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Posted by evankessler on November 6, 2006

Well, this weekend saw one more digit added to that somewhat trivial number that I like to call my age. I can’t really think straight right now so forgive me if I’m a little light on perspective…but when am I ever heavy on perspective? Here’s some perspective…2 people viewed EvanKessler.com today so I suppose plenty of people are hungry for my perspective. In any case, I did turn 28 and the eventfulness began just a mere 5 hours before before the clock struck November 4th.

I left work at 6:30pm friday evening to meet up at 7:15 with Starling and Megan B at Hi-Fi before heading to the birthday karaoke festivities at Planet Rose. We downed 3 beers in 45 minutes for some reason. This was a bad idea. We were joined at around 7:45pm by Tony B, Carrie K, and Kathleen from Atlas. Starling and I left at 8:15 to be the first in line for Karaoke. We stopped to grab some pizza first and as we were eating Morwin and Layla walked by. According to them…or someone else… I don’t remember if they told us…Planet Rose was closed for a private party. Oh well, new plan.

The New plan was to go back to hi-fi…but then just as I was about to send a mass text message about going to Hi-Fi…Laura R, Laura B, and Andrew M walked by the pizza places and suggested we move the party to Drop Off Service. This was slightly easier becasue it was on the same blog as Planet Rose. From that point the mass text messages went out and the party was one. There was a pretty decent turnout. At first the party was spread to wide amongst too few people as Jason, Kayvalyn, Kishore, Miller, Morwin, and Andrea sat in the back corner while the Lauras, Andrew, Pete, and Maureen were up front. I felt like I had to do double duty. However, eventually we all moved to the front of the bar and there was harmony.

Most of my good friends made the trip to the bar. Joe D, Lauren, Jess S, Jess A, Sarah F, Amy G, Rich, Lina, Maya, RB, Marie L, Zak, and there’s several more where that came from but i don’t have the list all worked out as I drank a heap of alcohol. Though probably the biggest surprise visitor was Paul L, who to my knowledge was living somewhere an Albania or Eastern Europe. Yes, plenty of folks came out to add to that warm fuzzy birthday feeling. That fuzzy feeling turned to that blurry feeling somewhere around 2:30am I think. That’s what 7 hours of drinking will do to you. Actually…I’m not sure what time that blurry feeling happened. 2:30am was just an estimation. At one point Rich and I went to Planet Rose to see if there was a possibility of getting some karaoke in. Unfortunately, there was an hour wait and that’s the last thing I remember.

You Probably Can’t Tell But I Was Really Drunk Here…I Think Lina, Jess, and Maya Knew

And In This Picture You Can Definitely Tell I’m Drunk

Saturday morning I woke up in bed with no recollection of how I got home. My first thought was “crap…I probably left my bag and/or my jacket and my ipod and my phone in a bar or cab somewhere. Miraculously as I rummaged around my room I managed to find all of my personal belongings which were present with me at the bar that evening. The rest of my actual birthday was more less spent feeling like crap and recovering from the massive alcohol consumption from the evening before. I’m going to blame RB for the way I felt saturday because he’s the one who bought two shots of tequila and made me drink both instead of taking a shot with me. Bastard.

I only ventured out to get coffee with marty as well as some cereal. At around 7:2opm I walked over to Kishore’s and he drove to Ahmad’s place as our plan was to hang out with our friend Victor before he went back to Spain on Monday. He’s moving back to open a bar which is pretty sweet. When we arrived we were met by Pat, Ahmad, and Victor. Apparently we were going to play poker for money but nobody told me. No big deal, I ended up winning but I almost lost it all to Victor after I loaned him money after he lost his “chips”. We hung around Ahmad’s for awhile and Jason, Kayvalyn, and Rich eventually showed up. We didn’t head over to our friend Lauren’s party in Williamsburg until after Midnight. I was not really in the mood to drink or socialize. I mainly wanted to sleep but it was still a good time. Morwin, Nina, Dmitry, Rob M,and Andy S. back from his Sea travels met us at the party. The most entertaining part of the party was that we got a huge kick out of adding “sexually” to the end of sentences. I don’t know why, but I think I started it. I guess you had to be there. Eventually, Nina, Dmitry, Andy, and I split a car home and despite my tiredness I surfed the internet until about 4:30am.

I woke up at around noon on Sunday and watched the Giants win a boring one against the Texans. That’s 5 straight. They’ve building a commaning lead in the NFC East. Next week will be a big test against the 7-1 Chicago Bears. After the game I headed up to work…to finish something that needed to be done by Monday. It made me absolutely miserable but it’s my own fault for slacking. I really need to change something this year. I know that sounds unrelated but I’m really in the market for a life changing experience because right now the current routine is a rut and I’ve got nobody to blame but myself. Anyway, happy birthday to me. Let’s go Giants…Today is the first day of the rest of my life…I’m not sure if that’s optimism or pessimism.


2 Responses to “28”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hmm…no mention of me and Rebecca, who gave you a present that will surely become a collector’s item in the not too distant future. Asshole.


  2. Evan Kessler said

    wow, I can’t believe I forgot to write you guys in as I was surely thinking about it while I was writing.

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