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Every F’in Song There Is

Posted by evankessler on December 15, 2006

That’s right, I’m not skipping a damn thing on Mr. Ipod (otherwise named Evan Kessler’s Best Friend) and that includes every “every” song and each individual song in the “F” section. Luckily for me when I started the day, the 6th letter of the alphabet was well within my reach. Unfortunately, I did not make as big of a dent as I would have liked to in today’s portion of the iPodyssey, but I made it further than I thought I did as 51 songs were eradicated on the alphabetical iPod countdown.

My morning began as Sting and Company told me that “Every Little Thing She (maybe Trudy Styler) Does is Magic” and soon I was rapt in 5 consecutive songs about “everybody” and pretty soon a bunch of artists wanted to talk about “everything” for 11 straight tracks”. There were plenty of good songs contained in there but with each new song I felt like I was on the verge of breaking new ground into the F sector. I came across two doubles on my way. Again, inexplicably, Lauryn Hill made an appearance with identical versions of the same song. This time it was “Everything is Everything”. Later I would be treated to two versions of Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine”, one of which was the leaked version. I was repeatedly discouraged as each E song went on. I wondered when the letter F would make it’s debut appearance of the iPodyssey. Each Ex and Ey song left me whet with anticipation. What E song would be my gateway drug to F.

Finally around 6pm after a long day of logging archival GM footage, Bruce Springsteen’s “Eyes On The Prize” gave way to Pulp’s “F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E”. And with that, the 6th letter of the alphabet was upon me. Unfortunately, I didn’t indulge in the F’s right away as I left with work folk to go to Central Bar for some drinking in honor of our IT dude and general workhorse’s last day.

It was an interesting affair as most of the office gathered at Central Bar in the East Village (sort of) but I was somewhat tortured since the hearing in my right ear was still lacking and the bar was superloud. I tried to make conversation but repeatedly found my attempts to be rather futile as I had a hard time gathering any information as to what was being said. However, the later it got and the more alcohol I had imbibed seemed to go a tremendous way towards clearing my auditory pathways. Soon I was conversing and comprehending with the best of them. I think the excessive noise had forged a path to my eardrum through the buildup. That being said, my hearing was certainly not yet in tip top shape. It’s a good thing I set up a doctor appointment for Friday morning. In any case, I was probably about 5 drinks in when I decided to call it an evening and resume my iPod adventure.

I finished the Pulp song which would be annoying to type out on the way to the subway and afer some Uncle Tupelo, hit two songs called “Faded” by Afghan Whigs and Ben Harper, respectively. When I got off the subway at the Union Street R station I was treated to Toad the Wet Sprocket’s “Fall Down” and as I made my way home to R.E.M’s “Fall on Me” I happened upon Emily A from the VH1 days. Turns out she was hanging out with some NY1 folks at Union Hall. I imagine she ended up having good times seeing as Union Hall is rather pleasant on weekends but I suppose it is not my duty to speculate on the goings on of other people’s lives. They do what they do…and I do whatever comes natural to me.

In any case, I walked through the door and ended my day as Weezer’s “Fall Together” at maximum volume reminded me that I was still having problems with my right ear and that maybe I should cool it with the volume. Well, it’s cool for now. Until tomorrow morning at least.

Thursday Favorites: “Everybody Care, Everybody Understand” (Elliott Smith), “Everyday Should Be A Holiday” (Dandy Warhols), “Evil Scurvy Love” (Jonny Polonsky), “Ex Factor” (Lauryn Hill), “Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight” (Whiskeytown), “Exercise” Clem Snide *, “Exit Music (For A Film)” (Radiohead), “Express Yourself” (NWA), “Extraordinary Machine” (Fiona Apple), “Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star), “Fake Plastic Trees” (Radiohead), “Fall On Me” (R.E.M.) with some of the best harmony vocals ever by Mike Mills.


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