4,5 train which would take me to my doctors office. This Friday’s edition of the iPodyssey began with Weezer’s “Fall Together” leading into Ben Kweller’s “Falling”. I have to say the latter was perfect for a stroll to the subway, it was light, breezy, pleasant, and downright autumnal. The 4 train arrived rather quickly and I rode the subway and read the Post which I hadn’t done in at least a month. I’ve been too busy actually reading books and had just finished Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Deadeye Dick’ yesterday, which I found to be so enjoyable to the point where I am considering buying every single Kurt Vonnegut book I have not yet read and breezing through them consecutively and then rereading the ones I already have. That is how much I admire his writing, not that this should be a revelation.

Back to the subway ride…So I was thumbing through the New York Post and after my reading streak, reading a newspaper story that isn’t necessarily going anywhere seems exceedingly boring. Though I suppose the New York Post is not exactly a beacon of informative journalism, but what is these days. As I perused my periodical, I drifted through 6 more “Falling” songs before getting to the doctor’s office.

I arrived 15 minutes early to my appointment but had virtually no wait. The doctor I go to doesn’t even have a nurse or any additional help save for his receptionist. He doesn’t leave you waiting. This is why he is a good doctor. He gets right in there and solves the problem. My problem on this particular occasion was my aforementioned ear blockage. So what does my doctor do? He gets in and solves the problem with a syringe of hydrogen peroxide and some warm water to flush out the blockage. My hero. However, after getting repeated blasts of water I did experience some excessive dizziness for 2 minutes or so. When the dizzyness wore off it was back to work and back to my iPodyssey as I walked a couple of avenues to the office. Ironically, as my right ear runway was plowed, my left earphone shorted out.

During my stroll, listening through my new good ear, I heard 2 different songs entitled “Family Tree”, the first by Ben Kweller followed by a recent Loretta Lynn tune. As I entered the elevator “Famous” by Bis popped on my player and I wondered if anyone famous liked the song “Famous” and if they’d ever been caught singing itself to them out loud. I could see some young hip Jake Gyllenhaal, Chloe Sevigny type walking around singing the lyrics, “I’m so Famous, I’m so famous” and having their innocent lyrical recall totally misconstrued as an incredible act of egotism. However, it has probably never happened so my the aimless meanderings of my brain were mere wishful thinking for the occurrence of an awkward situation.

The workday itself provided plenty opportunity for furthering my quest as I spent a good deal of the hours adding up timings for footage and all of that fun stuff. I encountered the usual Pavement doubles from their reissued albums. There was oone song that did not belong as Fiona Apple’s cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Angel” was listed on the pod as “Fiona Apple- Angel” and therefore appeared in the Fi section. I also came across another instance of different songs of the same name as Nada Surf and Ryan Adams went back to back with their own takes on the title “Firecracker”. There was the rare instance of three consecutive songs from the same band but it involved Pavement and those pesky alternate versions (2 versions of Flux= Rad) from their reissues as well as one from their last and not yet reissued album Terror Twilight (“Folk Jam”).

The Musical Highlight on the way home was “Folsom Prison Blues” (Johnny Cash), as I walked out of the subway and into the stationery store to buy some really awful holiday cards and some Chanukah candles. After that detour, the day ended as I walked through the door to my humble abode 90 songs after the day had begun to the tune of fellow Syracuse Alum Pete Yorn’s “For Nancy”. I decided to spend the rest of my Friday cleaning up my room and writing this blog. I also meant to wrap my presents in preparation of tomorrow’s familial Chanukah meeting. Unfortunately, it’s late, I can’t find scotch tape, and I don’t feel like going to the stores. I suppose that will just have to wait until tomorrow morning. Until then, have a pleasant night, and a Happy Chanukah. I’ll say Merry Christmas to all you heathens when the time is right.

Friday Favorites: “Falling” (Ben Kweller), “Family Tree” (Loretta Lynn), “Farming It Out” (Mary Lou Lord), “Fast As You Can” (Fiona Apple), “Fatal Wound” (Uncle Tupelo), “Fight The Power” (Public Enemy), “Fighting In A Sack” (The Shins), “Filipino Box Spring Hog” (Tom Waits), “Filmore Jive” (Pavement), Fireflies (Rhett Miller & Rachel Yamagata), “Fix Up, Look Sharp” (Dizzee Rascal), “Fixing A Hole” (The Beatles), “Flitcraft” (Mekons), “Float On” (Modest Mouse), “Folk Jam” (Pavement), “Folsom Prison Blues” (Johnny Cash)


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