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Posted by evankessler on December 14, 2006

We appeared to be on a record setting iPodyssey pace at the outset of this week as the our song listening journey continued with over 100 songs listened to on Monday and 80 plus on Tuesday. However after Wednesday’s minuscule progress, I’d have to say that optimistic outlook has has become quite cloudy with today’s subpar performance of 46 ditties dissolved from our grand list of 4,600 plus.

The day began when I left my Brooklyn apartment with Ben Folds reminding me that he didn’t finish telling me about the life of “Eddie Walker” the evening before, followed by Uncle Tupelo asking who we were burning in “Effigy”. The morning subway ride was probably the most productive stretch of the day. I got through my two “El” songs and 2 R.E.M. songs back to back starting with the letters “Electro”. After than, anything was possible, but I didn’t listen enough to find out what kind of musical journey I would be led on. It was more of a half day musical hike compared to the previous days. I was surprised by there being only three songs that began with “end”. It was one of those work days where I wasn’t at my desk most of the early part of the day so the flow never got going as I screened through footage about cult leader Jim Jones and the Munich Olympic Massacre.

Another hindrance was the current state of my right (left if you’re facing me) auditory canal. It seems to that sound is impeded by a wax blockage in it’s quest towards my brain, or at least my eardrum. A good majority of the sound gets through but the sounds quality is certainly not akin to playing the hippest new tunes on your fancy hi-fi. I must get it checked out by friday or I’ll be struggling to make conversation throughout a weekend that is populated by holiday party after holiday party. All of my physical ills must be cured in order to fix the social ones.

I seemed to have gotten ahead of myself a bit as the day in music appreciation wasn’t quite over just yet. The work day came to a close around 6:30 and my co-worker Tony and I headed to the subway. However, we took the same train so we just conversed the whole ride back which while not aiding my progress, was a pleasant diversion. Though it was quite the strange subway ride as aside from my conversation with Tony, you could’ve heard a pin drop. Who ever heard of a quiet New York City subway at Rush hour, pray tell?

In any case, I split off from my fellow working man at the Atlantic Avenue stop on the D and resumed the iPodyssey for one last Wednesday hurrah. The final leg began with “Everlong” by Foo Fighters and brought us 3 moves into the run of “Every” selections stopping at “Every Little the She Does is Magic”, which happened to be just two places removed from “Every Breath You Take”. I imagine there will be much more progress made tomorrow provided I don’t lose my hearing altogether. Stay tuned for the F’s, where my blog titles will inevitably be “F This”, “F Off” or “F U”. Sometimes I’m just that highbrow.

Wednesday Favorites: “El Capitan” (Idlewild), “El Scorcho” (Weezer), “Ellis Unit One” (Steve Earle), “English Girls Approximately” (Ryan Adams), “Eventually” (Brendan Benson), “Every Ghetto, Every City” (Lauryn Hill).


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