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All Done But The Recap

Posted by evankessler on December 11, 2006

Well, I didn’t think I’d be recapping after my Saturday post but then something happened… Saturday night was actually interesting, or eventful at the least.

After posting last night Marty, Deirdre, Jason C, Adam A, and I walked over to Prospect Heights where we went to my roommate Rob’s girlfriend’s Holiday party. The party itself was delightful if a little brief. We arrived probably around 8:30 and were some of the first folks there. As we walked in two girls named Anais and Kim came in behind us. I forgot that I knew one of Liz’s roommates Caroline who I always enjoy talking to, but unfortunately she was sick. However, she did talk to me early in the party but I think the only reason that happened was because I was unknowingly blocking the door to her room where she would spend the majority of the evening dealing with her illness.

There was a good crowd though and much conversation as we were joined by Josh R, Reva, and Chris. I’m probably leaving some people out and there were some people there who I didn’t know whose names I forget but they were nice for the time that I spoke with them. At one point Josh and the rest of our friends were having a pro-Monogamy and anti-Monogamy conversation. Josh was on the anti- side and everyone else was seemingly on the pro side. I didn’t take a side, I just interrupted by referring to it as mahogany. Aren’t I funny? No? Okay.

Soon we were all encouraged to leave as the party was moving to a bar on account of both of Liz’s roommates being sick, which is understandable. Reva said that she was going to meet up with some friends and go to another party, while she specifically directed this knowledge to my roommate Marty, I tagged along.

We met up with her friends Christina and Heidi, several blocks away somewhere in Brooklyn and too the A train to West 4th in Manhattan for a party off of Washington Square. Unfortunately when we arrived at this party, several partygoers were caroling in an unironic way. They had sheet music and were belting out Christmas Carol after Christmas Carol, awkwardness level for everyone else at the rest of the party be damned! They were quite persistent in their caroling as well as we were informed that the police had previously been to the apartment and despite their warning the caroling continued. I think their neighbor who had a young child also had asked them to stop and they just kept obnoxiously carrying on with their caroling. Eventually they would get another phone call asking them to stop and stop they would, but you think they wouldn’t taken the first hint. Small New York City apartments are not necessarily ideal for caroling parties. Perhaps a park gathering a little closer to Christmas would suffice.

By the time the caroling stopped, Reva, Marty, Heidi, Christina and myself had formed a common bond with other anti-carolers at the party (Raina, Nicole, and a name I’m forgetting). The lot of us headed over to Scratcher on 5th st. before jumping in a Taxi back to Brooklyn. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the most exciting of Saturdays but it was eventful enough to warrant a post.

Sunday morning saw me getting plenty of sleep and when 1pm rolled around I watched the New York Giants snap their 4 game losing streak against the Carolina Panthers as they lunged towards season’s finish line taking aim at the playoffs but are still a ways away from breaking through that ribbon or yellow tape or whatever they have at finish lines.

After the game I went into the City towards my old neighborhood with Ben Lee’s “Daisy” blaring on my iPod as I again went for Holiday gifts but to no avail. I also went into Amy’s bread in the hopes of getting some hot apple cider, and again to no avail.

I returned to Brooklny having had a nice stroll in Manhattan and almost got some Hot Cider at Gorilla Coffee only to find that they were all out. I settled for a Chai tea and arrived at my apartment whilst listening to Pearl Jam’s “Daughter”. 24 songs on a Sunday… All in a day’s work I suppose.

Also all in a day’s work I put up more new merchandise at my official store. Yes, 2007 is the Year of Evan, so why not have your very own Evan 2007 Wall Calendar as seen above. You know you want it.


4 Responses to “All Done But The Recap”

  1. heather said

    What, there is only one Evan Kessler picture to last the entire year? Why are there not twelve seasonal Evan Kessler pictures, like Evan Kessler as Cupid, and Uncle Sam, and a pilgrim, and a leprechaun?

  2. Evan Kessler said

    I actually started work on the 12 month version but my photos were too small and I don’t have photoshop on my computer anymore since my hard drive crashed. I have to wait until my roommate gets back from LA for help to make that a reality.

    Rest assured there will be 12 full months at some point, hopefully before the new year.

  3. heather said

    Good because I demand twelve full months of Evan Kessler.

  4. jess said

    i am proud that THE image of ek.com for 2007 is set in my very own halloween-ed living room!

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