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E is for Evening Book Signing

Posted by evankessler on December 13, 2006

The New Book by EvanKessler.com friend and Supporter Andrew Morton and proud we are of him.

E is also for Evan but before we get to my favorite letter of the Alphabet, we have to get out of the D’s. When the day began reaching the E’s seemed like a mere pipe dream. I was in the middle of a long streak of “Don’t” songs. The previous day ended with 11 straight and I wondered how many more there could be. Yesterday ended midway through Alice In Chains’ “Don’t Follow” so that’s where I picked up as I walked out the door and headed to work. The “Don’t” theme continued on next with a surprise 80’s pick, Glass Tiger’s “Don’t Forget me When I’m Gone”, followed by21 more “don’t” songs into early in the workday. However, in that time I hit a milestone with song number 1000 on the subway as took some sort of early morning solace from the lyrics of Hope of The States “Don’t Go To Pieces”. It was as if I was given positive reinforcement to bravely continue my iPodyssey into uncharted territory. At that point the messages kept getting more positive as Fleetwood Mac told me “Don’t Stop” and Bob Dylan said “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” and it was. The “don’t” spell was finally broken by a Clem Snide Cover of Ritchie Valens’ “Donna”.

Fresh after the Don’t spell was broken I hit some doubles, some unexpected, others not so much. The first was a double hit of Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” which was on my player twice for no apparent reason, and two tracks later I ran into alternate versions of “Doreen” by the Old 97’s. I can’t say the rest of the day was musically interesting though I did get caught in a bit of a “down” song streak numbering 11 and at one point I was absolutely sure that “Dry The Rain” by the Beta Band had to be the absolute last song in the D’s but it turns out I was neglecting the obvious alphabetical steps up to songs about things that are “Ductile”, “Dumb” or “Dynamite!”, the latter song by The Roots would end the reign of D.

As I left work at around 6:45 p.m. the world of E was upon my ears with R.E.M’s “E-Bow The Letter” doubling as pure musical bliss. On the way home I had a three for Tuesday as I got a triple hit Pavement’s “Easily Fooled”. All three versions were from the recent rerelease of Wowee Zowee. As I finally stepped into my apartment, I had past the “easy” songs and Ben Folds was telling me all about the life of “Eddie Walker” and 88 songs after my day had begun it was musically over.

While the day was musically over, it wasn’t over alcoholically as I headed over to Union Hall for the 2nd Tuesday in a row. This trip to the Slope’s Bocce, Book, and Beer haven was to celebrate the release of my friend Andrew Morton’s new book The Mel Gibson Guide to the Good Life: Passionate Living for the Brave at Heart From Simon & Schuster publishing. Laura R had set up a mock book signing for Andrew’s friends complete with several copies of the just release volume. Andrew was joined by myself, Maureen, Pete, Dan, Laura R, Laura B, Brian D, and I don’t think anyone else unless I’m skipping someone completely obvious. Activities ranged from a playing of the promotional board game to an actual book signing and posing for photos. I forgot my camera so I don’t have any good pictures but I do have a signed book. It was plenty of fun, drinks were had and Andrew met a film critic from New York magazine at the bar whom he gave a copy to, which seems like it might have been an advantageous encounter.

The event did not go toolate though as we all had to wake up for work the next day and we all wanted to be in tip top condition for the daily grind. If you don’t look and feel your best, how can you do your best work? After all, work is important and doing work is what America is all about. Tomorrow I’ll be at work and working on my iPodyssey, simultaneously. How’s that for double duty?

Tuesday’s iPodyssey Favorites: “Don’t Mug Yourself” (The Streets), “Don’t Stop” (Fleetwood Mac), “Don’t Talk Back” (Kasey Chambers), “Don’t Use My Broken Heart” (Leona Naess), “Don’t You Want Me” (The Human League), “Donna” (Clem Snide), “Downliner” (Jesse Malin), “Dreamer In My Dreams” (Wilco), “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac), “Dress” (PJ Harvey), “Drinking Too Much” (Fred Eaglesmith), “Drive My Car” (The Beatles), “Driver 8” (R.E.M.),
“Drop” (Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions), “Drown” (Son Volt), “Drunken Angel” (Lucinda Williams), “Dry The Rain” (Beta Band), “Ductile” (Ben Lee), “E-Bow The Letter” (R.E.M), “Easy Way Out” (Elliott Smith)


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