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Posted by evankessler on December 10, 2006

I know very few people care when I talk about sports, but really the only reason I post my football picks is because for the last couple of years I misplace my football picks notebook and begin to lose track of the actual contest. So this is more for me than you…a solid record of my successes and failures in Pigskin Prognostication.

In any case last week was one of the failures as my friendly nemesis outdid me in the picks department with a 3 game advantage…taking the lead by 2 in the season series. However, I’m poised to make my presence felt this week. So without further ado, the week 14 picks.

Steelers over Browns (This already happened but we both would’ve picked the steelers)
Falcons over Bucs
Chiefs over Ravens (Bruce picks Ravens)
Colts over Jaguars
Lions over Vikings (Bruce picks Vikings)
Patriots over Dolphins
Giants over Panthers
Bengals over Raiders
Redskins over Eagles (Bruce picks Eagles)
Titans over Texans (Bruce picks Texans)
49ers over Packers
Seahawks over Cardinals
Jets over Bills
Chargers over Broncos
Saints over Cowboys (Bruce picks Cowboys)
Bears over Rams

Week 13 picks
Evan 9-7
Bruce 12-4

Evan 115-77
Bruce 117-75


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