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December Comes In Like A Marauder

Posted by evankessler on December 4, 2006

Another weekend draws to a close and another month rolls by. Yes, time is scarce in the ’06. Looks like I’m going to have retire my official slogan of “Doin’ Chicks in ’06” which was rarely used anyway. As we enter December something along the lines of “It’s all Comin’ up Evan in ’07” or “It’s all about Evan in ’07”, I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. A weekend happened and maybe I should tackle that topic.

Well, to begin the weekend recap I’d be remiss if I avoided the iPod odyssey. To be honest, barely any progress was made in my … to Z quest for music library domination. Friday began where Thursday left off with Mary Lou Lord’s “Because He’s Leaving” followed by a two-fer of Echo & The Bunnymen’s “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo”. I also hit repeats on Pavement’s “Best Friends Arm” and The Old 97’s “Big Brown Eyes”. Most of that took place at work. I left work around 6:30 and went to meet Ashir and Sarah L for some beers at Siberia. As I arrived my Ipod was paused on “Billy Liar” by The Decemberists.

Inside Siberia, the three of us picked some songs on the jukebox including Foreigner’s “I Wanna Know What Love is” which I found a necessary addition to our jukebox lineup. I also recounted the story of being at the same bar close to 2 years ago with my friend Stacey A who was being hit on by Jimmy Fallon as I kept whispering “don’t go home with him, he’s not funny.” Ah, those were the days. In any case, we were soon joined by our efficient German cohort Michael W. and we were a happy bunch of 4. I’m not sure what time it was when we decided to leave but I had much alcohol. Sarah and I were both headed to Brooklyn so we jumped in a cab. I got out at Soda Bar on Vanderbilt where I met Kayvalyn, Jason, Morwin, Andy, and Kishore. Someone else was probably there but I was drunk and didn’t have any dinner so my memory isn’t exactly crystal clear.

After a beer or so I decided to leave the gathering in search of home and food. I found home but the pizza places I hoped to find open had windows covered with metal grates denoting that I would not be peering through their windows, much less walking through their doors and ordering their delicious stomach filling cheese and tomato slathered treats. All the while my search was taking place I was progressing from “Billy Liar” to Brendan Benson’s “Bird’s Eye View” before keying into my Park Slope apartment. I have to say, “Bird’s Eye View” is only effective when heard as the trifecta of “Tea”, “Bird’s Eye View”, and “Sittin’ Pretty”, that opens up Benson’s debut CD, One Mississippi. That ended my 52 song friday. Unfortunately, Mr. Ipod wouldn’t get anymore excercise this weekend and was left to recharge for Monday.

Saturday was chock full of activity as I awoke close to the A.M. -P.M. Mason Dixon. I had to get my laundry and run a few errands but soon enough I was off with Maureen to Jersey City to Starling’s apartment for Chocolatefest ’06. Actually, our friend Deb works for a website that has parties for products and Starling agreed to have a party for a new line of Hershey’s Chocolate. After several delays including a pleasant run-in with an old VH1 friend, we finally made it to Starling’s impressive outpost in one of the nicer areas of America’s armpit. Also at the party was Starling’s younger brother (also a Starling) his girlfriend, Megan B, Mike B, Sarah M, an Ashley (?), a Carrie, a Nicole, and several other personages of daily importance.

Starling had a nice spread of cheese and bread and other party snacks. The main event though was for the Hershey’s Cacao reserve chocolate line or whatever. Maureen and I sat down and sampled the several kinds of chocolate while filling out a rating card. After about three pieces of Chocolate I was beginning to feel a tad nauseous. I think there’s only so much chocolate you can eat consecutively. After the choco-gorgefest the party settled down in the living room and Catchphrase was played, laughs were had.

There seemed to be a preference towards playing games over mingling which was fine since I was already comfortable enough. After about a little over an hour Maureen and several others had to leave but we adjusted and played a game called Salad Bowl. Then new people showed up and I suggested a more welcoming mingling atmosphere since the new folks would most certainly feel odd trying to adapt to the gathering mid-game. In any case, I did not stick around much longer when the new folks came as I was heading back into the city for the Earl Pickens show at Rodeo Bar.

After a brief shower upon my arrival back in Brooklyn, it was back towards Manhattan with Jon V. and Jess as we headed towards Rodeo for the Earl Pickens and The Black Mountain Marauders 3rd Annual Farewell Concert. We arrived and luckily found a seat right up front with our old friend Gabrielle, the girlfriend of Rev Jed from the band. I had me a brisket sandwich and some mashed potatoes, but after the food came our waitress was scarcely seen. We managed to get a few drinks out of the night though. The one thing that was utterly shocking about Rodeo Bar was the absence of peanuts from the tables. Ever since I’ve been going there it has been a staple of my experience. Without peanuts it just didn’t seem like Rodeo Bar. You should never underestimate the power of legumes. Despite the lack of legumes there was a good crowd, including Earl’s sister Colleen and boyfriend James, Kristy,and other Earl show regulars.

Earl Croons for The Crowd

Chief Dave and The Reverend Get Rhythm

In any case, it had been a while since I’d been to an Earl show and despite a bit of a rusty start the band picked up the energy in the 2nd set, playing such personal favorites as “Wondering Where You Are”, “I’m Not Tired But I’m So Tired”, “If I Could Sing Like That” and after three full sets, to close the show Hank Williams “I Saw The Light”. Once in both the first and second sets different girls representing different birthday parties came up to the stage and requested that the band perform happy birthday. The band obliged in an atonal manner. The first girl who asked was made to sing with the band, whereas the following girl came up with her entire party to sing a similar off key rendition. In any case, a good time was hand and it was a long night of country music, cheap beer, and good people. We probably didn’t make it back to Brooklyn until around 3am.

A Special Birthday Serenade for A Special Girl

This morning I woke up with no hangover to speak of thanks to a nutritious dinner the previous evening and the lack of a binge drinkathon. However, I was not very active preferring to spend my day watching football as is the status quo on Sundays. However, I was joined later on by my brother for the last 10 minutes of the Giants game, who may have been making his maiden voyage to Park Slope. After the Giants heartbreaking loss to Dallas (booooo!) we got some dinner at Los Pollitos and then we called it a night. Overall, it was a pretty active weekend full of Chocolate, Country Music, and Carne Asada. Not a bad way to ring in December. Brace yourself…winter is a comin’. It’s a shame I don’t have boots yet.


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