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From B to Shining C’s

Posted by evankessler on December 7, 2006

Oh beautiful, for beautiful is a b word…a letter that I know longer have to put up with in terms of songs beginning with such a letter on my iPod. Today I stormed through the final B selections on my muscial journey and it was quite the event.

When I headed out the door 5 minutes late this morning I picked up where I left off, Death Cab for Cutie’s “Brothers on a Hotel Bed” and launched straight into the color Brown with none other than the Rolling Stones and their classic “Brown Sugar” followed by Elvis Costello’s cover of “Brown to Blue”. It was quite the magnificent start to the day and the rest of Wednesday was quite magically musical.

On past some Johnny Cash, several songs that started with the word “Buckingham” and “Buggin'” and three songs with “Bullet Proof” in them, it was finally onto the C’s
as Elliott Smith’s “Bye” came to a close and P.J. Harvey’s “C’mon Billy” exploded into my earphones. It was finally here…the third letter of the alphabet, which meant the 4th and 5th letters could not be too far behind… or could they?

I didn’t hesitate to make the letter D know it would be next. Two versions of the song “Camera”, one by R.E.M. and one by Pavement flew on by; 10 “Can’t” songs, gone in flash. No ca words would be safe as I blazed a trail as far as one could go in the alotted amount of time that was my work day. There were a few moments in which I was delayed. At one point I walked away from desk with my ipod still running. When I arrived back I was up to Ben Lee’s “Career Choice” however, I was certain I hadn’t listened to Wilco’s “Candyfloss” so I moved my player several songs back, only to realize three songs later with Rilo Kiley’s “Capturing Moods” that that was the song I had actually left off on. Yes, this iPod listening is a tricky business and sometimes you don’t know your last song from your first but in the end you know the juice was worth the squeeze. So what if I listened to a couple of songs twice by accident, they were good songs by god and I enjoyed listening to them. Don’t judge me!

In any case the workday came to a close as Counting Crows “Catapult” came to an end. Don’t judge me for having Counting Crows on my iPod either. Recovering The Satellites is a good album. Anyway, a bunch of us work fold went out to The Distinguished Wakamba Cocktail Lounge, which I think is the actual name of the place, for Sarah L’s birthday. There was a reasonably good turnout for the big boss’s assistant and we had a drink or two at the bar that was the site of an infamous New York City shooting a couple of years back. Though I have to say this, I found the Tiki Bar atmosphere absolutely delightful.

However, the party was soon moved to the downstairs of Stout where food and drink were being partaken in. I’m not even sure if that is correct grammar but I’m writing this and I’m giving no one a password so that they can go in and make corrections of my ill grammatical efforts. In any case, a few of us spied the room next door was being used for a Bank of America holiday party and we not so silently plotted to take it over only to tire out and decide that going home was maybe the better option. However, I wouldn’t argue with this plan of action because I can’t imagine that the Bank of America Christmas Party is anything to shake a stick at unless I want to see Dan from Acquisitions and Mergers finally take his tie off.

As soon as the lot of us left it was back to the Subway, for I was homeward bound. The iPodyssey was back on and my pop sensibility was nourished by a listening of Ben Lee’s uber addictive “Catch My Disease”. By the time I made it home, the Ce-‘s had been reached and after 88 songs, the day ended with Hole’s “Celebrity Skin”. Quite the massive dent for one day in musical ecstasy. This thing may move quicker than I originally thought. Cross your fingers.

Wednesday Favorites: “Brown Sugar” (Rolling Stones), “Brown To Blue” (Elvis Costello), “Buckets of Rain” (Bob Dylan), “Buckingham Rabbit” (Silver Jews), “Bukowski” (Modest Mouse), “Bullet The Blue Sky” (U2), “Burning Down The House” (Talking Heads), “Burning Love” (Elvis Presley), “Bury Me With It” (Modest Mouse), “Butterfly Mornings” (Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions), “California Stars” (Billy Bragg & Wilco), “Can’t Let Go” (Lucinda Williams), “Can’t Truss It” (Public Enemy), “Canary” (Liz Phair), “Car Wheels on A Gravel Road” (Lucinda Williams), “Carrion” (Fiona Apple), “Carrot Rope” (Pavement), “Cast No Shadow” (Oasis), “Catch My Disease” (Ben Lee), “Caught By The Fuzz” (Supergrass).


One Response to “From B to Shining C’s”

  1. Michael Krahn said


    Found you through google blog search because you mentioned Counting Crows so I assume you are a fan. I did some writing about the band recently which I’m putting up on my blog in 5 parts.

    Check it out if you want to:


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