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American Girls named Ann, Annie, and Anna.

Posted by evankessler on November 29, 2006

Well, it was an quite the day in the life of my iPod Journey that took me from “All You Need Is Love” (The Beatles) to “Anodyne” (Uncle Tupelo) in 53 moves. I barely noticed the songs I blazed through during most of the day as I concentrated on the tasks at hand that they pay me to focus on on company time. I jumped the gun yesterday in thinking that after “All You Need Is Love” I was to undoubtedly jump into the “Am” section of my songs. I seemed to neglect an entire section of songs that started with “Almost” (3) as well “Alone” (5). On my way towards “Anodyne”, I took time to appreciate some songs about America and others about Angels but the crowning moment of the today’s leg of my iPod journey only became apparent to me as I walked home late tonight from the subway after attending a shiva call at my friend Deb’s apartment.

Prior to arriving to Deb’s I was walking down 1st avenue listening to Pavement’s “Ann Don’t Cry”. After Deb’s I rode the subway back to Brooklyn and heard two Earl Pickens versions of “Annie” as well as a song of the same title by Elastica to be followed by Ben Folds “Annie Waits” as I walked out of the train and home. It was during this walk home that I realized that in between “Ann Don’t Cry” and the onslaught of “Annie” (not the musical) songs, I had walked to the subway from Deb’s with my friend Anna. If only I had that Counting Crows song “Anna Begins” on my iPod (strangely enough it’s on my itunes) the coincidence would have been that much more astounding. However, I’ll settle for the walk with Anna in the middle of all of the Ann(ie) songs as my fun incident for the day.

This iPod journey gets more profound the further along I get. What will happen next?

Today’s Highlights: “Angeles” by Elliott Smith, “Angel of The Lord” by Fred Eaglesmith, “America, Fuck Yeah!” from the Team America Soundtrack, “American Girls” by Weezer, “Animal Shapes” by Silver Jews


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